This is for the mostless

This is for the mostless, essays, writer and performer Jason Magabo Perez's debut book, is a lyrical collection of autobiographical poems, fictions, and oral histories. Moving against discipline and genre, these stories and sympathies are filled with familia and trauma, barrio to barrio, from city to city, and cast with wildly divergent figures as iconic as Don Cheadle and Mandy Moore, and as obscure as Cobra Commander and Perez's own mother-a Filipina migrant nurse who in 1976 was framed by the FBI for murder.

This book is about and most definitely for all of the mostless. Ultimately, superheroes, girlfriends, gangsters, Perez celebrates and mourns the multiple migrations and afterlives of grandmothers, and poets.

Cake Time

In ?how not to have an abortion, ? the teenaged narrator looks for a ride from the clinic between her AP exams. A decade later, in ?glow, ? she is suddenly confronted by the disturbing and thrilling fact of her lover?s secret daughter. Ultimately, where to negotiate a private self in an increasingly public world, timeless questions: why intelligent girls make terrible choices, this unflinching novel-in-stories grapples with urgent, and how to love madly without losing a sense of self.

A new novel-in-stories that New York Times bestselling author Jillian Lauren calls "a delicious indulgence. Daring yet aimless, smart but slightly strange, Cake Time?s young female protagonist keeps making slippery choices, sliding into the dangerous space where curiosity melds with fear and desires turn into dirty messes.

Red hen. Winner of the 2015 Red Hen Press Fiction Award. In ?easy target, ? the now-college-grad agrees to go to a swingers party with a handsome stranger.

The Best We Could Do: An Illustrated Memoir

Despite how impossible it seems to take on the simultaneous roles of both parent and child, Bui pushes through. Red hen. National bestseller2017 national book critics circle nbcc finalist aba indies introduce winter / spring 2017 Selection Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Spring 2017 Selection ALA 2018 Notable Books Selection An intimate and poignant graphic novel portraying one family’s journey from war-torn Vietnam, from debut author Thi Bui.

In what pulitzer prize–winning novelist viet thanh nguyen calls “a book to break your heart and heal it, ” The Best We Could Do brings to life Thi Bui’s journey of understanding, and provides inspiration to all of those who search for a better future while longing for a simpler past. Abrams comic arts.

With haunting, poetic writing and breathtaking art, she examines the strength of family, the importance of identity, and the meaning of home. This beautifully illustrated and emotional story is an evocative memoir about the search for a better future and a longing for the past. At the heart of bui’s story is a universal struggle: While adjusting to life as a first-time mother, she ultimately discovers what it means to be a parent—the endless sacrifices, the unnoticed gestures, and the depths of unspoken love.

Exploring the anguish of immigration and the lasting effects that displacement has on a child and her family, Bui documents the story of her family’s daring escape after the fall of South Vietnam in the 1970s, and the difficulties they faced building new lives for themselves.


Blending radical formal fluidity and caustic humor, and race, turning what might be tragic into piercing, Gurba takes on sexual violence, small towns, revealing comedy. Being mean to men who deserve it is a holy mission. We act mean to defend our clubs and institutions. This is a confident, brassy book that takes the cost of sexual assault, intoxicating, misogyny, racism, and homophobia deadly seriously.

We act mean to defend ourselves from boredom and from those who would cut off our breasts. True crime, memoir, and ghost story, Mean is the bold and hilarious tale of Myriam Gurba’s coming of age as a queer, mixed-race Chicana. Sisterhood is powerful, but being mean is more exhilarating. Being mean isn't for everybody.

Being mean is best practiced by those who understand it as an art form. These virtuosos live closer to the divine than the rest of humanity. They're queers. Myriam gurba is a queer spoken-word performer, visual artist, and writer from Santa Maria, California. She's the author of dahlia season 2007, wish you were me 2011, and painting Their Portraits in Winter 2015, Manic D which was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award, Future Tense Books, Manic D.

Red hen. She has toured with sister spit and her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach.

Something in Between Harlequin Teen

Until the truth changed everything. Jasmine de los Santos has always done what’s expected of her. He’s funny, caring and spontaneous—basically everything she’s been looking for at the worst possible time—and now he’s something else she may lose. A must-read. Dhonielle clayton, author of the #1 new york times bestselling matched trilogy“an immigrant herself, and the forthcoming The Belles“A must-read!” —Ally Condie, coauthor of Tiny Pretty Things and Shiny Broken Pieces, de la Cruz succeeds in presenting a complicated and multifaceted topic in a manner that is light enough to keep readers engaged.

Kirkus reviews“de la cruz presents a timely and thought-provoking look at the complex reality of being young and undocumented in the United States…Readers will root for Jasmine as she fights for her future and finds the power of her own voice. Publishers Weekly Red hen. She had her whole life planned.

She knew who she was and where she was going. Jasmine will stop at nothing to protect her relationships, family and future, all while fighting the hard truths of being undocumented. A great read!” —rachel cohn, new york times bestselling coauthor of Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist “We’re obsessed—and you will be too.

The editors of seventeen magazine“Heartbreaking and bursting with hope, this is the book we all need. Marie lu, #1 new york times bestselling author of the Young Elites and Legend series“This book will change you.

Diasporic Intimacies: Queer Filipinos and Canadian Imaginaries Critical Insurgencies

Their trandsdisciplinary approach highlights the need for queer, transgressive, settler colonialism, and utopian practices that render visible histories of migration, empire building, and globalization. Abrams comic arts. Red hen. Diasporic intimacies: queer filipinos and canadian Imaginaries is the first edited volume of its kind, artists, featuring the works of leading scholars, and activists who reflect on the contributions of queer Filipinos to Canadian culture and society.

Addressing a wide range of issues beyond the academy, the authors present a rich and under-studied archive of personal reflections, in-depth interviews, creative works, and scholarly essays. Timely, gender, diasporic intimacies offers an accessible entry point for readers who seek to pursue critically engaged community work, curatorial practice, and fascinating, and socially inflected research on sexuality, urgent, arts education, and race in this ever-changing world.


The Gangster of Love

So begins a blazing coming-of-age story suffused with the tensions of immigration which finds Rocky moving from the counter-culture in 1960s San Francisco to the extravagant music scene in Manhattan of the 1980s. The gangster of love tells the story of the Rivera family as they make their new life in the States?all the while haunted by the memory of the father and the homeland they left behind.

Among its members are rocky?s haughty mother, her brother, who has impulsively left her father; Voltaire, prone to heavy depression and odd friendships with strangers; and Rocky herself, unsure about sex and worshipful of her boyfriend?the guitar-playing Elvis Chang?who must learn to accept reality amidst the myths and lures of American success and idolatry.

Red hen. Abrams comic arts. From the philippines the day that Jimi Hendrix dies. Nominated for the irish times international fiction prize? The author?s first novel, Dogeaters, was nominated for a National Book Award in 1990 and was voted the best book of the year by the Before Columbus Foundation. Rocky rivera arrives in the U.


Zong! Wesleyan Poetry Series

Through the innovative use of fugal and counterpointed repetition, Zong! becomes an anti-narrative lament that stretches the boundaries of the poetic form, haunting the spaces of forgetting and mourning the forgotten. Equal parts song, oath, and chant, shout, curse, moan, ululation, Zong! excavates the legal text.

Check for the online reader’s companion at http://zong. Site. Wesleyan. Edu. Relying entirely on the words of the legal decision Gregson v. Red hen. In november, 1781, the captain of the slave ship Zong ordered that some 150 Africans be murdered by drowning so that the ship’s owners could collect insurance monies.

Gilbert—the only extant public document related to the massacre of these African slaves—Zong! tells the story that cannot be told yet must be told. Memory, history, and law collide and metamorphose into the poetics of the fragment. For all our books; cargo will be delivered in the required time. 100% satisfaction is Guaranteed!

. Abrams comic arts.

Rolling the R's

Rolling the r’s goes beyond "coming of age" and "coming out" to address the realities of cultural confusion, prejudice and spiraling levels of desire in humorous yet haunting portrayals that are, as Matthew Stadler writes, "stylish, shameless and beautiful. This special twentieth anniversary edition includes a new essay by the author, introducing one of the most original and iconic stories of the Asian diasporic experience and an essential work of fiction in the Asian American literary canon.

100% satisfaction is Guaranteed! Abrams comic arts. In his daring first novel, R. Illuminated by pop fantasies, donna summer disco tracks and teen passion, the fiercely earnest characters in Rolling the R’s come to life against a background of burning dreams and neglect in a small 1970s Hawaiian community.

R. He has published three poetry collections, two novels and adapted Rolling the R’s for the stage in 2008. Zamora linmark treats the music of the bee gees and schoolyard bullying as equally formative experiences in the lives of a group of Filipino fourth-graders living in Kalihi, Honolulu, who call themselves the "Farrah Fawcett Fan Club.

The characters’ stories unfold largely in the documentary detritus of their lives―their poems and prayers, book reports and teacher evaluations―all written in carefully observed, pitch-perfect vernacular. Now back in stock, pidgin and perspective roll every "are, Linmark’s tour-de-force experiments in narrative structure, " throwing new light on gay identity and the trauma of cultural assimilation.


Legitimizing Empire: Filipino American and U.S. Puerto Rican Cultural Critique Asian American Experience

Ever since, filipino and Puerto Rican artists have challenged promises of benevolent assimilation and portray U. S. Caronan's juxtaposition reveals two different yet simultaneous models of U. S. Neocolonial power and contradicts American exceptionalism as a reluctant empire that only accepts colonies for the benefit of the colonized and global welfare.

Commonwealth, both remain subordinate to the United States. Though the philippines became an independent nation and Puerto Rico a U. S. 100% satisfaction is Guaranteed! Abrams comic arts. For all our books; cargo will be delivered in the required time. Imperialism as both self-interested and unexceptional among empires.

Imperialism, but also functions to contain those alternatives. Red hen. When the united states acquired the philippines and Puerto Rico, it reconciled its status as an empire with its anticolonial roots by claiming that it would altruistically establish democratic institutions in its new colonies. Her analysis, meanwhile, demonstrates how popular culture allows for alternative narratives of U.

S. Faye caronan's examination interprets the pivotal engagement of novels, and other cultural productions as both symptoms of and resistance against American military, films, economic, social, performance poetry, and political incursions.

The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction: Tips from Editors, Teachers, and Writers in the Field

Featuring essays by: steve almond, randall brown, mark budman, Pamelyn Casto, Rusty Barnes, Stace Budzko, Ron Carlson, Stuart Dybek, Robert Olen Butler, Kim Chinquee, Pia Z. Abrams comic arts. Ehrhardt, sherrie flick, tom hazuka, julio ortega, deb olin unferth, robert shapard, Jennifer Pieroni, Jayne Anne Phillips, Pamela Painter, Michael Martone, Bruce Holland Rogers, Nathan Leslie, Shouhua Qi, Vanessa Gebbie, Lex Williford Red hen.

For all our books; cargo will be delivered in the required time. With its unprecedented gathering of 25 brief essays by experts in the field, The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction meets the growing need for a concise yet creative exploration of the re-emerging genre popularly known as flash fiction.

The book's introduction provides, from its early roots and hitherto unknown early publications and appearances, a comprehensive history of the short short story, for the first time, to its current state and practice.100% satisfaction is Guaranteed!100% satisfaction is Guaranteed! For all our books; cargo will be delivered in the required time.

This guide is a must for anyone in the field of short fiction who teaches, writes, and is interested in its genesis and practice.