The Glue Guy: The Zoo Crew Series Book 4

What started as a simple case of arson soon begins to stretch back a decade in length, encompassing land deals gone bad, deep personal ideologies, and activism taken to its ugly extreme. Deep in the heart of winter, things are beginning to shift for the Zoo Crew. And emily, drake's former college flame, is back in town looking to make him an offer that could alter everything moving forward.

A hundred miles east of missoula, just outside of Butte, the mansion of reclusive billionaire Wes Koenig is burned to the ground. Drake bell is wrapping up his last days in law school and preparing to take the bar exam. A radical new accelerant is used to reduce the place to rubble in a fraction of expected time, leaving local law enforcement stumped and heightening the impetus to apprehend whoever is responsible.

Working under the constraints of expectations and growing unrest, a much deep story unfolds than anybody anticipated. Kade keuhl has finally relented and agreed to apply for his private investigator’s license. The ski lift at the local Snow Plaza has grounded everybody from hitting the slopes.

A Thriller: A Zoo Crew Novel Zoo Crew series Book 3 - Tracer

Upon finding out his father has just days to live, he is granted a compassionate discharge and returns home to Hamilton, Montana to say goodbye and take over the family business. Veterans in the area bristle at the treatment, threatening to lash back at any time. Just days into his tenure at the helm of the WB Ranch, he appears at the front door of an Agriculture Commission meeting carrying a rifle and fires two perfect shots before being taking three rounds himself.

While lukas sits in hamilton Memorial Hospital in a medical-induced coma, a frenzy wages on outside. Townspeople claim they no longer feel safe on the streets of Hamilton. With just days remaining before lukas wakes and is hauled off to prison for the rest of his life, a call is made to budding attorney Drake Bell for assistance.

Local law enforcement and prosecutors parade in front of the cameras, blaming the actions on a maladjusted serviceman, using the incident to bolster their own standing. Two weeks ago, lukas Webb was an Army sniper on the front lines in Afghanistan. Employing the help of his friends the Zoo Crew, he begins a maddening search for the real reason behind the shooting, something he suspects resonates much closer to home.


A Thriller: A Zoo Crew Novel Zoo Crew series Book 2 - Dead Peasants

Joined by his partner ava, and his loyal friends the Zoo Crew, Drake must attempt to make sense of the case Alice presents him. Things are dire, and if a financial windfall doesn’t arrive soon, their doors will close. Across town, a woman grieves her recently deceased husband. Policies known in the corporate world as Dead Peasants….

A quarter million dollar life insurance policy she never knew existed. Sitting alone at her kitchen table trying to put her life back in order, a call arrives asking where his quarter million dollar life insurance policy should be sent. Answering the phone on the other end of her call for help is Drake Bell, third year law student at the University of Montana.

Bargain mart, long a fixture in the Missoula economic structure has fallen on hard times. A case that only grows more complex as people continue to pass in Missoula, all with ties to Bargain Mart, all with large life insurance policies attached to them.

Moonblink: A Zoo Crew Novel

Within days he finds himself on a quest that is part medical mystery and part history lesson, trying in earnest to understand the condition afflicting his patient and what it means for the situation she now finds herself in. Again armed with the myriad skills of the crew, involving some of the oldest wealth and industry in the state, he begins to uncover a trail that stretches back more than 100 years, and those that would do anything to continue protecting it.

His first case to walk through the door is in defense of a young woman that was the driver in an accident that left a young cyclist in the hospital. She accepts her guilt, but something about her story strikes a chord with Drake, causing him to dig a little deeper. What starts as an attempt to shield the young woman from the misguided crusade of a prosecutor serving ulterior motives soon begins to shift, taking things in a direction that Drake never could have anticipated.

. Things are beginning to evolve for the Zoo Crew. Drake bell has passed the bar exam, accepted a new position, and begun a new phase of his legal career.

The Zoo Crew - A Thriller Zoo Crew series Book 1

Kade, a forest firefighter that spends half his year roaming the blazing countryside, the other half perusing the local nightlife. Sage, registered nurse and proverbial mother hen for the group. At the helm is drake Bell, displaced Southerner and third year law student. A random assortment of individuals that came together in western Montana out of circumstance, stayed together by choice.

What was supposed to have been a simple surrogacy agreement has gone tragically wrong. Among them are Ajax, a gaming genius far from his native Boston. Young girls like her are coming up missing or even worse. The zoo Crew. Armed only with his own trepidations and the loyalty of those around him, Drake must find a way to save his friend and his own growing skepticism before it’s too late.

Until an old friend comes to find him that is. Eight months pregnant and closing fast on her due date, the girl is scared. Fresh off a summer spent interning in legal hell, he is only mildly certain he even wants to continue down the path he’s on. She’s on the run and has nobody else to turn to. If everything the girl is saying is true, some of the largest players in the Missoula community are involved.


HAM: A Suspense Thriller

Realizing what she was doing would likely end in her death, she severed all ties, disappearing across international borders. Her retirement ended abruptly with a single message. From local gang affiliates to the Los Angeles Police Department, everybody seems to be involved in something, all of it somehow leading back to a woman.

A woman relying entirely on Ham to get her through…. The world moved on, evolving in ways she would have never imagined. Three years ago, ham retired to a quiet life in the remote desert of Northern Mexico. The sole person in the world ham feels the least bit of loyalty to is in trouble, in need not only of Ham but of the very skills that put her into hiding.

Acting against every ingrained maxim, and ignoring the myriad warning signs popping up along the way, Ham returns north to find a great deal has changed in her time away.

Catastrophic: A Thriller

Laszlo, an ohio tech alum himself just a year removed from law school, has his own score to settle with SynTronic, an incident occuring years before with repercussions far greater than the loss of a limb. Together, they will go into the biggest case Ohio has ever seen. College phenom running back Tyler Bentley is the ultimate success story.

Everything they promise comes true up until the product malfunctions, costing Tyler his career and his leg. Now, leaning on the help of his one-time teacher Shane Laszlo, Tyler must take his battle from the gridiron to the courtroom. The son of a single mother from a wayward stretch of highway in Western Wyoming, MVP of the Centennial Bowl, he heads to Midwestern football powerhouse Ohio Tech and becomes a star, runner-up to the Heisman Trophy.

He is also the ultimate fall from grace story when a freak play occurs, leaving his knee shattered. Seeing an opportunity, the syntronic medical corporation convinces Tyler to use their newly-designed KnightRunner knee replacement, promising him that he'll be back on the field long before the upcoming season.


Motive: A Thriller

Still battling her own demons from an investigation that resulted in the death of her partner, Kalani is forced back into action, pulled into a life she isn’t certain she still wants to be a part of, a family friend that was once a military policeman and now a full-time surfer as her only support. Inch by inch they work their way through the investigation, navigating mounting crime scenes and intense bureaucratic pressures as the election looms ever closer, the killer growing more emboldened by the day…REVISED EDITION: PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED UNDER THE SAME TITLE, THIS EDITION INCLUDES EDITORIAL REVISIONS.

Just months before hawaii's gubernatorial primary election, a body is found on the floor of the open air capitol, a macabre scene specifically manipulated to draw attention to a sitting governor with waning political support. Frantic, he calls on the honolulu chief of police Walter Tseng, demanding that the perpetrator be brought to justice as swiftly and silently as possible, fearful a scandal might destroy whatever chance he still has at gaining re-election.

Blackmailed into complicity and unable to draw from his active force, Tseng calls in Kalani Lewis, a young detective three months off the job.

Four: A Thriller

He is the clean-up man of the contract killing world. If a contract goes awry, a target gets away or somebody is seen, he's the man that's called to control the situation. Ruthless, efficient and believed by some to be little more than a myth, Number Four is the kind of man nobody ever wants to have to use twice.

He's known to his employers as Number Four because he operates by four concrete rules at all times. Ten years before theo Mavetti, head of an independent crime syndicate in Boston employed Number Four. He's known by reputation as Number Four because he's the clean-up man, just like the fourth batter in a baseball lineup.

Dern beckett, an intense and rugged man from the mountains of Wyoming, leads the investigation and begins unraveling the connections that reach from offices on Capital Hill to billion dollar industries to the most prestigious academic institutions in the world. Number four focuses on the three different sides and the high stakes game of cat-and-mouse each must play.

. Now a new situation has presented itself and as it begins to close in on Mavetti and his way of life, he has no choice but to again make the call. Trying to save a few dollars Mavetti crossed Number Four and very nearly lost his family for it. Number four is the story of a man simply known as Number Four.

As high ranking officials and public personas begin turning up the victims of perfect crimes, the Boston Police press harder and harder on the case.

Twelve: A Suspense Thriller

In a span of just two days, the paths of three complete strangers are forced together in a way none of them could have foreseen or even thought possible. Two days ago, eric Winston was about to be a made man. An international conglomerate of businessmen and government officials that come together to form one of the largest drug rings in existence.

Everything was in order, until a competitor had to back out. Two days ago, will honeycutt was an anonymous Portland firefighter, doing his best to provide for his young family. Now, accompanied by local surgeon and brother Heath, Will sets off to begrudgingly attend a banquet in his honor. Two days ago, fbi special agent Mike Manus was doggedly working the case that had killed his father nearly three decades before.

. When the St. Operating as the head of a joint task force with the Portland FBI and the marines, Manus will do everything he can to avenge multiple fallen agents and to finally put his own long-tormented conscience to rest. Twelve is a tale that effectively melds the three seemingly unconnected worlds of Winston, Honeycutt and Manus.

Winston’s final task before being officially brought on board? Host a one-night, winner-take-all event featuring the best underground fighters in the world. When a call comes in that could finally unlock the puzzle he’s been trying to solve his entire career, he boards a plane in pursuit of what he hopes will finally be absolution.

Just A Game

Huntsville, ohio is the kind of place young boys dream of growing up. As the starting quarterback for the Hornets, he has dated the head cheerleader, been greeted by name everywhere he went and served as the visible leader of the community as a whole. Now, faced with his final game, Clay is forced to actually make peace with the impending conclusion of it all.

. In doing so, he slowly starts to realize that what he was doing all those years was far greater than just playing quarterback and that the impact football has had on himself, his family, and his community is far greater than being just a game. A small town where football players are the top of the social hierarchy and heroes are held in high esteem long after their final game is played.

For the past three years, Clay Hendricks has realized that dream unlike few others.