Operation Eagle Strike Navy SEAL Grant Stevens Book 11

But then, the two men disappeared. Were top secret documents now in its hands? Were copies passed to the Russians? Unknowns. Two cia operatives, already on assignment in Cuba, spotted the scientists at the old Presidio Modelo on Isla de la Juventud. Were they prisoners? Dead? On the run from the Cubans? More unknowns.

Grant stevens and joe adler receive Team Alpha Tango's new mission: Retrieve the documents, destroy the laboratory, rescue the scientists. The trail led to cuba, and the DGI General Intelligence Directorate, Cuba's version of the KGB. The cia and fbi had investigated, interviewed, followed leads from Maryland to the Bahamas.

A project manager--dead. Two scientists--missing. This mission would substantiate that as fact -- and more than once. Cia gave strict orders: Do not attempt a rescue. A top secret project in jeopardy. Continue surveillance. To eagle 8's trainees. Finding the operatives was a whole different story. Expect anything, at any time, and from any direction.

Punishment Due Navy SEAL Grant Stevens Book 12

Being used as bait in order to entrap the spies?Once in country, A. T. An alarming number of Russians were joining a dissident movement intent on bringing down the Romanian regime. Those dangers escalated even more when the men discovered that KGB's Spetsnaz Alpha Group was ordered to Constanta. Years earlier the cia had captured orlov, and after months of interrogation and investigation, accused him of spying for Russia, he was convinced to become a double agent.

A top secret mission in Iran was compromised, and two Navy SEALs were killed. Cia knew immediately who leaked the intel to the Iranians: KGB Agent Alexei Orlov. The movement could spread like wildfire across Eastern Bloc countries. Grant stevens and team alpha tango eagerly accepted the mission to bring Orlov back for prosecution, but when informed that others had been involved in the breach of security, Stevens questioned: Was A.

T. But then, he vanished. Would have to avoid the romanian secret police -- the Securitate -- and the chaos the dissidents were generating. After nearly three years he was found living in Constanta, Romania, spying on and rooting out Russian defectors. Its mission: Find and protect Agent Orlov.

Triple Risk Navy SEAL Grant Stevens Book 13

He then learns that for nearly two years the U. S. His mission in angola years earlier will come into play, giving him the opportunity to enact revenge on a vicious killer now stationed in Moscow. Russia was spiraling out of control. Cia is closely monitoring the situation, knowing it could impact a proposed extraction of a defecting Russian from Vladivostok.

Grant stevens meets with CIA to discuss the seemingly straightforward mission. Leningrad. He'll be on his own in Moscow -- and totally off the grid. Through the mounting chaos of an impending coup, with danger at nearly every turn, Stevens takes on his two final objectives: Rescue the pilot, then find a way to the proposed extraction site.

Once he accepts, he's blindsided by an unforeseen twist to the op: Vladivostok won't be the end of the mission. Had a U. S. The connection between the missions has just been made. Stevens final order: withhold details from everyone, including all his men. Air force pilot classified as MIA, in fact, when, he's been held captive in Moscow.

High- powered officials in Moscow want to keep it that way, at least until they've succeeded with the coup.

Operation Gray Wolf Navy SEAL Grant Stevens Book 14

He seized a cocaine factory in Mexico. But his contributions to a pro-north korean group in Seoul, drew the attention of a North Korean, South Korea, who was living in Seoul and was in charge of all those groups. Park was about to lose control of his entire empire. The dea and fbi had been building a case against Park but they lacked definitive proof.

A yacht crew for john minjae Park, attempted to deceive him, Korean Mafia boss, cheat him. His profits soared. The trafficking of teenage girls added to his wealth. To their max. He had them tortured, then killed. Grant stevens and his men are tasked with getting that proof, beginning with hijacking the multimillion dollar yacht owned by Park.

For this mission the list of surprises and unknowns continued to grow from murder, more dangers, that led to more questions, and betrayal, drug trafficking, human trafficking, testing the men of A. T.

The Bratva Heist Navy SEAL Grant Stevens Book 10

Their final destination: Tunis, Tunisia. Stevens and adler had experienced it all before: a rescue, a possible turncoat, and many unknowns. The expanding khoroshevo bratva, largest heist of weapons since its formation, already heavily involved in a myriad of illegal activities, had expertly planned its most brazen, choosing the Lviv-Stryi weapons facility as its target.

The weapons are secondary. Talbott set up surveillance at the Bratislava railway station. The buyer: front for the Liberation of Palestine. But all they have to go on is Talbott's last known and the identity of his Slovakian contact. Cia agent alan talbott, on assignment in Slovakia, received intel that the stolen weapons were being shipped by rail to Bratislava.

Except this time a missile attack will catch them completely off guard, outthink two killers, before they have to outrun, and men of the KGB, the Bratislava police, who are not only searching for the missing weapons, but are on the hunt for three of their own. Then, he disappeared. Grant stevens and Joe Adler have a new mission: find Alan Talbott.


Push To Target Navy SEAL Grant Stevens Book 15

Spain will take control of the investigation and the capture of those guilty. Grant stevens and Team Alpha Tango are handed the SAR mission. All that's known is it's somewhere deep inside Basque Country. The country of Spain remains on edge. Spain and the U. S. Can anyone confirm if the Americans are alive or dead? Answer: Negative.

Even with the unknowns, Stevens cannot, the unconfirmed, will not turn down the mission. Have agreed that the U. S. The target has yet to be confirmed. A security man -- murdered. This one is personal. But during the sit Room meeting, the intel Stevens receives is far from satisfactory. A train station, police headquarters, a city hall, and the French Embassy -- bombed.

A representative of the Spanish Defense Ministry -- murdered. Three american businessmen -- kidnapped. Will handle the search and rescue of the Americans. No demands have been received. If not—the mission would still be a go.

Silent Vengeance Navy SEAL Grant Stevens Book 9

All plans are put on hold. The weapon of choice was unique, and used with devastating consequences. Everyone agreed that the search for answers would go well beyond the carrier itself. Admiral torrinson has specifically requested the Team for the mission. Who was involved? where would the op lead the Team? Both were open-ended questions.

For alpha tango, this op would substantiate that as fact. The premeditated onslaught against the aircraft carrier, dying, left young sailors dead, USS John Preston, or rendered incapacitated, with little hope of full recovery. The attack didn't originate from the sea, or air, or land. It struck without warning, silently, quickly, decisively.

Cia and nsa combed through masses of past intercepted transmissions, searching for anything that would lead them to those responsible. Aboard the preston, admiral John Torrinson, former NIS Chief, headed up his own on board investigation. The U. S. And as with any mission, well designed plans could go south in a heartbeat.

Government and Navy were baffled. A drug called "yaba.

Operation Gold Eagle Navy SEAL Grant Stevens Book 8

After discussions and proposals, President Carr approves "Operation Gold Eagle. While questions still remain unanswered, Team Alpha Tango prepares for its two-part mission. The first must be completed successfully before the second can even be attempted. Two years after his first attack, an intercepted transmission between Moscow and East Berlin reveals he's been found.

Her last known location was Drazowe, Poland. Responsible for over 80 American deaths. During his meeting at the White House, Grant Stevens learns there's much more to the exchange. No matter what it takes, A. T. Immediately offers an exchange: Reznikov for Alexei Dotsenko. America's Most Wanted. What the men cannot foresee is the sudden escape of Ivan Reznikov.

Alpha tango's mission won't be over until it finds the elusive Reznikov. Must bring his violent, murderous rampage to an end. Ivan Reznikov. The cia lost contact with a deep cover operative. The U.

The Russia Sanction Navy SEAL Grant Stevens Book 16

Whether it was because of disinformation or a breakdown in u. S. Stevens, and kalinin were not about to let it end there, adler, not while they had any chance of finding the killers. The danger would persist as they tracked the assassins, knowing full well that in their possession was the means for killing their next intended victims, violently, silently, and without mercy.

. The 'search and destroy' orders were issued from the highest levels of the government. Intelligence mattered little. The killings would serve as warnings: defectors and traitorS WOULD BE HUNTED RELENTLESSLY. Grant stevens' mission to snatch the intended first victim ended in complete failure.

Code Name Antares Navy SEAL Grant Stevens Book 7

Success is within reach. He devises an ingenious plan. A traitor, working somewhere within the DoD, has made an initial offer to the Russians: the weapons in exchange for -- absolutely nothing. Moscow wants them. Afghanistan needs them. What none of them realize is another important, unpredictable "player" is ready to cast itself into the deadly fray.

. The assignment is turned over to their newest operative, their sleeper agent "Antares" who's prepared to take on his first mission: liberate the weapons from the Americans. While the russians are suspicious, they decide to proceed with the transaction. Assigned to the mission by the president, Stevens and the Team are tasked with preventing the weapons from reaching their intended destinations, finding the Russian, and the traitor.

Encountering obstacles, and surprises at nearly every turn, frustration, Stevens and Alpha Tango must try and outwit Antares. Navy. With odds stacked against him, he's confident he can pull it off. Fate. Ten top secret weapons developed by the U. S. All that's standing in his way: Grant Stevens and Team Alpha Tango.

Shanghai Mission Navy SEAL Grant Stevens Book 6

Cia and nsa intercepts finally confirm the two were captured and are being held at the infamous Bridge House in Shanghai. Grant stevens and team Alpha Tango are offered the mission to rescue their brothers-in-arms. South china sea - a zodiac, races toward international waters and a waiting carrier, carrying a Team of Navy SEALs and a defecting Chinese general, the USS Coral Sea.

Has four objectives: find the SEALs, the plutonium, prevent the attack, then find a way out of China. Once underway stevens receives a distressful report: two Russian-made canisters of plutonium were stolen from the Huludao nuclear submarine shipyard. A chinese gunboat suddenly appears out of nowhere. The initial report indicates the Chinese general was safely aboard, but two SEALs are missing.

Was it possible someone was planning to attack the U. S. The seals knew they didn't stand a chance to outrun it. President andrew Carr anxiously awaits word from the Coral Sea. Vice president during his upcoming visit to Shanghai? Team A. T.