We All Went On Safari English and Swahili Edition

The lively, rhyming text is accompanied by an illustrated guide to counting in Swahili, notes about each of the animals, a map, and interesting facts about Tanzania and the Maasai people. Barefoot Books. Join arusha, mosi, tumpe and their Maasai friends as they set out on a counting journey through the grasslands of Tanzania.

Along the way, lions and monkeys, the children encounter all sorts of animals including elephants, while counting from one to ten in both English and Swahili.

Jambo Means Hello: Swahili Alphabet Book Picture Puffin Books

A companion to the caldecott honor book moja means one: swahili Counting Book Jambo Means Hello introduces children to the Swahili alphabet with helpful pronunciation keys, while presenting East African culture and lifestyles through an easy-to-understand narrative and vivid illustrations. A caldecott honor book* “A lyrical song of Swahili life.

School library Journal, starred review Puffin.

Mama Panya's Pancakes

How will mama panya ever feed them all? This clever and heartwarming story about Kenyan village life teaches the importance of sharing, even when you have little to give. Barefoot Books. On market day, mama Panya s son Adika invites everyone he sees to a pancake dinner. Puffin.

Beatrice's Goat

Puffin. Aladdin. This illustrated book offers the true story of how a poor African girl was able to attend school after receiving a goat as a gift through a special international project and then sell its milk to get the money needed to buy her books. Reprint. Barefoot Books.

Safari, So Good!: All About African Wildlife Cat in the Hat's Learning Library

In this latest installment of the cat in the hat's learning library, including elephants, the cat takes sally and nick to africa—where they meet some really big cats—and all sorts of other animals, baboons, hippos, side-striped jackals, warthogs, galagos, that elephants tend to favor one tusk over the other, that lion cubs are born covered with spots that soon disapear, giraffe, buffalo, spotted hyena, vipers, and six kinds of antelope! Young readers will learn how animals are either predators or prey, zebra, pythons, and much, too, how to tell the difference between a white and black rhino both of which are grey!, much more! Fans of the new PBS preschool science show The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! which is based on The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library won't want to miss this wild new addition to the series! Puffin.

Aladdin. Barefoot Books.

Moja Means One: Swahili Counting Book Picture Puffin Books

Magnificient, full-page drawings throb with the feeling of East African life. Child study associationlook for the Caldecott Honor Book and companion title: Jambo Means Hello: Swahili Alphabet Book Puffin. A caldecott honor bookmoja means one introduces children to counting in Swahili with helpful pronunciation keys, while presenting East African culture and lifestyles through an easy-to-understand narrative and vivid illustrations.

Aladdin. Barefoot Books. Puffin.

Over in the Grasslands: On an African Savanna

The african grasslands teem with classic animals. Barefoot Books. Children will "stalk" like lions, "squirt" like elephants, and "slurp" like giraffes! Plus they will count to ten and sing along to the classic tune of "Over in the Meadow" while learning about the animals of the African grasslands. Puffin. Puffin.


A Is for Africa

A talented photographer, Onyefulu offers and incisive, sophisticated view of her homeland’s rich heritage. Publishers Weekly"Visually appealing. Kirkus Reviews Puffin. From a to z, stunning color photographs depict everyday life in Nigeria, where the author-photographer grew up—but the images pictured also represent the rich diversity of Africa, and the warm family ties and traditional village life found throughout this vast colorful continent.

Puffin. Aladdin. Barefoot Books. Puffin.

Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain Rise and Shine

Puffin Books. Puffin. Aladdin. Puffin. A cumulative rhyme relating how Ki-pat brought rain to the drought-stricken Kapiti Plain. Verna aardema has brought the original story closer to the English nursery rhyme by putting in a cumulative refrain and giving the tale the rhythm of “The House That Jack Built. Puffin.

. Barefoot Books.

Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions Picture Puffin Books

Such an astute blend of aesthetics and information is admirable, the child's eye will be rewarded many times over. Booklist. Puffin. Depth - 1050 Ages - 3, 7, 6, 5, 4, 8. Weight - 0295. Width - 8. 50 Ala notable Book; Caldecott Medal. Puffin. Artists leo and diane dillon won their second consecutive Caldecott Medal for this stunning ABC of African culture.

Barefoot Books. Aladdin. Puffin Books. Puffin. Another virtuoso performance.

For You Are a Kenyan Child Ezra Jack Keats New Writer Award

Puffin. Puffin Books. And rather than kicking a soccer ball across a field, you kick a homemade ball of rags down a dusty road. Barefoot Books. Imagine you live in a small Kenyan village, where the sun rises over tall trees filled with doves. Atheneum Books. Your afternoon snack is a tasty bug plucked from the sky, instead of an apple.

Ages - 3, 5, 4, 7, 6, 8. Weight - 0295. Depth - 1050 But despite this, are they? with so much going on around you, things aren't that different for a Kenyan child than they would be for an American kid, it's just as easy to forget what your mama asked you to do! Puffin. Aladdin. You wake to the sound of a rooster's crow, instead of an alarm clock and the school bus.

Puffin. Width - 8. 50 .