His north beach mystery series has won praise in The New York Times and other publications for its rich portrayal of the ethnic and political subcultures of San Francisco. The novel begins in rome, among the American ex-patriot community, and from there follows the siblings’ latest obsessions: an aging Italian actress and her charismatic husband.

He is the author of nine novels and a collection of stories. Named for both the hammett prize and indie book of the year, this unsual thriller tells the story of an aspiring American actress, who—together with her too charmng brother —is implicated in a series of crimes dating back to their childhood days in Texas.

More than a murder mystery: a story of Italy, candid cultural observations, and a sense of place and confused purpose that keep readers guessing, obsessions, entertained, and thoroughly immersed. Midwest book review, Diane Donovan “Freaking incredible. Crimespreebiodomenic Stansberry is an award-winning novelist known for his dark, innovative crime novels.

The result is an elegant tour de force, a psychological noir exploring the murky depths where the differences between familal and erotic love, merge in deadly, between criminal and victim, unexpected ways. Advance praise for the white devil“ perhaps the most surprising feature of this tour de force is its pervasive links to both Jacobean tragedy and contemporary Mediterranean noir.

. Hammett prize winner for best crime fiction edgar award winner Domenic Stansberry returns with this sultry, decadent murder mystery.

The Confession

No question: Stansberry is one of the genre's best writers. This noir thriller won the Edgar for its portrayal of a Marin County forensic pyschologist accused of murdering his lover. You'd have him over for dinner, as long as he stayed on his side of the table. Bleekerbooks“this first-person account will give you goose-bumps for days.

Bookblog, Vivian Lake. Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind, Sarah Weinman. Stansberry's book is remarkable in the way that it draws us into sympathy with Danser, even as we see his weaknesses. He's not a hero, we can't even be sure he's not guilty, but he is awfully interesting. Stansberry is an extraordinarily evocative writer.

George pelecanos, writer/producer The Wire, author The Double“A CLASSIC. January Magazine“Compelling. Stansberry is also the author of the white devil, recently named finalist for the hammett prize, as well as the acclaimed North Beach mystery series featuring Dante MancusoPRAISE FOR THE CONFESSION“In the literary tradition of The Killer Inside Me, now available in E-Book, and every bit as powerful.

. Industrial strength neo-noir.

August Snow An August Snow Novel Book 1

But august fought back; he took on the city and got himself a $12 million wrongful dismissal settlement that left him low on friends. But detective work is no longer August’s beat, and he declines. Winner of the hammett prize and the nero awardfrom the wealthy suburbs to the remains of Detroit’s bankrupt factory districts, August Snow is a fast-paced tale of murder, greed, sex, economic cyber-terrorism, race and urban decay.

Tough, and struggling to stay alive, smart, August Snow is the embodiment of Detroit. Powerful and manipulative, Paget wants August to investigate the increasingly unusual happenings at her private wealth management bank. The son of an african-american father and a mexican-American mother, August grew up in the city’s Mexicantown and joined the police force only to be drummed out by a conspiracy of corrupt cops and politicians.

He has just returned to the house he grew up in after a year away, and quickly learns he has many scores to settle. It’s not long before he’s summoned to the palatial Grosse Pointe Estates home of business magnate Eleanore Paget. A day later, paget is dead of an apparent suicide—which August isn’t buying for a minute.

What begins as an inquiry into eleanore paget’s death soon drags August into a rat’s nest of Detroit’s most dangerous criminals, from corporate embezzlers to tattooed mercenaries.

November Road: A Novel

She’s on the run too, from a stifling existence in small-town Oklahoma and a kindly husband who’s a hopeless drunk. It’s an american story: two strangers meet to share the open road west, a dream, a hope—and find each other on the way. Charlotte sees that he’s strong and kind; Guidry discovers that she’s smart and funny.

Exceptional. Stephen kingnamed a best book of the year by entertainment weekly • washington post • aarp • newsweek • dallas morning news • south florida sun-sentinel • chicago public library • real book spy • crimereads • litreactor • library journal • lithub • booklistwinner of the Barry,  Macavity, the Left Coast Crime “Lefty” Award for Best Mystery Novel, daring possibilities, and Anthony Awards, and the Oklahoma Book Award for Best Fiction Novel!Set against the assassination of JFK, a poignant and evocative crime novel that centers on a desperate cat-and-mouse chase across 1960s America—a story of unexpected connections, the Hammett Prize, and the hope of second chances from the Edgar Award-winning author of The Long and Faraway Gone.

Frank guidry’s luck has finally run out. A loyal street lieutenant to New Orleans’ mob boss Carlos Marcello, Guidry has learned that everybody is expendable. Posing as an insurance man, Guidry offers to help Charlotte reach her destination, California. A road isn’t just a road, it’s a trail, and Guidry’s ruthless and relentless hunters are closing in on him.

. When people say they want to read a really good novel, the kind you just can't put down, this is the kind of book they mean.

Charlesgate Confidential

Forty years later, the last surviving thief gets out of jail and goes hunting for the loot, in the present day, the former college kids, involving some innocent college students in his dangerous plan - and thirty years after that, now all grown up, are drawn back into danger as the still-missing art tempts a deadly new generation of treasure hunters.

Charlesgate confidential is terrific" - stephen kinga breathtakingly clever, twist-filled narrative that moves from 1946 to1988 to 2014 and back again, CHARLESGATE CONFIDENTIAL establishes ScottVon Doviak as a storyteller of the first orderA group of criminals in 1946 pull off the heist of the century, stealing a dozen priceless works of art from a Boston museum.

A breathtakingly clever, twist-filled narrative that moves from 1946 to 1988 to 2014 and back again, CHARLESGATE CONFIDENTIAL establishes Scott Von Doviak as a storyteller of the first order, and will leave you guessing until the very last page. But while the thieves get caught, the art is never found.


Plotman to the Rescue: A Troubleshooting Guide to Fixing Your Toughest Plot Problems

Whether used as a reference guide or refresher course, this book will strengthen your storytelling muscles and help you elevate every novel you write. His mission? to give practical, easy-to-apply answers to the most vexing plot questions writers face, such as:• how do i plan a plot if i'm not a plot planner?• does my plot need a prologue?• what if i hit a plot wall?• What if my plot is getting away from me?• Why ins't my plot more gripping at the start?• Why is my overall plot dull?• What should I do if my plot is implausible?• Do I really need to think about plot structure?• How do I deepen the emotional impact of my plot?• What's the best way to plug a plot hole?• How do I keep my plot from ending with a thud?And more! With bonus material on how to find and utilize beta readers; and several plot generating methods you can put to use at any time.

Help! my plot drags, sags, and has no heart!"This looks like a job for Plotman!Yes, solving your plot problems is why the superhero of story came to Earth. Because plotman, along with his faithful sidekick Subplot Boy, story, has sworn to uphold plot, and the bestselling way.

The Man Who Came Uptown

Outside, michael encounters a Washington, D. C. Anna keeps passing michael books until one day he disappears, suddenly released after a private detective manipulated a witness in Michael's trial. But what hasn't changed is the hard choice between the temptation of crime and doing what's right. In bestselling and emmy-nominated writer george pelecanos' novel, one of the best mysteries of 2018 Publishers Weekly, an ex-offender must choose between the man who got him out and the woman who showed him another path.

Smart and fast-paced, The Man Who Came Uptown brings Washington, D. C. Trying to balance his new job, and the debt he owes to the man who got him released, his love of reading, Michael struggles to figure out his place in this new world before he loses control. To life in a high-stakes story of tough choices.

Michael hudson spends the long days in prison devouring books given to him by the prison's librarian, a young woman named Anna who develops a soft spot for her best student. That has changed a lot during his time locked up. Once shady storefronts are now trendy beer gardens and flower shops.

The Ancient Rain A North Beach Mystery Book 3

Except that time, an innocent bystander was shot and killed. Stansberry spools out a narrative filled with deceit and betrayal, and in his hands the line between justice and revenge is razor sharp. Edgar award winner and master of contemporary noir Domenic Stansberry returns to San Francisco's North Beach and Dante Mancuso, the dark PI who grew up on its tough streets.

After a career with a shadowy security firm with interests on both sides of the law, Dante has come home to put all that behind him and has gone to work for a private investigator. To clear owens of these charges, dante will have to retrace the original investigation through San Francisco's radical underground and bring in the man who was pulling the strings.

The ancient rain is a chilling novel from one of crime fiction's finest. A call alerts him early one morning that Bill Owens, a fellow PI, has been charged with a notorious thirty-year-old killing. Bill was involved in a political group in the late sixties, which among other pranks and small-time crimes, held up a bank.


Lives Laid Away An August Snow Novel Book 2

In a guns-blazing wild ride across Detroit, he will put his own life on the line to protect the community he loves. When the body of an unidentified young hispanic woman is dredged from the Detroit River, the Wayne County coroner gives her photo to ex-police detective August Snow, insisting August ask around his native Mexicantown to see if anyone recognizes her.

. August’s good friend elena, an advocate for undocumented immigrants, immediately pinpoints the girl as local teenager Isadora del Torres. It turns out izzy isn’t the only young woman to have disappeared during an ICE raid only to turn up dead a few weeks later. Detroit ex-cop august snow takes up vigilante justice when his beloved neighborhood of Mexicantown is caught in the crosshairs of a human trafficking scheme.

Preyed upon by the law itself, the people of Mexicantown have no one to turn to but August.

Only to Sleep: A Philip Marlowe Novel

When in saunter two men dressed like undertakers, with a case that has his name written all over it. For marlowe, this is his last roll of the dice, his swan song. But is zinn actually alive? are the pair living off the spoils? Set between the border and badlands of Mexico and California, Lawrence Osborne’s resurrection of the iconic Marlowe is an unforgettable addition to the Raymond Chandler canon.

Praise for only to sleep “a new case for Philip Marlowe and—have a smell from the barrel, all you gunsels and able grables —it crackles. The new york times book review Editors’ Choice “Brilliant. Osborne and Chandler are a perfect match. William boyd, author of any human Heart “A Marlowe we at once know, but have never met before.

It leaves you with the taste of rum and blood in your mouth. As much a meditation on aging and memory as it is a crime thriller. Los angeles times “it’s the kind of book where, when you read it, it turns the world to black and white for a half-hour afterward. And philip marlowe—now in his seventy-second year—is living out his retirement in the terrace bar of the La Fonda hotel.

The place, Baja California. It hangs with you like a scar. Npr.

The Do-Right

Fourteen years is enough. The do-right" is old Southern talk for prison. Delpha wade doesn't want to go back there.