The Love Triangle Filthy Rich Royals

After i gave my heart - and my virginity - to Jarek Rockwell, I realized my father was right. How can i trust jarek when all evidence points to a huge lie?but who is the real bad guy, Jarek Rockwell or Amaury Michaud, the high-class respected socialite who has been courting me? One wears a mask of deception – the other is fighting for my love.

Alicia bonnaire, princess of Belgium is caught in a vicious, no-holds-barred love triangle. My father, the king of belgium, gave me love advice once – don’t care too deeply because it will only lead to disappointment. The pro-athletes, Jarek and Amaury must compete for Alicia’s heart. Find out what happens in The Love Triangle Filthy Rich Royals.


A Billionaire Dom The Holden Brothers Book 3

Ever. And i never doubt myself. But as i watch my younger brothers find love and happiness, I start to doubt myself. I don’t do relationships. I’m in control, whether it’s business or pleasure. I didn’t get to where I am by letting people dominate me. When a chance encounter brings him together with computer hacker Linsey Keller, neither of them have a clue that the case she’s working, connects them in a way that could destroy them both.

Don’t miss, a billionaire Dom, the exciting conclusion to M. S. Parker’s newest scintillating series, The Holden Brothers. I dominate them. Then she shows up. Cfo of holden enterprises, only interrupted by regular visits to Euphoria, keeps his nose to the grindstone managing the family business, Davin Holden, an upscale club.


A Billionaire Rebel The Holden Brothers Book 2

However, when damon’s and Jae’s worlds collide, lightning strikes and neither one will ever be the same again. Don’t miss a billionaire Rebel, the second installment in M. S. Damon holden seems to have it all. Singing and performing country music is my only passion, but one night of tragedy changes everything and my world is shattered.

Jae: my life isn’t candy canes and rainbows. I have a steady job and a family who loves me. Damon: i’m the holden brother who doesn’t want to be part of the family business. A rocking country music career, a bevy of beauties eager to share his bed, and stock in his family’s multi-billion-dollar company.

Parker’s newest steamy series, The Holden Brothers. But when damon holden walks into my music store, my solid reality transforms into the crazy unknown. It’s hard work but I have no complaints.

A Billionaire Gentleman The Holden Brothers Book 1

Not the best line of work for a mother, but when an older man offers me an insane amount of money to break up his grandson’s engagement, I have the answer to my problems. I’ll do anything, even marrying Auralia Kane, the daughter of my father’s old friend. Sofi: there’s nothing i won’t do to get my son back from my abusive ex-husband, even taking a gig as a showgirl and private dancer.

Founder of holden enterprises, Grandpa Jude Holden, is secretly making arrangements to terminate the engagement before it’s too late. Don’t miss a billionaire Gentleman, the first book in M. S. Parker’s newest sizzling series, The Holden Brothers. Now that i’ve have graduated, I want my father to take me seriously.

Deklin: all my life i wanted to be part of our family business, Holden Enterprises and continue building the family legacy. If only i can get the job done before the wedding. New graduate, deklin holden is the youngest of the Holden brothers and desperate to prove his value to the family. To comply with his father’s wish, he proposes to Auralia, but not everyone is thrilled about the engagement.


The Dom: Steamy Boss Romance Manhattan Records Book 2

However, the second installment in the new steamy boss trilogy from usa Today bestselling author, when Nate’s past comes to light, will it be the wake-up call she needs to break away, or can their turbulent fling survive?Don’t miss "THE DOM", M. But he distracts me in ways I never thought possible.

I know the danger, but I dare to hope that he’ll change…for me. Manhattan records’ employee ashlee webb knows it’s a bad idea to sleep with the company’s founder, Nate Lexington, but she’s helpless to stop. S. Nate and Ashlee's trilogy is now complete. I don’t take risks, not like this. Enjoy 900 steamy pages with a happily ever after.

I make plans and follow through. Parker.

The Master: Steamy Boss Romance Manhattan Records Book 3

Don’t miss the sexy and exciting conclusion to M. Parker’s Manhattan Records series. Nate: i made a mistake, thinking that I could be with someone like her. I’m not going to apologize for who I am. S. I didn’t need to be at Manhattan Records anymore. Making a clean break will be the best thing for both of us.

Nate lexington and ashlee webb are trying their best to move on without each other, but neither one of them is able to forget how right they had felt together. If they’re willing to try again, however, will their relationship be able to survive the worst that has yet to come? Download The Master Manhattan Records and find out!

That will be best for everyone. Ashlee: i had been a fool to trust him, to think that he was a better man than what everyone said. I had a life before i met her, and I’ll just go back to that life now. One glimpse of a part of me she didn’t like, and she ran.

MATT The Hartwell Brothers Book 2

Hopefully, a road trip will ease the tension that erupted between me and my brother, Keith, after he stole the heart of the woman I was falling for. A wedge has been driven between the two Hartwell brothers, so Matt takes a cross country road trip to clear his mind, but ends up stranded with a broken-down car in the middle of nowhere.

S. Rescued by gabrielle kennell, a beautiful ranch owner in South Dakota, he has no idea that the answers to all his problems are right in front of him. Don’t miss matt, the second book in M. Parker’s hot, new billionaire romance series, The Hartwell Brothers. I’m driving out of Boston with no idea where to go.

. My world is spinning out of control and I hate it.

The American Au Pair Filthy Rich Royals

Parker’s, Filthy Rich Royals series. They now believe it was a targeted killing and the au pair could be involved. What is hotter than a handsome Prince of Monaco? A steamy romance between the Prince and an American au pair. When aeric nicolai, gets the devastating news that his sister and brother-in-law have been killed, the Prince of Monaco, he rushes to their home in Germany to make sure his niece and nephew are okay.

. Thankfully, beautiful american au pair, he finds them in the safe hands of the young, Kitt Bocho. But their romance is cut short when the police inform the Prince, that his sister and her husband were not killed in a burglary gone wrong. They think she was having an affair with his brother-in-law. How will the prince of Monaco react? Find out now.

Don’t miss the american Au Pair, the latest stand-alone romance in M. S. Both being grief stricken and reeling from the shock, they seek comfort in each other.

KEITH The Hartwell Brothers Book 1

Besides, veronica cheshire, when has playing cupid ever gone wrong? Keith Hartwell sets up his brother with a gorgeous, young and curvy schoolteacher, the perfect innocent woman to convince his brother to drop his marriage plans. S. Parker’s hot, new billionaire romance series, The Hartwell Brothers. My brother says his mind is made up, but I won’t let him make the biggest mistake of his life.

Nikolette ives is a rich, spoiled socialite who only wants the prestige that comes with the Hartwell name. He’ll kill me if he knows, but plans are in motion to make sure the engagement never happens. However, the setup backfires in ways Keith can never imagine. Don’t miss keith, the first book in M. When my older brother tells me that his plan to save our family charity involves marrying the daughter of a potential billionaire investor, I assure him it will be a disaster.


The Boss Manhattan Records Book 1

Enjoy 900 steamy pages with a happily ever after. What do you do when your boss’s boss flirts with you, promises you a good time and nothing more, yet keeps coming back for more?Nate Lexington is one of New York’s most eligible bachelors and intends to keep it that way. He doesn’t let anyone get close…until a chance encounter with employee Ashlee Webb turns his world upside-down.

A relationship blossoms until he makes a knee-jerk decision that screws up everything. Nate and Ashlee's trilogy is now complete. Parker's new steamy romance trilogy, Manhattan Records. S. Don’t miss the Boss, the first installment in M. Nate discovers her virgin submissiveness and is smitten.

His Regret to Power His Power Book 4

. After all, the prize was marrying the woman of his dreams. But something died inside him the day he made a promise that he was done chasing the corridors of power in DC. Jack may have chosen her over his career, but Blythe fears it’s only a matter of time before he comes to resent her for forcing him to choose.

She needed to be sure. But the only thing Blythe is certain of now is that she’s losing him. And she hasn’t helped her cause by postponing their wedding either. Unless she does the one thing that can bring him back to her—setting him free to be the man he was always destined to be. You don't want to miss His Regret to Power, a steamy hot romance.

Settling for a life as a career politician seemed a small price to pay for Senator Jack Drayson.