Point B: A Short Guide to Leading a Big Change

Peter bregman captures the perfect balance between stories you will enjoy and tactics you can implement. But there is another way. Resistance is a by-product of the way we try to change people, of flawed strategies for gaining buy-in. Delightful to read, it reveals the mindset, strategies, practical to use, and steps that will enable you to lead people anywhere you need them to go - from point A to point B.

A way that will enable your change to succeed. Is this failure inevitable? Absolutely not. That way is captured in this book. Seventy percent of all corporate change efforts fail because people resist the change.

Leading With Emotional Courage: How to Have Hard Conversations, Create Accountability, And Inspire Action On Your Most Important Work

It’s what sets great leaders apart from the rest. This book is packed with actionable steps you can take to start building these skills now. The wall street journal bestselling author of 18 minutes unlocks the secrets of highly successful leaders and pinpoints the missing ingredient that makes all the difference You have the opportunity to lead: to show up with confidence, connected to others, and committed to a purpose in a way that inspires others to follow.

It’s about whether you’re willing to experience the discomfort, risk, and uncertainty of saying or doing it. Emotional courage is what bridges that gap. In other words, the most critical challenge of leadership is emotional courage. If you are willing to feel everything, you can do anything. Each short, easy to read chapter details a distinct step in this emotional “workout, ” giving you grounded advice for handling the difficult situations without sacrificing professional ground.

Leading with emotional courage, based on the author’s popular blogs for Harvard Business Review, provides practical, real-world advice for building your emotional courage muscle. It cuts through the distractions, the noise, and the politics to solve problems and get things done. Maybe it’s in your workplace, or in your relationships, or simply in your own life.

It’s not about knowing what to say or do.

18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done

Based upon a series of short bite-sized chapters, text messages, his approach allows us to safely navigate through the constant chatter of emails, phone calls, and endless meetings that prevent us from focusing our time on those things that are truly important to us. Based upon his weekly harvard business review columns, 18 MINUTES clearly shows how busy people can cut through all the daily clutter and distractions and find a way to focus on those key items which are truly the top priorities in our lives.

Bregman works from the premise that the best way to combat constant and distracting interruptions is to create productive distractions of one's own. Mixing first-person insights along with unique case studies, Bregman sprinkles his charming book with pathways which help guide us -- pathways that can get us on the right trail in 18 minutes or less.


Four Seconds: All the Time You Need to Replace Counter-Productive Habits with Ones That Really Work

Four seconds reveals: why listening—not arguing—is the best strategy for changing someone’s mind Why setting goals can actually harm performance How to use strategic disengagement to recover focus and willpower How taking responsibility for someone else’s failure can actually help your teamPractical and insightful, Four Seconds provides simple solutions to create the results you want without the stress.

In four seconds, peter Bregman shows us how to replace negative patterns with energy boosting and productive behaviors. Peter bregman, offers strategies to replace energy-wasting, author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller 18 Minutes, counter-productive habits that commonly derail us with truly effective ones.

The things we want most—peace of mind, fulfilling relationships, to do well at work—are surprisingly straightforward to realize. To thrive in our fast-paced world all it takes is to pause for as few as four seconds—the length of a deep breath—allowing us to make intentional and tactical choices that lead to better outcomes.

But too often our best efforts to attain them are built on destructive habits that sabotage us.

Navigating Polarities: Using Both/And Thinking to Lead Transformation

In this book, they share the practical tools to transform that tension into a positive driving force by expanding either/or thinking to include a both/and mindset. How do you do two seemingly opposite things at once? how can you be candid and diplomatic, teams, but leaders, and focus on organizational interests while simultaneously doing what's best for employees? Many approach these polarities with either/or thinking, keep things stable and lead change, provide structure and flexibility, and organizations that navigate them using a both/and mindset significantly outperform those who don't.

The trick is knowing how. In their work with thousands of people across the globe, teams, Brian Emerson and Kelly Lewis have seen the tension and stress polarities can create in relationships, and in organizations.

The NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change: Principles, Practices, and Perspectives

Featuring contributions from leading practitioners and scholars in the field, each chapter explores a key aspect of organization development. Carter, Ph. D. President, gestalt OSD Center . Yaeger Ph. D. College of business, professor, ob/od department, benedictine University “There is no other source that offers such a rich array of the most current and future-thinking topics from so many leaders in the field.

Robert Gass, Ed. D. Rockwood leadership institute “the editors accomplish the difficult task of including theory, co-founder, concept, and method that will appeal to the academic community as well as those who are focused on being an effective practitioner. John D. In this new edition, each of the 34 chapters has been revised in response to recommendations from the contributors and NTL members.

These 34 chapters articulate exactly what grounds organization development! Issues and perspectives involving training, practice, groups, and the global world are current and thought provoking. Therese F. The ntl handbook of organization development and change, second edition the NTL Handbook of Organization Development and Change is a vital tool for anyone who wants to know how to effectively bring about meaningful and sustainable change in organizations—even in the state of turbulence and complexity that today’s organizations encounter.


Change Leader: Learning to Do What Matters Most

In change leader he turns his focus to the core practices of leadership that are so vital for leading in today's complex world. We live in a challenging, complex, inter-connected and unpredictable world beset by a range of seemingly insoluble problems. The author shows leaders how to avoid policies and strategies that focus on shallow and short-term goals and develop leadership skills for long-term success.

But, says michael fullan—an internationally acclaimed authority on organizational change—we have an increasing understanding of how to tackle complex change. These leaders need a deep understanding of what motivates us as human beings and how we tap into and influence other people's self-motivation.

This involves developing a new kind of leader: one who recognizes what is needed to bring about deep and lasting changes in living systems at all levels. In his previous best-selling books the six secrets of Change, and Turnaround Leadership, Leading in a Culture of Change, Michael Fullan examined the concepts and processes of change.

. With a wealth of illustrative examples from business, nonprofit, education, and government sectors Change Leader provides a much-needed leadership guide for today's turbulent climate. He reveals seven core practices for today's leaders, have learned how to identify the few things that matter most, all of which appear to be deceptively simple but actually get to the essence of what differentiates a powerful leader from one who is merely competent: Practice Drives Theory Be Resolute Motivate the Masses Collaborate to Compete Learn Confidently Know Your Impact Sustain Simplexity Throughout the book Fullan argues that powerful leaders have built bedrocks of credibility, and know how to leverage their skills in ways that benefit their entire organization.


Seeing Systems: Unlocking the Mysteries of Organizational Life

In it, oshry explains why so many efforts at creating more satisfying and productive systems end in disappointment, and proposes an entirely new framework for dealing with human behavior.  . Seeing systems" is the most accessible, penetrating book available on the dynamics of systems.

Organization Development: A Jossey-Bass Reader The Jossey-Bass Business and Management Reader Series

This collection will introduce the key thinkers and contributors in organization development including Ed Lawler, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, and Ed Schein, Chris Argyris, Bolman & Deal, Richard Hackman, Kouzes & Posner, Cooperrider, Peter Senge, Jay Galbraith, among others. This is the third book in the Jossey-Bass Reader series, Organization Development: A Jossey-Bass Reader.

Without reservations i recommend this volume to those students of organizational behavior who want an encyclopedia of OD to gain a perspective on the past, present, and future. Jonathan D. Springer of the American Psychological Association.

The Art of Focused Conversation: 100 Ways to Access Group Wisdom in the Workplace ICA series

More and more, people appear to have forgotten the value of wisdom gained by ordinary conversations. Communication within many organizations has been reduced to email, electronic file transfer, and hasty sound bytes at hurried meetings. Developed, and extensively used by professionals in the field of organizational development, tested, The Art of Focused Conversation is an invaluable resource for all those working to improve communications in firms and organizations.

The art of focused conversation convincingly restores this most human of attributes to prime place within businesses and organizations, and demonstrates what can be accomplished through the medium of focused conversation. The best 'how-to' for encouraging consensus in firms and organizations.

Organization Development and Change

The authors work from a strong theoretical foundation to describe, structures, in practical terms, how behavioral science knowledge can be used to develop organizational strategies, and processes. Important notice: media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Market-leading organization development and change, 10th Edition blends rigor and relevance in a comprehensive and clear presentation.