The Autopilot Garden: A Guide to Hands-off Gardening

Instead of slaving away year after year, work smarter not harder by strategizing to help your garden become self-sufficient. Learn to break down traditional thinking and implement systems that will save time, water, hassle, weeding, and space wherever you live. Train your garden to practically grow itself with this new guide from YouTube gardening sensations Luke and Sindy Marion, founders of MIGardener.

Create an organic garden that allows you to enjoy the rest of the season on autopilot.

NEW Solutions - All New Square Foot Gardening, 3rd Edition, Fully Updated: MORE Projects - GROW Vegetables Anywhere

With over 150 new photos and illustrations, this new edition makes it easier than ever to achieve nearly-foolproof results in virtually any situation: 100% of the produce; 20% of the water; 5% of the work. Since square foot gardening was first introduced in 1981, the revolutionary new way to garden developed by Mel Bartholomew has helped millions of home gardeners grow more fresh produce in less space and with less work.

. Perfect for experienced square-foot-gardeners or beginners, the original method created by Mel has not changed in any significant way with this new 3rd edition of All New Square Foot Gardening. In all new square food gardening, 3rd edition, the best-selling gardening book in North America is re-launched and updated for the next generation of gardeners and beyond.

Now, needs, based largely on the input and experience of these millions, the system has been even further refined and improved to fully meet today's changing resources, and challenges. It remains: build a box; fill it with Mel's Mix; add a grid. But along with the classic steps, you will find some interesting and compelling new information, such as:Adding trellises and archwaysSubstituting with new materialsAdding automatic watering systems"Thinking Outside the Box" with creative configurations and shapesSquare Foot Gardening in dense urban areas with little or no yardSquare Foot Gardening with kidsCrop protectionDon't wait another season to try Mel's brilliant approach to gardening! We're sure it will work for you and you won't look back.


Barebones Living Classic Walnut Hori-Hori by

Rich and durable walnut handle. Full, stainless steel tang. Equipped with a heat-tempered, and comfortable walnut handle, twine cutter, hollowback blade, full stainless steel tang, the Hori Hori Classic is the ultimate gardening tool you can use for a lifetime. Move from digging to planting to harvesting seamlessly with the Hori Hori Classic.

. Vintage-inspired Japanese design. Heat-tempered 6 ¾" blade with twine cutter. Concave Blade.

The Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener's Handbook: Make the Most of Your Growing Season

Enjoy a bountiful harvest with this organized and stress-free approach to gardening. Vintage-inspired Japanese design. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener determined to increase crop yields or starting your very first vegetable garden, the Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook will help you manage your schedule and prioritize what’s important.

Rich and durable walnut handle. Concave Blade. Detailed weekly to-do lists break gardening down into simple and manageable tasks so that you always know what needs to be done and when to do it, from starting seeds and planting strawberries to checking for tomato hornworms and harvesting carrots. Full, stainless steel tang.

Heat-tempered 6 ¾" blade with twine cutter.

No Dig Organic Home & Garden: Grow, Cook, Use, and Store Your Harvest

Vintage-inspired Japanese design. Stephanie, grows in her small, productive home garden and allotment, a kitchen gardener, and creates no dig gardens for restaurants and private estates. Concave Blade. She also explains how to use common plants you can grow and forage for to make handmade preparations for the home and garden.

No dig experts charles dowding and stephanie hafferty, explain how to set up a no dig garden, including how to: • Make compost and enrich soil • Learn skills you need to sow and grow annual and perennial veg • Harvest and prepare food year round • Make natural cosmetics, cleaning products, and garden preparations The no dig approach works as well in small spaces as in large gardens.

Winner of the garden media guild uk practical Book of the Year Award for 2017 No dig organic gardening saves time and work. Permanent Publications. Heat-tempered 6 ¾" blade with twine cutter. An acknowledged expert in no dig and author of a half-dozen books on the subject, Charles’ advice is distilled from 35 years of growing vegetables intensively and efficiently.

She creates delicious seasonal recipes made from the vegetables anyone can grow. It requires an annual dressing of compost to help accelerate the improvement in soil structure and leads to higher fertility and less weeds. The authors’ combined experience covers methods of growing, preparing and storing the plants you grow for many uses, and includes recipes and ideas for increasing self-reliance, and enjoying the pleasure of growing your own food, saving money, living sustainably, year round.

Full, stainless steel tang.

The Prairie Homestead Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Heritage Cooking in Any Kitchen

Jill teaches people how to make delicious traditional American comfort food recipes with whole ingredients and shows that you don’t have to use obscure items to enjoy this lifestyle. Permanent Publications. And as a busy mother of three, Jill knows how to make recipes easy and delicious for all ages. Jill takes you on an insightful and delicious journey of becoming a homesteader.

Beyond these recipes, the prairie homestead cookbook shares the tools and tips Jill has learned from life on the homestead, like how to churn your own butter, feed a family on a budget, and experience all the fulfilling satisfaction of a DIY lifestyle. It is packed full of exciting and mouth-watering recipes and heartwarming stories of her unique adventure into homesteading.

These recipes are ones I know I will be using regularly in my kitchen. Eve kilcherthese 109 recipes include her family’s favorites, with maple-glazed pork chops, butternut Alfredo pasta, and browned butter skillet corn. Heat-tempered 6 ¾" blade with twine cutter. Rich and durable walnut handle. Concave Blade.

Jill winger, introduces her debut the prairie homestead cookbook, creator of the award-winning blog The Prairie Homestead, including 100+ delicious, wholesome recipes made with fresh ingredients to bring the flavors and spirit of homestead cooking to any kitchen table. With a foreword by bestselling author Joel SalatinThe Pioneer Woman Cooks meets 100 Days of Real Food, on the Wyoming prairie.

Organic Gardening for Everyone: Homegrown Vegetables Made Easy No Experience Required

Vintage-inspired Japanese design. If you want to grow healthy vegetables at home, but have hesitated because it seems too hard and time consuming, Organic Gardening for Everyone is your perfect hands-on guide—an “if I can do it, you can do it” case study that addresses your concerns and gets you started.

Loaded with practical advice and step-by-step guidance, Organic Gardening for Everyone takes a very personal and friendly approach to a subject that can be intimidating. Her expertise also grew, and now she answers many more questions than she asks and has become a very accomplished home gardener. Permanent Publications.

She provides complete step-by-step information on growing the most popular edibles organically, and also gives sound advice on how to take on the challenges of balancing a hectic lifestyle with successful growing—and how to involve the whole family in the process. You'll be rewarded for your effort every time you place a plate of natural, organic vegetables on the family dinner table knowing exactly what they are, what is in them, and where they came from.

And then she started planting. Rich and durable walnut handle. And calikim has a great story to tell: growing healthy organic vegetables for your family is not difficult, even for today’s time-challenged lifestyles. Heat-tempered 6 ¾" blade with twine cutter. It is a first-class primer on organic vegetable gardening, and an inspirational story about how anyone can balance the rigors of gardening with the demands of a modern, family-oriented lifestyle.

Field Guide to Urban Gardening: How to Grow Plants, No Matter Where You Live: Raised Beds - Balconies and Rooftops - Vertical Gardening - Indoor Edibles - Hydroponics

Permanent Publications. There is a plethora of urban gardening options to create beautiful, productive edible gardens no matter where you live. Heat-tempered 6 ¾" blade with twine cutter. Full, stainless steel tang. If you think it’s impossible to grow your own food because you don’t have a large yard or you live in the city…think again.

Concave Blade. Rich and durable walnut handle. Kevin helps you do just that. He also provides in-depth garden plans, from upcycled DIY projects and intensive hydroponic systems to beautiful and functional raised beds. This fact-packed book is your roadmap to get growing today. But he doesn’t stop there. The key to succeeding as an urban gardener is to choose the methods that make sense for your unique living situation and then give your plants what they need to thrive.

In field guide to urban gardening, offers tips on how to choose the right urban gardening method, author Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening shares the basics of growing plants, and troubleshoots the most common problems you’ll encounter. From jill winger, the creator of the award-winning blog "The Prairie".

Urban gardening is a real, growing, and important movement in today’s world. Urban gardening techniques featured include:Container GardeningRaised BedsIndoor EdiblesBalconies and RooftopsHydroponics Vintage-inspired Japanese design.

The Proven Winners Garden Book: Simple Plans, Picture-Perfect Plants, and Expert Advice for Creating a Gorgeous Garden

Heat-tempered 6 ¾" blade with twine cutter. The creative combinations include holiday themes, poolside ideas, solutions for shade and other concerns, and much more. Vintage-inspired Japanese design. Permanent Publications. Garden with the confidence of a winner! Proven Winners is America’s #1 plant brand.

Concave Blade. Rich and durable walnut handle. They include— a welcoming entrywaya butterfly and pollinator gardenA fragrant flower gardenA shady summertime retreatA deer-resistant garden' There are an additional twenty-five container recipes that add color and pizzazz to gardens of all sizes—even on balconies and patios.

Full, stainless steel tang. And now they are sharing their expert plant knowledge and creative design ideas in their first book,  The Proven Winners Garden Book. From jill winger, the creator of the award-winning blog "The Prairie". This definitive guide starts with lessons on how to prepare a space, tips on choosing the right design, and a primer on buying the right plants.

Twelve garden plans provide simple design ideas that will add curb appeal to your home garden.

Sow Perfect Seeder/Gardening Tool raw and pelleted Seed Vegetable and Flower

Made in usa, seeder consists of 3 handles and tray. Brand new on market. Has quickly become go to tool for home and market gardeners to quickly handle small seeds in gardens and trays. The savings of time and seed will pay for this seeder from the very first use. Make short work of hard to handle Brassicas or tiny seed like basil and thyme.

No other seeder on market like this. Fixes spacing and thinning at the same time. Concave Blade. No more one at a time seeding of trays. Permanent Publications. Heat-tempered 6 ¾" blade with twine cutter. Can be used with pelleted and unpelleted type seeds. Vintage-inspired Japanese design. No moving parts to break or corrode.

Rich and durable walnut handle. Place handle in center of serving tray, shift seed into divots, remove handle and sow seed, replace handle and repeat. Can be used on smallest portulaca to larger pea size seed. 12 different choices for seed size and spacing. Full, stainless steel tang.

Mastering the Art of Vegetable Gardening: Rare Varieties - Plant Lore & Guidance - Unusual Options

Permanent Publications. In truth, there are nearly a dozen varieties of artichoke that are suitable for home growing in just about any climate, and each has its own unique benefits and characteristics. Take artichokes for example: they are far from the most common edibles home growers choose, you'll be fortunate to find more than one seed option, but when and if you choose to grow artichokes, even at the better nurseries.

Mastering the art of vegetable Gardening is your "201" level course in cultivating produce. Expand your knowledge base and discover options that go beyond the ordinary! Prepare to encounter new varieties of common plant species, learn their history and benefits,  most of all, and, identify fascinating new edibles to grow in your own gardens.

Written by gardening expert matt mattus,  insight,  lore, alongside beautiful photography,  Mastering the Art of Vegetable Gardening offers a wealth of new and exciting opportunities, and humor that can only come from someone who has grown each vegetable himself and truly loves gardening. Rich and durable walnut handle.

In mastering the art of vegetable gardening, you will find 10 types of artichoke described in through, loving detail—along with helpful tips on where and how to acquire seeds for each. Concave Blade. Heat-tempered 6 ¾" blade with twine cutter. Full, stainless steel tang. And artichokes are just one item in this field-tested garden basket.