Moon Spinners: A Seaside Knitters Mystery

Gossip builds, rumors circulate, and the Seaside Knitters try to figure out a killer's strange pattern. Under the full moon, a local scuba dive club witnesses a blood-red Ferrari flying off a cliff and onto the granite rocks below. Gracie's aunt was behind the wheel, and it was murder. They do however take a break to attend a special yacht club dinner held to honor Gracie's aunt-wearing their finest knitting creations.

Readers can't help but get entangled in this USA Today bestselling series. Nell endicott and the other seaside Knitters are helping their friend Gracie Santos open the Lazy Lobster and Soup Café on Pelican Pier.

Patterns in the Sand: A Seaside Knitters Mystery

Readers can't help but get entangled in this USA Today bestselling series. The follow-up to death by Cashmere: next in the new mystery series set in a tight-knit seaside community. But the idyllic summer in sea Harbor turns somber when the body of Nick Peabody-owner of a popular gallery-is found in a community garden.

Soon all nick's secrets begin to surface, and the residents of Sea Harbor realize they didn't know him at all. When young fiber artist willow adams visits izzy Chambers's knitting studio, she's immediately embraced by the Seaside knitters, and they see the monthly arts event at Canary Cove as a perfect place to showcase Willow's work.

And when nick's will reveals that his entire estate has been left to Willow, the knitters find that Willow has some dark secrets of her own.

The Wedding Shawl: A Seaside Knitters Mystery

But the wedding plans get complicated when the wedding party’s hair stylist, Tiffany, is found dead. Rumors start to circulate about Tiffany’s past and her connection to an unsolved murder years ago. But when an old mystery washes ashore, they must cast their needles aside and bring some heat back into a cold case… Izzy Chambers is head over heels.

. Meanwhile, nell, izzy’s aunt, has hired a gardener to spruce up the backyard where the wedding will be held. Readers can't help but get entangled in this USA Today bestselling series. Summertime’s salty breezes and the sun’s golden threads bring inspiration to the Seaside Knitters of Sea Harbor, Massachusetts.

Is claire’s return part of this pattern? or are there more secrets simmering in the summer heat? All the Seaside Knitters know is they must rally to find some answers, so the whispers about town can be replaced by wedding bells. She’s about to marry the love of her life, but much remains to be done before their big day.

The gardener, is just returning to Cape Anne after a long absence, Claire, hoping to put a dark secret to rest and find peace for herself. So the seaside knitters have pitched in to help and are even knitting Izzy a beautiful lace wedding shawl.

A Fatal Fleece: A Seaside Knitters Mystery

They’ll have to keep their wits about them as they piece together the clues…or one of their own will wind up knitting behind bars.  . The little girl soon becomes a fixture in the town and even strikes up a friendship with a reclusive local fisherman, Finnegan, who is the source of much local turbulence.

Then lobsterwoman cass halloran stumbles over the old fisherman—his body covered with leaves and sea grass and wearing the yellow fleece vest she once made for him. Readers can't help but get entangled in this USA Today bestselling series. This summer in sea harbor, massachusetts, one of the seaside knitters gets tangled up with a precocious granddaughter, and another stands accused of sending a local resident on a permanent vacation… As Izzy and the Seaside Knitters prepare her yarn studio for the tourist season, fellow knitter Birdie Favazza has her hands full with her granddaughter Gabby.

When cass becomes a suspect in his murder the Knitters must rally to protect their friend. Soon the seaside knitters will discover that caring for Gabby while casting their net for a killer is a tricky business, indeed.

Angora Alibi: A Seaside Knitters Mystery

With their careful attention to patterns—and their fierce commitment to bringing Izzy and Sam’s baby into a peaceful town—they’re determined to knit this mystery together. Knitting pattern included. Now it’s up to the Seaside Knitters to investigate. Readers can't help but get entangled in this USA Today bestselling series.

The seaside knitters of sunny Sea Harbor are busy crafting a baby blanket for a member of their circle. Maybe it’s the hormones, but Izzy has a terrible feeling. After a local man dies during a scuba dive, Izzy discovers he was actually murdered and is connected to the abandoned car seat. Izzy immediately recognizes the blanket’s material—a soft yellow angora yarn she displayed in her shop window last fall.

But as the due date draws near, so does a puzzling plot. Yarn shop owner Izzy Chambers Perry is having a heady summer. She and her new husband, Sam, are expecting a baby.

Murder in Merino A Seaside Knitters Mystery Book 8

A body is uncovered in the cottage’s backyard. Not only is she helping the seaside knitters make a magnificent throw to celebrate the fortieth wedding anniversary of her aunt and uncle, but she and her husband are finally selling the cottage she lived in before she got married and had a darling baby girl.

Readers can't help but get entangled in this USA Today bestselling series. It’s autumn in sea Harbor, and as the tourists leave, a mysterious guest arrives. When she’s implicated in a crime, the Seaside Knitters must quickly table their knitting project and search out a motif for murder. Fall is usually a relaxing time in Sea Harbor, but it’s turning out to be a busy season for Izzy Chambers Perry.

When the police find julia’s name and phone number in the victim’s pocket, this slender thread of evidence makes her a person of interest. To izzy’s surprise, newcomer Julia Ainsley seems determined to buy the home—although she’s never set foot inside. But on the day of the open house, things take a dark turn.

Soon the spotlight of suspicion widens to include old friends and town leaders as a tragic happening, long buried in the sleepy seaside town, is slowly brought to the surface. Before the joyful anniversary celebration can be realized, the Seaside Knitters must work to unravel the real reason Julia Ainsley has come to their town—and the tangled and troubled ties from the past that bind friends and townsfolk together.

Knitting pattern included.

A Holiday Yarn: A Seaside Knitters Mystery

While the seaside knitters begin unraveling the case, Izzy Chambers is knitting her brow over her own mystery—the mystery of love. When the pisano family gathers for their annual meeting, Mary offers to put up her cousins in the refurbished family home, hoping to dispel any ill will over her inheriting the estate.

As the holiday draws nigh, the four friends will need all their crafty know-how to solve the crime and restore holiday peace—and the magic of mistletoe—to Sea Harbor. In sea harbor the scent of snow fills the salty air, the Knitters feast on cookies, and at Izzy’s Seaside Yarn Studio, knit their gifts, and plan their holiday gatherings.

But hard feelings are likely the cause when Mary’s cousin Pamela is found dead on the B and B’s snowy back porch. But when murder comes to this small New England town, they must set aside their needles to pursue justice—and restore joy to the season. Across town, mary pisano is sparing no expense to transform the estate she inherited from her grandfather into a bed-and-breakfast.

Holiday time is magical in sea Harbor, as the Seaside Knitters turn winter yarns of deep reds, greens, and golds into gifts.

Death by Cashmere: A Seaside Knitters Mystery

But could any of them have wanted her dead? Angie's body is discovered drowned in the harbor, her long red hair tangled like seaweed in a lobster trap. There are speculations of too many whiskey sours, a slippery wharf, a dark night. But izzy and the Seaside Knitters smell something fishy. An official investigation rules the death an accident.

. When several strange incidents occur above the shop, the women decide to take matters into their own hands. Get entangled in the first novel in USA Today bestselling Seaside Knitters Mystery series. Not long after isabel “izzy” chambers opens up a knitting shop in the sleepy fishing town of Sea Harbor, Massachusetts, a diverse group of women begins congregating each week to form the Seaside Knitters.

But before long, their small-town sense of security is frayed, and the threat of more violence hangs over this tightly knit community. Izzy raises some eyebrows when she rents the apartment above her shop to Angie Archer, whose reputation for loose behavior and a quick temper has made her unpopular with many locals.


Trimmed With Murder SEASIDE KNITTERS MYSTERY Book 10

And this year, izzy and the other Seaside Knitters are also knitting tiny ornaments to decorate a tree for the first annual tree-trimming contest. Charlie is a suspect in the murder, so Izzy and her fellow Knitters step in to uncover the truth. He brings with him outspoken hitchhiker Amber Hanson, who is returning to Sea Harbor to claim an inheritance.

But it’s only by peeling away long-buried secrets that they can hope to restore joy to the season and enjoy the shining lights of the newly decorated trees. She quickly reacquaints herself with the area—and forms an unlikely friendship with Charlie. Their journey takes them into Charlie’s past and tests their fierce love for him.

But their bond is shattered when her body is found beneath the undecorated trees on the Harbor Green. In sea harbor, festive carols, the holidays mean cozy fires, and soft skeins of yarn waiting to become hats and sweaters and scarves. In this holiday yarn from the usa today bestselling author of A Finely Knit Murder, all Izzy Chambers Perry wants for Christmas is to keep her brother out of jail.


Murder at Lambswool Farm Seaside Knitters Mystery Book 11

Alan hamilton’s friendly bedside manner was a man with enemies and secrets. Late summer blooms in beautiful sea harbor, massachusetts, and while a harvest thrives, Izzy Chambers Perry and the other Seaside Knitters will need to cast on their sleuthing skills to save a local farm. Unfortunately, finding a killer can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

. With help from friends, Lambswool Farm is now up and running, with thriving crops and grazing sheep. In addition, the farm will host rustic, six-course prix fixe dinners plated by local chefs and served on a gorgeous restored harvest table, her aunt Nell, decorated to perfection with colorful knitted vegetables crafted by Izzy Chambers Perry, and the other Seaside Knitters.

. Seaside knitter birdie favazza has long loved knitting, but lately she’s taken on a new challenge—making a family farm operational again. Now the seaside Knitters must join together to uncover the truth in Dr. It seems that behind Dr. But on the night of the first meal, everything spins out of control when one of the guests, Seaside Harbor’s family physician, becomes fatally ill.

Hamilton’s complicated past—and restore peace to town and country alike.


Get entangled in this usa today bestselling series! in the newest mystery from the national bestselling author of Murder in Merino, the sleuthing skills of Izzy Chambers Perry and the Seaside Knitters are tested as death mars the beginning of the school year. Seaside knitter birdie favazza is thrilled that her granddaughter Gabby will be visiting for the fall and attending the Sea Harbor Community Day School.

. Gabby loves the school, with its newly-adopted progressive curriculum, and she loves that the Seaside Knitters are teaching knitting as part of the enrichment program. Then, on the evening of an elegant school event, Blythe’s body is found near the school boathouse. With a killer on the loose, Birdie is determined to keep Gabby safe.

Working together, the seaside Knitters carefully unravel the layers of Blythe’s complicated life, bringing faculty members and town residents under scrutiny. Outspoken board member Blythe Westerland has sparked tempers with her determination to unravel the current administration. It’s a huge success, and on crisp autumn days, girls camp out on the terraces, knitting up hats for charity.

But not everyone is happy with the direction the school is taking. Before the cast-off rows are made on the students’ projects, the knitters will need to stitch together the evidence to see if a murderer has been walking beside them all along.