The Grand Duel Blu-ray

Add to this brew a memorable and tuneful score by composer Luis Bacalov Django, Milano Calibro 9 and the stage is set for one of the grandest of all the Italian westerns. Clayton helps philipp fend off attacks from bounty hunters in a series of thrilling shootouts before the two make their way to Jefferson to confront three villains known as the Saxon brothers, and reveal who really killed The Patriarch.

. Genre stalwart lee van cleef the big combo, day of anger stars as a gnarled ex-sheriff called Clayton who comes to the aid of young Philipp Wermeer Alberto Dentice, a fugitive framed for the murder of a powerful figure called The Patriarch. Special edition contents new 2k restoration from the original 35mm camera negative High Definition Blu-rayTM 1080p presentation Uncompressed mono 1.

0 lpcm audio original english and italian soundtracks, an interview with the actor alberto dentice aka peter o'brien out of the box, historian and theorist stephen prince an unconventional western, lobby cards and home video sleeves, a video essay about the elusive actor marc mazza by tough-guy film expert mike malloy original italian and international theatrical trailers extensive image gallery featuring stills, a newly filmed interview with director Giancarlo Santi The Last of the Great Westerns, a newly filmed interview with producer Ettore Rosboch The Day of the Big Showdown, a newly filmed video appreciation by the academic Austin Fisher Two Different Duels, titles and credits Newly translated English subtitles for the Italian soundtrack Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing for the English soundtrack New audio commentary by film critic, an obscure sci-fi short film from 1984 directed by Bernard Villiot and starring The Grand Duel s Marc Mazza Marc Mazza: Who was the Rider on the Rain?, a comparison between the original cut and the longer German cut of The Grand Duel Game Over, posters, a newly filmed interview with assistant director Harald Buggenig Saxon City Showdown, a newly filmed interview with screenwriter Ernesto Gastaldi Cowboy by Chance, drawn from the Mike Siegel Archive and other collections Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Matt Griffin FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Illustrated collector s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Kevin Grant and original reviews Shrink-wrapped.

A complex tale of revenge penned by prolific giallo writer ernesto gastaldi torso, the case of the Scorpion's Tail, The Grand Duel benefits from a beguiling central performance from Lee Van Cleef and assured helmsmanship from Giancarlo Santi assistant director to Sergio Leone on The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West.

The grand duel is an archetypal spaghetti western which boasts many of the genre s classic hallmarks including action-packed gunfights, wild stunts and an impressive climactic showdown.

Keoma Blu-ray

Castellari writing keoma, a new interview with actor massimo vanni play as an actor, a new interview with actor and writer luigi montefiori aka george eastman parallel actions, a new interview with editor Gianfranco Amicucci The Flying Thug, a newly filmed video appreciation by the academic Austin Fisher An Introduction to Keoma by Alex Cox, a new interview with actor Volfango Soldati Keoma and the Twilight of the Spaghetti Western, an archival featurette with the acclaimed director Original Italian and international theatrical trailers Gallery of original promotional images from the Mike Siegel Archive Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Sean Phillips Collector's booklet featuring new writing on the film by Simon Abrams and Howard Hughes Shrink-wrapped.

Keoma s father willian berger, but when keoma saves a vulnerable pregnant woman Olga Karlatos, Zombie Flesh Eaters from Caldwell's thugs, Sartana in the Valley of Death welcomes his prodigal son s return, the stage is set for a violent confrontation. Directed with immense flair and virtuosity by veteran Enzo G.

The film is presented here in a stunning new restoration with a wealth of informative and entertaining new extras. The legendary franco nero django, the fifth cord stars in the titular role as a half-breed gunfighter who returns from the killing fields of the civil war to find his hometown riddled with the plague, its inhabitants terrorized with the help of Keoma s own estranged half-brothers by tyrannical gang leader Caldwell Donald O'Brien, Zombie Holocaust.

Courtney Joyner and Henry C. Truly epic in scope, Keoma is considered by many to be one of the greatest spaghetti westerns.

Django the Bastard Blu-ray

Shrink-wrapped. Version titled the strangers gundown, remastered in high-definition widescreen from a beautiful original 35mm negative element. As he finds the men he's looking for, he places a cross with the person's name and death date in the middle of the street before enacting violent revenge! Is Django truly an unstoppable human army-of-one, DJANGO THE BASTARD bears striking similarities to Clint Eastwood's film HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER, or an avenging immortal angel of death? An intriguing spaghetti western with gothic horror genre elements, released four years later.

Synapse films presents django the bastard - a classic "spaghetti western" remastered for the first time ever in high-definition! Anthony Steffen THE NIGHT EVELYN CAME OUT OF THE GRAVE, KILLER FISH stars as the mysterious stranger named Django, a ghost-like figure who walks into a dusty western town with vengeance on his mind.

Special features: audio Commentary with Film Historian and Author, Troy Howarth. Shrink-wrapped. This version of django the basTARD is the alternate English language U. S.

The Tough Ones Blu-ray

Audio commentary by mike malloy, screenwriter dardano sacchetti, maria rosaria Riuzzi and Corrado Solari, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, actors Tomas Milian, Sandra Cardini, in-depth interviews with director Umberto Lenzi, director of EUROCRIME! Brand new, and composer Franco Micalizzi. Optional italian language soundtrack with optional English subtitles.

Special features: original uNRATED, UNCENSORED director's cut. Shrink-wrapped. Deluxe embossed slip cover. Maurizio meril stars as an italian dirty harry, sex and crime infested cesspool of mid-'70s Rome, machine gun-toting hunchback, punching and shooting his way through the sleazy drug, on the trail of a sadistic, played by Tomas Milian star of THE BIG GUNDOWN.

Bonus cd - original soundtrack album by Franco Micalizzi - newly remastered in stunning 24 bit/192khz sound from the original master tapes. Bullet Pen. Liner notes by Italian crime film expert Roberto Curti. Mastered in eye-popping 4K resolution for maximum detail and impact. Legendary director umberto lenzi's blood-soaked italian police classic, now a deluxe Collector's Edition 2-Blu-ray set with bonus CD! Umberto Lenzi, kicked off the Italian police film craze with this hyper-kinetic, ultra-violent, legendary director of CANNIBAL FEROX, brain-blasting action thriller.

Boasting a state-of-the-art 4k transfer of lenzi's uncensored director's cut, the new Grindhouse Releasing edition of THE TOUGH ONES includes an incredible slate of special features see below. In addition, the first 2, 500 orders will include a limited edition.

New York Ripper, The Blu-ray + DVD + CD

As nypd detective fred williams jack hedley, ''for your eyes Only'' follows the trail of butchery from the decks of the Staten Island Ferry to the sex shows of Times Square, each brutal murder becomes a sadistic taunt. In the city that never sleeps, ''city of the living dead'' and filmed on location in the mean streets of New York City, the hunt is on for the killer that can t be stopped! Co-written and directed by acclaimed horror maestro Lucio Fulci ''Zombie'', this is one of Fulci's most savage and controversial thrillers.

Bullet Pen. Now blue underground is proud to present the new york ripper in a new 4k restoration from its original camera negative, completely uncut and uncensored, and fully loaded with exclusive new Extras! SPECIAL FEATURES: WORLD PREMIERE! New 4K Restoration from the uncensored original camera negative High Definition Blu-ray 1080p and Standard Definition DVD Widescreen 2.

40:1 feature Presentation Audio: 7. 1 dts-hd english; 1. 0 dts-hd english, Italian; 1. 0 dolby digital french, french, spanish subtitles: english sdh, spanish, english for italian audio new! audio commentary with troy howarth, author of ''beyond terror: the films of lucio fulci'' new! paint me blood red: interview with poster artist enzo sciotti nyc locations then and now original theatrical trailer new! poster & still gallery bonus! the new york ripper: original motion picture soundtrack cd by francesco De Masi BONUS! Collectable Booklet with new essay by Travis Crawford BONUS! Lenticular 3D Slipcover First Pressing Only BLU-RAY + DVD + CD Special Features May Not Be Rated, Author of ''Splintered Visions: Lucio Fulci and His Films'' NEW! The Art Of Killing: Interview with Co-Writer DardanoSacchetti NEW! Three Fingers Of Violence: Interview with Star Howard Ross NEW! The Second Victim: Interview with Co-Star Cinzia de Ponti NEW! The Broken Bottle Murder: Interview with Co-Star Zora Kerova ''I'm an Actress!'': 2009 Interview with Co-Star Zora Kerova NEW! The Beauty Killer: Interview with Stephen Thrower, Closed Captioned Or In High Definition.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

For a Few Dollars More Special Edition Blu-ray

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Special features:-brand new 2018 4k restoration -new audio commentary by film historian tim lucas -new on location in almería and granada with filmmaker alex cox -audio commentary by film historian sir christopher frayling -fafdm: the christopher frayling archives -a new standard: frayling on FAFDM -Back for More: Clint Eastwood Remembers FAFDM -Tre Voci: FAFDM | FAFDM: The Original American Release Version -Location Comparisons -NEW TRAILERS FROM HELL with Ernest Dickerson -NEW Promoting FAFDM: Posters & Lobby Cards -NEW FAFDM: On the Set -NEW FAFDM: Color Stills -NEW FOR A FEW Pictures MORE -Newly Restored 2.

0 stereo / Original 2. 0 mono / 5. 1 surround -12 radio spots -restored ua logo -double bill trailer -fafdm trailer 1 -fafdm trailer 2 -a fistful of dollars – Trailer -The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Trailer -A Fistful of Dynamite – Trailer -Death Rides a Horse – Trailer -The Mercenary - Trailer Shrink-wrapped.

But all is not as it seems in this hard-hitting second installment of Sergio Leone’s The Good, the Bad and the Ugly trilogy starring Eastwood as the famed “Man with No Name. Music by legendary composer ennio morricone a fistful of dynamite, the mercenary with a stellar cast that includes spaghetti western legends Mario Brega A Fistful of Dollars, Luigi Pistilli Death Rides a Horse, Aldo Sambrell Navajo Joe and Klaus Kinski The Great Silence.

Shrink-wrapped. Brand new 4k restoration! screen legends clint eastwood thunderbolt and lightfoot and Lee Van Cleef Sabata co-star as two rival bounty hunters who join forces to bring murderous bandit El Indio Gian Maria Volontè, Face to Face and his vicious gang of criminals to justice. Bullet Pen.

The Specialists Special Edition aka Gli Specialisti Blu-ray

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. From sergio corbucci, détective, the legendary director of django, Companeros and The Mercenary comes this thrilling spaghetti western starring French music and film great Johnny Hallyday The Man on the Train, Navajo Joe, The Great Silence, Vengeance. As hud seeks revenge, he starts to discover the truth behind the stolen loot, a corrupt businessman and a one-armed Mexican bandit, and has to contend with an idealistic sheriff, a beautiful and seductive female banker, who was once his friend.

Bullet Pen. Gastone moschin the conformist, caliber 9 and françoise fabian belle de Jour, My Night at Maud’s co-star in this fully restored adventure-yarn gorgeously shot by Dario Di Palma The Seduction of Mimi, The Oldest Profession. Special features:-brand new 4k restoration -new audio commentary by Filmmaker Alex Cox -Includes Both French and Italian Audio with Optional English Subtitles -Dual-Layered BD50 Disc -Theatrical Trailer Shrink-wrapped.

Notorious gunfighter hud dixon Hallyday arrives in Blackstone, a town where his brother was wrongfully accused of robbing a bank and lynched for it.

Kill Them All and Come Back Alone Special Edition aka Ammazzali Tutti E Torna Solo Blu-ray

In 1864, mercenary clyde mckay connors leads a squad of tough-as-nails cutthroats on a mission for the Confederate high command to infiltrate an enemy fortress and steal millions in gold from the Union Army. Shrink-wrapped. Castellari, the legendary director of street law, the big racket, Keoma and The Inglorious Bastards comes this action-packed spaghetti western starring screen and television great Chuck Connors The Big Country, TV’s The Rifleman and Branded.

Shrink-wrapped. From Enzo G. Frank wolff the great silence, once upon a time in the West and Franco Citti Accattone, The Decameron co-star in this fully restored, first-rate tale of betrayal and revenge. Special features:-brand new 4k restoration -new audio commentary by filmmaker Alex Cox -Includes Both the English and Italian Cuts -Optional English Subtitles -Dual-Layered BD50 Disc -Theatrical Trailer Shrink-wrapped.

Unfortunately, the crew he has assembled to pull off the heist is even less trustworthy than he is—and they all end up double-crossing each other. Bullet Pen. Shrink-wrapped.

Cannibal Apocalypse - aka Cannibal in the Streets | Invasion of the Flesh Hunters Blu-ray

Bullet Pen. The horrors of war take on a whole new meaning for vietnam vet norman hopper John Saxon, whose quiet domestic life in Atlanta is shattered by the return of Charlie Bukowski, Evil Eye, Queen of Blood, Nightmare Beach, a combat buddy who dredges up terrifying flashbacks of flesh eating and bloodshed in the war-torn jungles.

Soon the ragtag team of cannibals are fighting for their lives, spreading a deadly contagion through the city before heading into the sewers for a gut-wrenching climax no one will soon forget! One of the most infamous Italian horror films of all time, Cannibal Apocalypse was heavily censored in many countries where it played under such titles as Cannibals in the Streets and Invasion of the Flesh Hunters.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Now on the run from the law after taking a bite out of an unwilling victim, Report to the Commissioner, Tom Tony King, Charlie begs Norman to help him get out of town with another fellow veteran, The Raiders of Atlantis. Opening sequence  -optional English Subtitles  -Dual-Layered BD50 Disc Shrink-wrapped.

Now you can finally experience this thrilling collision of action-packed combat and monstrous horror from cult director antonio margheriti the long hair of death, take a hard ride, castle of blood, killer fish in its original gory splendor for the first time in fully restored hd! not for the faint of heart or those with full stomachs!  Special Features:  -BRAND NEW 4K RESTORATION  -NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian Tim Lucas  -CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE REDUX: Documentary Featuring John Saxon, John Morghen Giovanni Lombardo Radice and director Antonio Margheriti  -CANNIBAL KING: NEW Interview with Actor Tony King  -APOCALYPSE IN THE STREETS: A Video Tour of Filming Locations  -European Theatrical Trailer  -Japanese Teaser  -Alternate U.


The Hellbenders Special Edition aka I Crudeli aka The Cruel Ones Blu-ray

Norma bengell planet of the vampires, aldo sambrell for a few Dollars More and Al Mulock The Good, the Bad and the Ugly co-star in this fully restored western shocker—also known as The Cruel Ones. Featuring a classic score by renowned composer Ennio Morricone A Fistful of Dollars, The Hateful Eight and beautiful photography by celebrated cinematographer Enzo Barboni Man of the East, Nightmare Castle.

Special features:-brand new 4k restoration -new audio commentary by Filmmaker Alex Cox -Optional English Subtitles -Dual-Layered BD50 Disc -Theatrical Trailer Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Bullet Pen. Shrink-wrapped. But before the hell-bent clan can re-ignite the Civil War, they’ll have to smuggle a coffin crammed with the stolen loot across a frontier inflamed by lust, violence and extreme vengeance.

From sergio corbucci, duel in the sun, the great silence and the mercenary comes this classic spaghetti western starring screen icon Joseph Cotten The Third Man, the legendary director of Django, Navajo Joe, in order to finance an invasion of the North, Portrait of Jennie as the fanatical patriarch of a family of ex-Confederate killers who, massacres a Union Army convoy carrying a large shipment of money.


The House By The Cemetery 3-Disc Limited Edition Blu-ray

But this is no ordinary house in the country: the previous owner was the deranged Dr. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Bullet Pen. Freudstein interview with stephen thrower, author of beyond terror: the films of lucio fulci BONUS! HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD by Walter Rizzati BONUS! Collectable Booklet with new essay by Michael Gingold Shrink-wrapped.

Catriona maccoll the beyond, ania pieroni tenebre, and dagmar lassander hatchet for the honeymoon star in this outrageous italian shocker from 'the Godfather of Gore', Paolo Malco THE NEW YORK RIPPER, Carlo De Mejo CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, Lucio Fulci ZOMBIE. Freudstein, whose monstrous human experiments have left a legacy of bloody mayhem.

You may have just mortgaged your life! A young family moves from their cramped New York City apartment to a spacious new home in New England. Blue underground is now proud to present the house by the cemetery in a new 4k restoration from the original uncut and uncensored camera negative, fully loaded with exclusive new and archival Extras! SPECIAL FEATURES: WORLD PREMIERE! New 4K Restoration from the uncensored original camera negative High Definition Blu-ray 1080p Widescreen 2.

40:1 feature Presentation Audio: 5. 1 dts-hd english; 1. 0 dts-hd english; 1. 0 dts-hd italian subtitles: english sdh, special effects artist gino de rossi, english for italian audio new! audio commentary with troy howarth, french, author of splintered visions: lucio fulci and his films deleted scene theatrical trailers tv spot poster & still galleries meet the boyles Interviews with Stars Catriona MacColl and Paolo Malco Children of the Night Interviews with Stars Giovanni Frezza and Silvia Collatina Tales of Laura Gittleson Interview with Star Dagmar Lassander My Time With Terror Interview with Star Carlo De Mejo A Haunted House Story Interviews with Co-Writers Dardano Sacchetti and Elisa Briganti To Build a Better Death Trap Interviews with Cinematographer Sergio Salvati, Special Make-Up Effects Artist Maurizio Trani, Spanish, and Actor Giovanni De Nava NEW! House Quake Interview with Co-Writer Giorgio Mariuzzo NEW! Catriona MacColl Q&A NEW! Calling Dr.