When Elves Attack: A Joyous Christmas Greeting from the Criminal Nutbars of the Sunshine State Serge Storms series Book 14

Dorsey offers the perfect antidote for all those sappy feel-good holiday stories with this zany blockbuster extravaganza in which his wonderfully deranged serial killer Floridaphile delivers his special brand of Christmas cheer. More outrageous than santa claus in a speedo, when elves Attack serves up a Yuletide feast of the “pure gonzo humor” the New York Times Book Review enthusiastically attributes to this fearlessly funny writer.

Think bad santa and national lampoon’s family vacation, blend in Dorsey’s trademark appetite for destruction, and you’ve got hilarious crime fiction black comedy that anyone would be thrilled to discover stuffed in their Christmas stocking. The undisputed king of the comic crime novel. Providence journalnobody does florida weirdness quite like tim dorsey! Case in point: When Elves Attack, the New York Times bestselling author’s twisted Christmas present to his legion of adoring fans who can’t get enough of thrill-killer and Sunshine State historian Serge A.

Storms, the most endearing psychopath since Dexter.

Electric Barracuda: A Novel Serge Storms series Book 13

Tim dorsey’s Electric Barracuda is not to be missed. The miami herald put it best: “Nobody, but nobody, writes like this guy. ”. Dorsey makes sure his gun is filled with hollow-point. Sarasota herald tribuneReaders who can’t get enough of lovable serial killer Serge A. Storms can rejoice. Dorsey differs from writers such as Carl Hiassen, James Hall, and Elmore Leonard…These guys fire bullets.

This time serge is a fugitive running from the police, and murder and mayhem have never been more over-the-top hilarious. He’s back in electric barracuda—the latest outrageous romp through the Sunshine State by Tim Dorsey, master of the zany crime thriller.

Pineapple Grenade: A Novel Serge Storms series Book 15

The undisputed king of the comic crime novel. Providence journal“i guarantee Dorsey will never win the Nobel Prize for Literature—he’s far too funny. Richmond times-dispatch“if you’ve never read Dorsey, you need to start…You won’t be disappointed. Miami heraldgloriously unrepentant florida serial killer Serge Storms is back—and he’s finagled his way into becoming a secret agent in Miami—in another outrageous crime comedy from New York Times bestselling author, Tim Dorsey.

In pineapple grenade, the incomparable Serge takes up spying for the president of a banana republic, and now Homeland Security wants to bring him down. It’s always a wild ride when dorsey’s at the wheel, and with Pineapple Grenade he delivers his most explosively hilarious road trip to date.

The Riptide Ultra-Glide: A Novel Serge Storms series Book 16

Lovable serial killer serge storms is back and coming to the rescue of a Midwestern couple who aren't finding Florida quite as charming as he does in Riptide Ultra-Guide, the sixteenth installment in Tim Dorsey's bestselling series. When newly unemployed patrick and barbara mcdougal decide a vacation in Florida is just what they need to put life back on the right track, a robbery, awful accommodations, and a not-so-helpful police department make them rethink their decision to drown their troubles in paradise.

Luckily, coleman, charismatic and crazy! tour guide Serge Storms and his sidekick, are up for another action-packed adventure in this outrageous crime thriller that Tim Dorsey fans won't soon forget.

Tiger Shrimp Tango: A Novel Serge Storms series Book 17

When a particular scam leads to the death of a few innocents and a young woman's disappearance, Serge and his perpetually self-bent sidekick Coleman—aided by his new pal, latter-day noir private eye Mahoney—load up the car for a riotous road trip to do right. Packed with seafood, floridian lore, coleman’s deep thoughts, blood, mayhem, and more, Tiger Shrimp Tango is a hilarious treat from the incomparable Tim Dorsey.

And where do these models of entrepreneurship hail from? Why, the Sunshine State of course!No one loves Florida more, or can keep it safe from invasive criminal species better than self-appointed Sunshine Sheriff Serge Storms. Determined to save a damsel in distress, the sunshine state’s favorite serial killer and encyclopedia of Florida lore Serge Storms dances a tango of death and mayhem in this funny and dementedly entertaining crime caper from Tim Dorsey, author of the New York Times bestseller The Riptide, Ultra-Glide.

Thanks to the internet, America has become a playground for ruthless scam artists out to make an easy buck.

Shark Skin Suite: A Novel Serge Storms series Book 18

Bottom feeders beware: the sunshine state’s favorite psychotic killer and lovable Floridaphile Serge Storms has found a new calling, legal eagle, and he’s going to make a killing as a crusading attorney—and star as a dashing lawyer on the big screen—in this madcap escapade from the insanely funny New York Times bestselling author Tim Dorsey.

When it comes to swimming with the sharks, there is no bigger kahuna than Serge Storms. The opposition is determined to shut her down and they’ll go to extreme lengths to do it. Luckily for her, Serge has been hired to do some investigative legwork on the case. Binging on a marathon of legal movies set in Florida, Serge finds his calling: the law.

There's nothing he likes better than saving a damsel in distress, especially when it means kicking a bunch of shyster butt. The mayhem comes to a hilarious head at the key West courthouse, at the height of the island’s raucous Fantasy Fest street carnival, including Serge, and no one, will ever be the same.

 . Ruthless at taking down the greedy banksters kicking people out of their homes, she lands a major class-action lawsuit, and wins big. Never mind law school or that degree, serge becomes a freelance fixer—wildcat paralegal and pilgrim to the hallowed places where legal classics of the big screen such as Body Heat, Cool Hand Luke, and Absence of Malice were filmed practically in his own backyard.

One of serge’s old flames, young lawyer Brook Campanella, is also a rising star thanks to her expertise in the field of foreclosure law.

Gator A-Go-Go: A Novel Serge Storms series Book 12

Throw in some dirty dancing contests, bungee rides, illicit drugs, pawned class rings, and church breakfasts, rockin' tunes, screamin' sports cars, and you've got a potent concoction that keeps the hotel's concierge up all night stopping people from falling off the balconies. Want even more? serge says, "you got it!"After years of quiet, a legendary Miami kingpin from the anything-goes eighties is suddenly back in the news.

. That's right: serge and coleman do spring break!It's been a long time coming, but they're at the party now—and you'll never look at a Frisbee the same way again. One spring break location obviously isn't enough for Serge, so he must hit them all, traveling through various historic locales, spewing nuggets of history at anyone who won't run away and dispensing his own signature brand of Sunshine State justice.

Along the way he and his sidekick, Coleman, attract a growing following of the nation's top college students. And a mysterious gang that leaves a trail of young bodies in their wake. Are the kids safer under serge's protection? Or does being with him put them in more peril? The classroom and the pot brownies never prepared them for this.

Which raises more questions: who's the guy studying satellite photos? where did the protected witness go? When did Coleman get all those trophies? Why are the Feds hot on everyone's trail? How did the burnt corpse end up by the pool? What's the best way to keep beer cool on the beach? Then there are the coke smugglers gone legit and a pair of the most dangerously sexy bartenders to ever mix a rum runner.

Along with one of the state's most psychotic homicidal monsters, every bit as criminally insane as Serge—except without the morals.

The Big Bamboo Serge Storms series Book 8

Storms returns!the world's most lovable serial killer is back, bringing together an Oscar-worthy cast of Sunshine State nut jobs with his insatiable passion for All Things Florida. During this latest cavalcade of nonstop felonies—from Tampa to Fort Lauderdale to Orlando—Serge finds time to resurrect his obsession with movies, particularly those showcasing his beloved home state.

. And he wants answers! why aren't more films shot here? how come the ones that are stink so bad? And what's up with filming "Florida" scenes in California? Then there's the cryptic message from his grandfather, Sergio, telling him to go to Los Angeles to uncover a mysterious secret from the distant past.

It's too much of a coincidence. Serge A. But, of course, being Serge, his mission is sidetracked by perpetual detours to irresistible celluloid landmarks . Much more. How is the japanese mafia involved? the alabama mafia? is the castrating cult throwing a membership party? Will Coleman survive his binge at the Belushi hotel? Who can defuse the nuclear bomb? It all comes crashing together in a breathtaking climactic sequence that prompts an enthusiastic Serge to proclaim: "Two thumbs way, way up!"So come on in and grab a seat.

The show's about to start.

Hurricane Punch Serge Storms series Book 9

But as serge and his burnout buddy Coleman go storm-chasing, bodies begin turning up at a disturbing rate, even by Florida standards. And he vows he'll stop at nothing to unmask his thrill-killing rival and make All Things Right—though Coleman's triathlete approach to the sport of polyabuse binging threatens to derail the mission more completely than the entire combined Sunshine State police community could ever hope to.

It looks like a serial killer is on the loose—another serial killer—which highly offends Serge's moral sensibilities. That lovable, under-undermedicated dispenser of truth, justice, and trivia is back with a vengeance—just as his cherished home state is about to take a beating from a conga line of hurricanes bearing down on the peninsula.


Atomic Lobster Serge Storms series Book 10

But wait! there's more on the horizon! who is the oddly familiar femme fatale named rachael? is serge wrong that guns, drugs, don the life jackets, and strippers don't mix? What sets the Non-Confrontationalists off on a rampage? What finally brings Coleman and Lenny together? Will they succeed in building the biggest bong ever? And can Serge surf a rogue wave to victory?So batten the hatches, and take cover as all these questions and more are answered in the latest adventure from the acclaimed author of Hurricane Punch.

Then there's good ol' jim davenport, and johnny vegas, the Accidental Virgin, the E-Team, the Diaz Brothers, cranking up the fevered action as the pot boils over on a street called Lobster Lane. It's reunion time in the sunshine state, and we're not just talking the family jamboree of that blood-soaked criminal clan, the McGraws, whose nastiest, meanest member is finally released from prison and heads south bent on revenge.

Why is everyone rushing to flee Tampa on a cruise ship to hell?Serge is back with a bullet, torn between homicide and souvenirs. On top of it all, the government is covering up a growing list of mysterious victims across Florida who may or may not be connected to a nefarious plot being hatched against national security.

. So is coleman, torn between getting hammered and getting more hammered.

Nuclear Jellyfish: A Novel Serge Storms series Book 11

Nuclear jellyfish is a veritable wmd of radioactive hilarity—as Denver’s Rocky Mountain News so aptly puts it, “It doesn’t get any better. ”. Dorsey’s brilliantly, profanely funny 11th novel…zips along like P. G. Wodehouse’s best work. Richmond times-dispatch tim dorsey’s outrageously zany, and uproariously funny Nuclear Jellyfish marks the triumphant return of lovable, gleefully violent, thrill-killing Florida historian and tireless civic booster Serge A.

The bestselling author of atomic lobster, triggerfish twist, and florida Roadkill, Dorsey can match Carl Hiaasen punch-for-punch when it comes to fictionally depicting Sunshine State madness—and he’s taken his rightful place alongside Christopher Moore in the pantheon of top American humorists. Storms.