Thirty One Days of Prayer Journal 31 Days Series

Prayer: A way of life. God invites us--welcomes us--into the high privilege of talking and working with Him. 31 days of prayer shows you how to enjoy that privelege and begin an incredible prayer adventure. You'll discover in new ways that prayer is the slender nerve that moves the mighty hand of God. This is the perfect book to lead you in prayer for a full month--or many months--and help you create a prayer habit that lasts a lifetime.

Rise above earthbound living. And into a new awareness f the Lord's delightful presence! .

31 Days of Praise: Enjoying God Anew

31 days of praise: enjoying god Anew paperback Myers, Ruth Jan 01, 1994.

Thirty-One Days of Praise: Enjoying God Anew 31 Days Series

Every day for just one month, a Scripture-based devotion cultivates the "heart habit" of praise and worship. Multnomah Books. Every day a different scripture-based devotion helps you cultivate the “heart habit” of praise and worship. Readers will be gently inspired to appreciate and adore the Lord in all things -- yes, even in the midst of pain, disappointment, and heartache.

A deeper intimacy with God -- and a greater love for Him -- is the sure result. Christians who long to experience God in a fresh, deep way will treasure this powerful, personal praise guide, rereleased with an updated cover. A deeper intimacy with God—and a greater love for Him—is the sure result. Come into his Presence with Praise Praise.

If you long to experience God in a fresh, deep way, you’ll treasure this personal praise guide. You’ll be gently inspired to appreciate and adore the Lord in all things, heartache, even in the midst of pain, or disappointment. It leads you into god’s awesome presence, into the delight of His Word, into the sure knowledge of His great love for you.


Thirty-One Days of Power: Learning to Live in Spiritual Victory 31 Days Series

But the mighty power of God is yours through Christ’s victory on the cross of Calvary. The daily readings in this uplifting devotional are steeped in Scripture and blended with praise to bring foundational truths to life—to help you wield the power of God that’s available in all our afflictions, in every trial and temptation.

Your power in spiritual warfareis as close as a whisper, as near as a prayer. As a follower of Jesus, you are engaged in a battle against a treacherous enemy. The truths in these pages will equip you to resist the forces of evil, to stand firm in a day of deepening darkness, and to know firsthand the truth of Romans 8:37: “In all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.

Multnomah Books.

31 Days of Encouragement as We Grow Older NavPress Devotional Readers

Faced with our limitations, our most urgent need is to know God better. Multnomah Books. This 31-day devotional helps you choose joy now and prepare for a satisfying future. Beloved author ruth myers is a willing guide for women who are ready to approach aging in a different way. Are you feeling lonely? tired? overwhelmed? Whether we’re young, old, or in between, these feelings can flood our hearts at almost any time.


Thirty-One Days of Drawing Near to God: Resting Securely in His Delight 31 Days Series

As you engage your heart with his, you’ll discover anew the joy of hearing Him speak to you individually, tenderly, in life-changing ways that will root you firmly in relationship with Him. Experience lavish love, astounding mercy—and an intimacy more satisfying than you’d ever imagined possible.

. Draw near to god, and He’ll draw near to you. Multnomah Books. Draw near…he’ll answer your deepest longings. Do you enjoy the soul-satisfying intimacy with God you were created for? In this heartfelt devotional, daily encounter with your first, beloved author Ruth Myers invites you to a personal, last, and best love.

Each brief but deeply satisfying reading explores the riches of God’s passion for you and your true identity as one in whom He delights.