“Teeny”: Professional Wrestling’s Grand Dame

If they followed her rules, christine "Teeny" Jarrett probably taught them a thing or two about staying out of trouble and saving money for a rainy day. This is her story. Oh, and did you know bears can wrestle? Christine, " as she was known to most. If they got out of line, they likely faced The Grip. Over the course of her 50-year career in wrestling, teeny worked her way from selling tickets in the back of a Nashville, Tennessee shoe store to running a network of towns for Nick Gulas and Roy Welch to owning one of the most successful territories in the business with her son Jerry Jarrett - until they lost it all to "that so-and-so" Vince McMahon!Teeny was my grandmother.

Rule #1: Be on time. Rule #2: No foul language. Rule #3: stay away from the "arena rats. Rule #4: neveR break kayfabe. Virtually every big name in wrestling in the second half of the 20th Century crossed paths with "Ms.

Death of the Territories: Expansion, Betrayal and the War that Changed Pro Wrestling Forever

A host of novel ideas and the will to take chances gave Vincent Kennedy McMahon an incredible advantage. For decades, distinct professional wrestling territories thrived across North America. By creating wrestlemania, and expanding across North America, jumping into the pay-per-view field, McMahon changed professional wrestling forever.

Mcmahon waged war on the territories and raided the NWA and AWA of their top talent. Promoters routinely coordinated with associates in surrounding regions, and the cooperation displayed by members of the National Wrestling Alliance made it easy for wrestlers to traverse the landscape with the utmost freedom.

An enterprising third-generation entrepreneur who believed cable was his opportunity to take his promotion national soon capitalized on the situation. But by the early 1980s, the growth of cable television had put new outside pressures on promoters. Providing never-before-revealed information, Death of the Territories is a must-read for fans yearning to understand how McMahon outlasted his rivals and established the industry’s first national promotion.

Each regionally based promotion operated individually and offered a brand of localized wrestling that greatly appealed to area fans. At the same time, it offers a comprehensive look at the promoters who opposed McMahon, focusing on their noteworthy power plays and embarrassing mistakes. Dozens of territories flourished between the 1950s and late ’70s.


Sisterhood of the Squared Circle: The History and Rise of Women's Wrestling

Documenting the rise of women’s wrestling from sideshow to WWE main eventSisterhood of the Squared Circle presents the fascinating history of women’s wrestling, from the carnival circuit of the late 1800s to today’s hugely popular matches. With more than 100 wrestler profiles, find out how backstage politics, real-life grudges, and incredible personalities shaped the business.

. Ecw. The careers of many well-known trailblazers, trish stratus, and lita, Penny Banner, are celebrated alongside today’s stars, like Charlotte, Chyna, Wendi Richter, Sasha Banks, Mae Young, the Fabulous Moolah, including Mildred Burke, and Bayley. With rare photographs and an exploration of women’s wrestling worldwide — including chapters on Japan, Mexico, England, and Australia — Sisterhood of the Squared Circle is a priceless contribution to the history of professional wrestling.


Kayfabe: Stories You're Not Supposed to Hear from a Pro Wrestling Production Company Owner

You want truth–you'll find it right here. Vince russo, former wwe/wcw head writerif you thought the world of pro wrestling was wild, imagine what you haven’t seen on TV and in the ring. But there are also the threats, stories of abuse, and moments of downright hilarity that you haven’t known. Until now.

Watch the unpredictable and unconventional story through Sean’s eyes. Sean oliver is one of those men. Who knew that the man asking the questions was as fascinating as his subject matter?" -Justin Barrasso, Sports Illustrated"Kayfabe brings to life a world that once had its own version of ‘omerta’ in a fascinating, new fans, well written book that will intrigue long time fans, and just those who are hoping to take a peek behind the curtain of this unlikely cultural phenomenon.

Eric bischoff, cheaters, wcw president"I worked in a business full of liars, workers, con artists and of course. Politicians. I can name maybe 3 people over the years that I 100% trusted, or even believed for that matter. Ecw. In reading kayfabe, you can believe that 100% of this masterpiece is accurate–yes, even the parts about me.

Don't Call Me Fake: The Real Story of "Dr. D" David Schultz

Yet he is remembered to this day for taking down a very different opponent: ABC reporter John Stossel, who dared to utter the words, “I think this is fake. While the stossel incident precipitated the end of his wrestling career, but it's hardly the end of the story. Dr. Just don’t call him fake! Dr. D. Dave has always been my friend, and he has always been one of my heroes too.

Ecw. If he couldn’t coax you into coming back of your own free will, he still possessed the skills taught by Herb Welch that could turn even the biggest thug into a crybaby. Working out of Connecticut, Dr. He could walk that walk and talk that talk. Dr. Call him a wrestler. Trained by herb welch, memphis, calgary, florida, the Tennessee native terrorized fans in Tennessee, Japan and Minnesota before being recruited into the WWF at the request of Hulk Hogan.

Call him a bounty hunter. As fearless as he was dangerous, yet one of the most honorable wrestlers the wrestling business ever knew. Bret "hitman" hart, two-time wwe hall of famerask anyone who watched wrestling in the early 80s who the most dangerous man in wrestling was and they will tell you it was Dr.

David schultz was a man’s man.

When Wrestling Was Rasslin': The Wild and Exciting Inside Story of the Legendary Houston Wrestling Promotion

The world-famous promotion, along with territorial promotions throughout the country, produced plenty of wild and exciting action for thousands of fans every Friday night, and shaped the landscape of professional wrestling for decades. Promoter peter birkholz tells all the stories from inside the ring and behind the scenes of nostalgic wrestling history based on his decades of experience with the Houston Wrestling Promotion.

. Come along with stars like rick flair, andre the Giant, Lou Thesz, Bronko Nagurski, Fritz von Erich, Hulk Hogan, and Paul Boesch as they change sports history forever. Ecw.

Jim Cornette Presents: Behind the Curtain - Real Pro Wrestling Stories

Pro wrestling's secrets and greatest moments are immortalized in this graphic novel from legendary wrestling personality Jim Cornette!An anthology of true stories, racial, these insider tales will show the lengths that wrestlers went to uphold kayfabe--the old carny term for keeping secret the illusions of a rigged game, fight, or situation--as well as the noteworthy cultural, and economic effects these events and characters have had on society.

Also includes jim's colorful glossary of Pro Wrestling Terms, as well as photos and newspaper clippings from his personal archives! Ecw. This is the graphic novel that old-school wrestling fans have been waiting for: a no-holds-barred representation of the moments that wrestling insiders couldn't talk about for years!Behind the Curtain - Real Pro Wrestling Stories presents three chapters of tales, personally curated by Jim Cornette and adapted by Brandon Easton and Denis Medri, the team behind the critically acclaimed Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven.

Featuring stories about ric flair, the midnight express, junkyard Dog, The Sheik, Shawn Michaels, Andy Kaufman, Sputnik Monroe, the Fabulous Freebirds, Bret Hart, Jerry Lawler, and more.

Crazy Like A Fox: The Definitive Chronicle of Brian Pillman 20 Years Later

Revel at his trials and tribulations in WCW and the WWF, walking the fine line between the cusp of superstardom and political turmoil. Tales of his conflicts and conquests became the stuff of legend. He was a complex paradox, a walking contradiction. Reflect in the most detailed, inside breakdown of his Loose Cannon gambit ever produced, the scam that turned him into the talk of the business, before fatally drowning in personal tragedy and addiction.

Winner of the 2017 wrestling Observer Award for Best Wrestling Book. Outstanding" - stone cold steve austin "the best biography ever done on a wrestler" - Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer "May very well be the most compelling pro wrestling biography in the history of the genre" - Alex Marvez, Sporting News "Transcends wrestling bios" - Mike Johnson, PWInsider.

Com "the research that this author went into. It's unbelievable. With exclusive interviews with some of brian's closest friends and family, Crazy Like A Fox is a must-read for Pillman fans, and a breathtaking look at the bizarre world of wrestling to boot… Ecw. Discover unheard details of his upbringing, the incredible story behind chasing an NFL roster spot and his introduction to pro wrestling in the crazy Stampede circuit.

His overachievement is awe-inspiring. He was brian pillman, and two decades later the most comprehensive look at one of professional wrestling's most fascinating stories has been compiled.

NITRO: The Incredible Rise and Inevitable Collapse of Ted Turner's WCW

Wcw writer;marcus 'Buff' Bagwell, fmr. But in a departure from the family-friendly programming produced by the last industry boom - the 1980s wave, 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper and Andre the Giant - the new era of wrestling combined stunning athleticism with a raunchy sex appeal, which made household names of Hulk Hogan, engrossing story lines and novel production techniques that reflected a changing society and its shifting values.

Once again, wrestling was a ubiquitous phenomenon - only this time, it seemed as though the fad would never end. President of world Championship Wrestling;Harvey Schiller, fmr. Wcw superstar and head booker;Hugh Morrus, fmr. Wcw director of Marketing;Rob Garner, fmr. In april 1999, entertainment weekly asked its readers what many were surely wondering to themselves: how did wrestling get so big?As a consequence of the heated ratings competition between World Championship Wrestling WCW and the World Wrestling Federation WWF, the spectacle had taken over Monday nights on prime-time cable television.

Three years into a five-year plan devised by its charismatic leader - a former Blue Ribbon Foods salesman named Eric Bischoff - the company whose unexpected ascension initiated the entire boom was operating on borrowed time. For by the end of the five-year plan, WCW ceased to exist. But nitro is a story about much more than WCW and the Monday Night Wars.

President of TBS network;Joe Uva, fmr. Ceo of turner broadcasting System;Bill Burke, fmr.

Slobberknocker: My Life in Wrestling

New york times bestselling author! here is the story of how jim Ross, an Oklahoman farm kid with a vivid imagination and seemingly unattainable dreams, became “The Voice of Wrestling” to record TV audiences and millions of fans around the world. There are few people who have been in the wrestling business longer than Jim Ross.

And those who have made it as long as he has half a century to be exact probably made enemies or burned bridges. But that’s just not JR. It’s a story about overcoming adversity and achieving your dreams, as success did not come without significant costs and unforeseen challenges to JR, including multiple bouts of severe facial paralysis called Bell’s Palsy.

Currently the host of the podcast the ross Report, any fan of wrestling—from the territory days to today—will be enthralled with stories from the road and behind the scenes. Slobberknocker is the first time Ross tells his story—and you don’t want to miss it! Ecw. Even though the wrestling business was notoriously secretive and wary of “outsiders, ” he somehow got a foot in the door to start a historic career, one where he held almost every job in the business—from putting up the ring to calling matches, from driving his blind, drunk boss towards revenge, to consoling two naked 600 pound brothers in the shower room after a rough match.

This isn’t just a wrestling story. Readers will finally get the opportunity to hear never-before-told stories about the politics, wackiness, and personalities of all the biggest stars. Jim opens up about his life as an only child on a working farm, who became obsessed with professional wrestling having first saw it on his grandparent’s TV.

Parenthood - Fathers' Blood: True Stories of Pro Wrestling Dads Facing Their Greatest Challenger

Ecw. Their world was perilous. Abuse was rampant. It's a perspective never written about - until now - in stories only Sean Oliver can tell. Bill apter, author of "is wrestling fixed? I Didn't Know It Was Broken" They were nomadic warriors, their business shrouded in secrecy. This is the true story of pro wrestlers raising children while working the unrelenting road.

Sean has the unique ability to share the journeys of those who have sacrificed so much for pro wrestling, and he does so in a manner that evokes compassion, humor, and joy. Justin barrasso, sports Illustrated "The stories are fascinating, mainly tear-jerking or humorous. They navigated a world fraught with pitfalls.

And they had kids. See how sullivan, and more scored their most important wins and heartbreaking losses, Bischoff, Bigelow, Santana, told in a most riveting narrative style, Atlas, Russo, Poffo, complete with a bunch of personal photos. All content was constructed via new, personal interviews with the stars and family.