The Enduring Ark

Provocative" — the horn book Magazine"This beautifully designed and intelligently produced retelling of the flood expands the bounds of bookmaking. Shelf awarenessin this indian version of the Biblical tale, talented Bengali Patua scroll painter Joydeb Chitrakar leads the reader from a deluge of water to a rainbow of hope.

A glorious example of storytelling’s universality. Publishers weekly starred review"An arresting first image—God’s huge, baleful eye—is the visual source of all that follows. A book that can be leafed through in the traditional way or unfolded out as an accordion, the vibrant illustrations and concise text provide a singular approach to an ancient, universal story.

Suitable for children ages 6+. Us grade level equivalent: 3, US Guided Reading Level: O The enduring Ark. The book’s innovative accordion design illustrated in the Bengal Patua style of scroll painting is just one of the sumptuous design elements that distinguish it as a remarkable offering. A gorgeous re-envisioning of an old, old story.

Kirkus reviews starred review"this striking version is illustrated by Joydeb Chitrakar in a Bengali style of scroll painting—with rich colors, strong black lines. The wall street journal"the stunning illustrations—which really constitute one continual image—reflect an openhearted, instantly accessible folk art aesthetic.

Tree Matters

To them, creatures that inhabit them, the natural world — of trees, and the forest of which they are a part — is not ‘out there’, but rather exists in a seamless relationship to their home and the everyday. Gangubai, bhil artist, illness, medicine, festivals, explores this relationship through her memories of food, work, and much more.

. Tree Matters. Illustrated in vivid and cheerful colors, and lines and shapes that encompass and hold all living creatures, the paintings in this book foreground a universe of brightly colored dots, including human beings. Her tales center around trees, and so each of her memories has a tree as its focus.

The bhil people of Central India are amongst the oldest indigenous communities in India.

Alone in the Forest

It is the first time he has ventured out alone. Artwork by the talented bhajju shyam, the celebrated Gond folk artist from India, whose previous books include The Night Life of Trees and That's How I See Things. Us grade level equivalent: 1, US Guided Reading Level: I Tree Matters. Used book in Good Condition.

Suddenly he hears a loud noise and becomes very afraid. A simple, satisfying story, much enriched by its cultural grounding and handsome art. Horn book magazine"this exquisite piece of storytelling speaks both to our crippling fear of the unfamiliar and our ability to transcend it and emerge somehow enriched by that experience.

Brain pickingsone day Musa sets off from his village to collect firewood. Was the sound a wild boar? a whole herd of wild boars? Or something even worse?Typography, contemporary tribal artwork, book design, and narrative merge in this powerful yet sensitive visual story for children about fear. The terrifying experience of being alone in the woods is rendered through the eyes of a young Indian boy.

A familiar story arc conveyed through traditional art captivates with its freshness and originality. Starred review, kirkus Reviews"Shyam’s stylized, boldly outlined forms brim with energy.

That's How I See Things

Until one day, he starts to paint an extraordinary set of ani-mals who don’t seem to appreciate just how fantastic they are. Bhajju shyam, the renowned gond tribal artist from India, illustrates this humorous and profound tale about the power of art and the imagination. People say his pictures look like nothing they know, but that doesn’t bother him.

Tree Matters. Siena baba is a happy artist with a strange way of seeing the world—and an even stranger way of painting it. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.