Welcome to Me

When alice klieg kristen wiig wins the Mega-millions lottery, she quits her psychiatric meds and buys her own talk show. Inspired by the immortal oprah, she broadcasts her dirty laundry as both a form of exhibitionism and a platform to share her peculiar views on everything from nutrition to relationships to neutering pets.

Produced by will Farrell and Adam McKay. Also starring james marsden, tim robbins, Linda Cardellini, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Joan Cusack, and Wes Bentley.

It's Kind of a Funny Story

What he finds instead is an unlikely mentor Galifianakis, a potential new romance Roberts and an opportunity to begin anew. Charming, witty and smart, it's a coming-of-age story that's kind of a funny story. Sometimes what's in your head isn't as crazy as you think--that's certainly true for Craig Gilchrist, a stressed-out teenager who checks himself into a mental health clinic for some time out.

. Zach galifianakis, keir gilchrist, Lauren Graham and Emma Roberts star in this uplifting comedy about finding sanity in the most unlikely of places. Shrink-wrapped.

Infinitely Polar Bear

Shrink-wrapped. In boston, a bipolar individual mark Ruffalo takes over sole responsibility for his two spirited daughters while his wife Zoe Saldana attends graduate school in New York.

The Skeleton Twins DVD + Digital

Skeleton Twins. Kristen wiig and bill hader light up the screen as Maggie and Milo, estranged twins who are reunited after ten years of being apart. Shrink-wrapped. With an irresistible mix of humor and heart and a stellar supporting cast including Luke Wilson and Ty Burrell, The Skeleton Twins follows Maggie and Milo's unforgettable journey to reconnect, as they realize that the key to fixing their lives may just lie in repairing their relationship.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

And Canada only. Region 1 u. S. Pg-13. The perks of being a wallflower is based on the wildly popular novel by Stephen Chbosky about a freshman named Charlie Logan Lerman who is always watching from the sidelines until a pair of charismatic seniors takes him under their wing. Beautiful, burgeoning sexuality, first love, bacchanalian parties, free-s pirited Sam Emma Watson and her fearless stepbrother Patrick Ezra Miller shepherd Charlie through new friendships, midnight screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the quest for the perfect song.

English & English, Spanish Subtitles. Shrink-wrapped. Multiple formats, ac-3, color, subtitled, dTS Surround Sound, NTSC, Full Screen.102 minutes. Skeleton Twins.

Silver Linings Playbook

Shrink-wrapped. Life doesn't always go according to plan. All pat's parents want is for him to get back on his feet-and to share their family's obsession with the Philadelphia Eagles football team. Region 1 u. S. Pg-13. Silver Linings Playbook. Skeleton Twins. As their deal plays out, an unexpected bond begins to form between them, and silver linings appear in both of their lives.

Pat is determined to rebuild his life, remain positive and reunite with his wife, despite the challenging circumstances of their separation. English & English, Spanish Subtitles. And Canada only. Tiffany offers to help pat reconnect with his wife, but only if he'll do something very important for her in return.

Multiple formats, color, dts surround Sound, NTSC, subtitled, ac-3, Full Screen.102 minutes. When pat meets tiffany Jennifer Lawrence, a mysterious girl with problems of her own, things get complicated. He now finds himself living back with his mother Jacki Weaver and father Robert DeNiro after spending eight months is a state institution on a plea bargain.

Pat solatano bradley cooper has lost everything -- his house, his job, and his wife.

Inside Out 1-Disc DVD

The product ships with all relevant accessories. Experience the hilarious and heartwarming film Peter Travers of Rolling Stone calls "a flat out masterpiece. Do you ever look at someone and wonder what's going on inside their head? Disney-Pixar's INSIDE OUT takes a rollicking journey into the mind to find the answer.

Multiple formats, ntsc, subtitled, Color, ac-3, dTS Surround Sound, Full Screen.102 minutes. Skeleton Twins. She strives to make sure riley stays happy as she operates alongside fellow emotions Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. Based in headquarters, five emotions are hard at work, the control center of 11-year-old Riley's mind, led by lighthearted optimist Joy.

Silver Linings Playbook. Brand new in box. Region 1 u. S. Pg-13. Shrink-wrapped. It's "an instant classic, " raves Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times. And Canada only. From the imaginative minds of Disney-Pixar comes a major "emotion" picture beyond compare.

Matchstick Men

Chain-smoking, and agoraphobic, obsessive-compulsive, with idiosyncrasies that threaten his criminal productivity, Royrequires a psychoanalyst just to stay in working order. And as roy and frank samrockwell develop a style of parenting with a unique spin, they realizethat Angela has an interest and a knack for the family business as sheearns her place as one of the Matchstick Men.

Shrink-wrapped. Now, angela alisonlohman, much to hisshock he discovers he has a 14-year-old daughter, who wants to know her father. Pg-13. English & English, Spanish Subtitles. But roy's academy Award winner Nicholas Cage personallife is a mess. Matchstick men dvd wsmeet roy and his ambitious protégé Frank, a couple of con artists.

Grifters. Region 1 u. S. Matchstick Men. Multiple formats, subtitled, color, dTS Surround Sound, ac-3, NTSC, Full Screen.102 minutes. Brand new in box.

Call Me Crazy: A Five Film

Factory sealed DVD. Region 1 u. S. Shrink-wrapped. Multiple formats, dts surround Sound, Color, ac-3, subtitled, NTSC, Full Screen.102 minutes. English & English, Spanish Subtitles. Like its first breast cancer-themed installment, Call Me Crazy aka Five 2/Five More will feature five short films featuring A-list talent both in front and behind the camera.

The sequel will address mental illness. The product ships with all relevant accessories. Silver Linings Playbook. Skeleton Twins. Pg-13. Directors include laura Dern, Bonnie Hunt, Ashley Judd and Bryce Dallas Howard. And Canada only. Brand new in box. Shrink-wrapped.

A Beautiful Mind Widescreen2001

Skeleton Twins. Pg-13. Shrink-wrapped. A beautiful mind stars russell crowe in an astonishing performance as brilliant mathematician John Nash, on the brink of international acclaim when he becomes entangled in a mysterious conspiracy. English & English, Spanish Subtitles. Shrink-wrapped. Now, only his devoted wife academy Award winner Jennifer Connelly can help him in this powerful story of courage, passion and triumph.

Brand new in box. Factory sealed DVD. Winner of 4 academy awards, including best picture, A Beautiful Mind is directed by Academy Award winner Ron Howard and produced by long-time partner and collaborator, Academy Award winner Brian Grazer. And Canada only. Silver Linings Playbook. Multiple formats, ac-3, color, NTSC, subtitled, dTS Surround Sound, Full Screen.

102 minutes. The product ships with all relevant accessories. Shrink-wrapped. Region 1 u. S.


Factory sealed DVD. English & English, Spanish Subtitles. The product ships with all relevant accessories. Shrink-wrapped. Dvd shrink-wrapped. Skeleton Twins. Shrink-wrapped. Region 1 u. S. Pg-13. Brand new in box. Multiple formats, color, ac-3, subtitled, NTSC, dTS Surround Sound, Full Screen.102 minutes. Shrink-wrapped. Silver Linings Playbook.

And Canada only.