Stronger Than Death Reissue

It sees zakk wylde taking the band in a much heavier direction and developing the sound that everyone associates with BLS today. Stronger than death" was black Label Society's second album, originally released in April 2000 The overall imagery of the band based around the distinctive skull logo taken from drummer Phil Ondich's illustrations is also much more in keeping with their later style.


Sonic Brew


Grimmest Hits

Each black label society album is another opportunity to top the one before it, but like AC/DC or The Rolling Stones, BLS isn’t here to reinvent the wheel. Shrink-wrapped. It’s a brand we can trust. Grimmest hits, the band’s tenth full-length studio album and follow-up to billboard top 5 entries catacombs of the black vatican 2014 and Order of the Black 2010, Black Label Society submit new anthems like radio single “Room of Nightmares, ” the bluesy “Seasons of Falter, ” and Southern-fried “The Day That Heaven Had Gone Away” to the BLS faithful; 12 unstoppable tracks to add to that lifestyle soundtrack.

Charismatic beast and consummate showman, wylde puts his massive heart and earnest soul on display with unbridled, animalistic passion in Black Label Society, unchained, whether it’s a crushingly heavy blues-rock barnstormer or a piano-driven ode to a fallen brother. Black label society bandleader zakk wylde wields his guitar like a Viking weapon, which of course, bashing out thick riffage and squeezing out expressive squeals as if the glory of his Berserker brotherhood depends upon every single note, it does.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Black label society - Mafia - Cd Shrink-wrapped.

Order Of The Black

2010 release from former Ozzy guitarist Zakk Wylde and BLS. Deservio and drummer Will Hunt, along with a few surprises. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Order of the black will feature black label at its best with frontman/lead axeman Wylde's signature guitar virtuosity and howling vocals, as well as a propulsive rhythm section, courtesy of bassist J.


Shot To Hell

Zakk's star continues to rise, with movie, television and even cartoon appearances, sporting event performances, and all the while the ubiquitous BLS insignia is seen everywhere at rock shows nationwide. Enter roadrunner records, and the launch of the upcoming studio album Shot To Hell. Grammy-winning hard rock journeyman Zakk Wylde and his band Black Label Society have never been bigger.

. Shrink-wrapped. Bls album and merchandise sales have steadily climbed over the course of seven albums, yielding a Top 20 Active Rock track "Suicide Messiah", with the latest BLS release Mafia the strongest selling release of their career, a Top 25 single "In This River" and a Top 30 single "Fire It Up".

Shrink-wrapped. Produced by zakk, him, executive-produced by michael beinhorn soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and mixed by Randy Staub Metallica, Shot To Hell is their latest, most accessible release to date while still offering the trademark BLS sound fans are rabidly awaiting. Shrink-wrapped. Zakk and bLS are ready to explode.


Catacombs Of The Black Vatican

When you re in the studio you can approach it like Salvador Dali where you ve got a blank canvas in front of you. Shrink-wrapped. The aggressive bite of the barnstorming BLS banger Damn the Flood sits comfortably right alongside the stripped down, emotionally searing Angel of Mercy, Scars and Shades of Gray.

You can paint a little bit, sit back and look at it and go, let s add a little more red over here, Oh man, let s make this darker over there. To many listeners, wylde invented pinch harmonics every bit as much as Chuck Berry s dreamt up the duck walk. Because live? It s a free-for-all. The album s opening tracks, fields of unforgiveness and lead single My Dying Time, drop the throttle into swampy, down-tempo menace that wouldn t sound out of place in a Classic Rock band s catalog nor at the creative height of the grunge era.

Catacombs of the black vatican will stand as an enduring testament to Black Label Society s sheer force of will and mastery of each and every musical neighborhood the hard rock titans choose to stomp through. There s a beauty in caveman like simplicity, in the break-bottles-and-break-necks gusto of a loud power chord.

When the guitar hero franchise was all the rage, Wylde was a playable character in the game. Every time you re going to make a new record, it s exciting, he says of the run-up to the creation of Catacombs of the Black Vatican. People are bleeding. You re getting attacked by grizzly bears.

Blessed hellride

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Hangover Music, Vol. 6

Hangover music ~ Hangover Music Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Book of Shadows II

Shrink-wrapped. Guitar icon zakk wylde will release book of shadows II on April 8th, 2016 via Entertainment One Music, his first solo release in 20 years. Book of shadows ii was recently named as one of the "most anticipated Metal Releases of 2016" via by Rolling Stone magazineWylde has been feverishly working on new material since he wrapped up Black Label Society s Unblackened spring tour last year.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. This release is the highly anticipated follow up to 1996 s Book of Shadows LP, a classic album Wylde released between his work with Ozzy Osbourne that has since become a fan favorite. All songs on book of shadows ii were recorded and produced at Wylde s legendary home studio, The Black Vatican, which produced several of Wylde s recent releases.

The new effort will be followed by a wave of tour dates in support to be announced soon. Zakk wylde is no stranger to showing the lighter, introspective side of his music, having previously released two Black Label Society albums of stripped down material. The song remains not the same was released in 2011 which included acoustic versions of songs originally released on Order of the Black and 2013 s Unblackened, a live acoustic album that was recorded live at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.


1919 Eternal

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