The Farlex Idioms and Slang Dictionary: The Most Complete Collection of Idioms and Slang in the English Language

Idioms are expressions that cannot be understood from their individual words alone, and phrasal verbs, plus slang words, phrases, and the English language is full of them—and so is this dictionary: 17, 000+ English idiom examples, all compiled by the language experts at Farlex International and TheFreeDictionary.

Com, the award-winning reference site with 1 billion+ annual visits. That's thousands more idioms than other popular idioms dictionaries, plus thousands of examples of idioms used in real life: every definition also includes up to three example sentences to show exactly how the phrase is used by native speakers in everyday conversation.

The farlex idioms and slang dictionary features idioms and phrases from across the english-speaking world, including American slang, British slang, and Irish slang, plus:Internet slangAbbreviationsProverbsRegional expressionsAnd more!It's more than just a list of idioms: get details about the origin and history of both common idioms and rare ones, Australian slang, including in which countries they're used most.

This is the essential idioms dictionary if you want to talk like a native speaker—or just find out more about the colorful phrases you hear and say every day. The essential guide to english idioms and slang, from Farlex International, the language experts behind the popular and award-winning TheFreeDictionary.

Com. Farlex brings its reputation for comprehensive and authoritative reference products to the most complete collection of idioms and slang from across the English language. Inside you'll find more than 17, 000 idioms, slang terms, and phrasal verbs, all defined in plain language and with bonus example sentences to show how they're used in real life by native speakers.

Complete English Spelling and Pronunciation Rules: Simple Ways to Spell and Speak Correctly The Farlex Grammar Book Book 3

Plus:correct and incorrect examples displayed side-by-side. Quizzes after every lesson. Simple tips and tricks to avoid the most commonly misspelled words and pronunciation mistakes. Get complete english Spelling and Pronunciation Rules and instantly start spelling and speaking with confidence. Did you know that more than half of the letters in the alphabet can be silent? With all the oddities of the English language, it's no surprise that the top two Google searches for "How do you.

. Are "how do you spell. And "how do you say. Are you one of the millions endlessly looking up correct spelling and pronunciation? End your confusion forever with Complete English Spelling and Pronunciation Rules, from the language experts at Farlex International, publishers of Complete English Grammar Rules and creators of TheFreeDictionary.

Com, the trusted reference destination with 1 billion+ annual visits. Forget about memorizing the hundreds of thousands of words in the English language--get the only spelling and pronunciation guide that gives you all the tools you need to tackle even the hardest words to spell and say. Go beyond "i before e except after C" and get all the rules and exceptions, all in one place, all explained in plain English.

Complete English Punctuation Rules: Perfect Your Punctuation and Instantly Improve Your Writing The Farlex Grammar Book Book 2

With punctuation worksheets for every topic and side-by-side examples of the right and wrong way to punctuate, you'll quickly learn:Where to use commasWhen to use a semicolon and when not toWhether to place punctuation inside or outside quotation marksHow to properly form possessives and pluralsAnd everything you need to punctuate confidently!Stop guessing about proper punctuation.

Instantly improve your writing with Complete English Punctuation Rules. Why is punctuation so confusing? it doesn't need to be! end "punctuation anxiety" forever with Complete English Punctuation Rules, from the language experts at Farlex International, publishers of Complete English Grammar Rules and creators of TheFreeDictionary.

Com, the trusted reference destination with 1 billion+ annual visits. Imagine how many you use in your everyday writing. Are you sure you're using them all correctly?Now is the time to stop making embarrassing errors and master correct punctuation once and for all. Did you notice? ten—make that eleven—different punctuation marks have been used in this description already.

Get the only punctuation guide with simple, easy-to-remember rules for all punctuation marks: periods; commas; semicolons; colons; question marks; exclamation points; apostrophes; quotation marks; hyphens; dashes; parentheses; and more even lesser-known symbols.

Complete English Grammar Rules: Examples, Exceptions, Exercises, and Everything You Need to Master Proper Grammar The Farlex Grammar Book Book 1

Finally, all the rules of English grammar in one comprehensive book, explained in simple terms. The grammar book for the 21st century has arrived, from the language experts at Farlex International and TheFreeDictionary. Com, the trusted reference destination with 1 billion+ annual visits. Only complete english grammar rules gives you key exceptions, common grammar mistakes, thousands of real-world examples, and hundreds of grammar quizzes designed to help you retain what you've learned.

With complete english grammar rules, you'll be able to: • Quickly master basic English grammar and tackle more advanced topics. Properly use every type of noun, verb, and even the most obscure grammar elements. Master verb tenses, including irregular verbs and exceptions. Avoid embarrassing grammar errors.

Immediately put your skills into action! Become a more effective writer and communicator in school, at work, and in everyday conversation. Don't rely on multiple incomplete textbooks that contradict each other—fill in all the gaps in your grammar knowledge with one go-to guide. Over 500 pages of proper grammar instruction—2x more than the leading grammar book! Whether you're an expert or a beginner, there's always something new to learn when it comes to the always-evolving English language.

Farlex brings you the most comprehensive grammar guide yet: all the rules of English grammar, explained in simple, easy-to-understand terms.


Master the most important phrasal verbs and idioms you need to communicate naturally in English. Key features:•target language is presented in everyday and business contexts•full-sentence dictionary definitions with example sentences•A range of stimulating exercises and quizzes•Optimized eBook edition with cross-linked quiz questions and answers •Flashcards in eBook form•Especially useful to TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS test takers•Ideal for self-study or in the classroom.


Word Order in English Sentences

With his engaging style, phil Williams takes you beyond the basics, making flexible and advanced English accessible to all - try it today. A complete foundation in word order and sentence structure for the English language, Word Order in English Sentences can be used both for reference and as a full self-study guide.

From basic rules through to the many considerations of adverbial phrases, with exercises in between, prepositions and complex sentences, this grammar guide contains everything you need for a strong understanding of how sentences are put together.1 bestseller - grammar#1 bestseller - english as a foreign language#1 bestseller - toefl & toeicwant to know what subject-verb-object REALLY means? Unsure about where to place your adverbs? Need to rearrange sentences confidently? This is the book for you.

The rules and patterns for forming and reforming phrases and sentences are all presented with easy-to-follow explanations, clear examples and exercises to test understanding.

Building Better Sentences

The second part which contain unit 3 to 6 elaborate the structures of the sentences and the common patterns of the sentences — the way in which sentence elements are arranged to form sentences. The book features three important parts. The last part highlights the common errors which might occur while writing sentences and how to fix those errors.

. The first part which include unit 1 and 2 explain what the sentences are, their types, and what they are made of — the elements of sentences. The book is a simple guide for writers at sentence level.

Advanced Writing Skills For Students of English

Through discussing a wide range of topics, Phil Williams presents a series of tips for better writing with a focus on analysing the grammatical rules and reasoning behind each. This guide also looks, in brief, at the considerations required for specific areas of writing. Writing is a skill that takes time and personal practice to master, and Phil Williams’ latest language guide is a simply-presented aide to start you on that journey today.

Want to know how to write better in english?how do you make your message clear and easy to understand? How do you vary your sentences and vocabulary to keep readers engaged? How do you use advanced language without being confusing?The answers to these questions and more can be found in Advanced Writing Skills for Students of English.


The English Tenses Practical Grammar Guide

The english tenses: practical Grammar Guide is ideal as either an accompaniment to core texts or as a full self-study guide. It introduces the reader to flexible uses of the English tenses, easy-to-follow explanations, with simple, colourful examples and enlightening comparisons. Take a look inside now to see how this book can help on your journey to mastering English grammar.

How do english speakers use two tenses to mean the same thing? why do the rules not always apply?if we can say “I cooked dinner” and “I have cooked dinner” in exactly the same situation, how do you choose? And when is it okay to say “I’m loving it”? This comprehensive guide to the usage patterns of all 12 aspects of the English language covers all the rules and grammatical forms.

Quickly discover the many uses of the English tenses.

The Farlex Financial Dictionary: Business and Investing Terms Explained

Cut through the jargon and better understand complicated financial and business terms with clear, in-depth definitions backed by industry expertise. The farlex financial dictionary gives you valuable information you won't find anywhere else, 000+ entries covering both basic and advanced concepts—nearly 4X more than the leading financial dictionary!With this one comprehensive guide, or business student, investor, including 19, including:InvestingMoney managementFinancial analysisTaxesInternational businessAnd much more!Whether you're a financial professional, you'll get easy-to-understand explanations of terms across all aspects of the world of finance, get the knowledge that will set you apart and help you become more effective in business and investing.

Build your business vocabulary with The Farlex Financial Dictionary and start defining your success. The essential guide to finance and business terms, from Farlex International, the reference experts behind the popular and award-winning TheFreeDictionary. Com. With the farlex financial dictionary, farlex brings its reputation for comprehensive and authoritative reference products to a financial and business dictionary designed to help you navigate the complex world of finance with confidence.

Inside you'll find more than 19, 000 terms covering all areas of finance and business, all clearly defined with expert financial knowledge. To succeed in business and investing, you need to understand the terms. Navigate today's complex financial world with the essential financial and business dictionary from the reference experts at Farlex International and TheFreeDictionary.

Com, the trusted reference authority with 1 billion+ annual visits.

650+ English Phrases for Everyday Speaking: Phrases for Beginner and Intermediate English Learners

This book is for beginning and intermediate students of the English language ESL or EFLIn addition to helpful phrases most sections have links to videos and educational posts about that topic. Stop struggling to speak English. Are you learning english and struggle to talk or say the right thing? Do you have trouble thinking of the correct English phrases to say in everyday situations? Do you get confused on how to form sentences in English correctly?Learning English can be difficult and many people get nervous when learning to speak.

It shouldn't be hard. You will be able to learn more phrases and information about the topics that most interest your or that you need the most help with in the additional resources section. Download this book now and start learning and using phrases to help you better communicate in English today. This book was designed to give you helpful phrases about forty 40 common everyday topics such as: work, food, directions, asking questions, agreeing, and many more.