Love at the Northern Lights: A holiday romance to remember

Definitely looking out from more by this author’ 5* Reader review‘Words cannot describe just how much I LOVED this novel. It was romantic, it was adventurous and was just overall a really lovely, cosy novel’ 5* Reader review‘A real holiday pick me up!’ 5* Reader review. Climbing out the window in her dress and tiara wasn’t exactly how Frankie imagined her wedding day…After she calls off her wedding, Frankie Ashford knows exactly where she need to go: Norway to find her estranged mother and make peace with the past.

When a slip on the ice in oslo sends her flying into the arms of Jonas Thorsen, she finds herself a little distracted from her original mission. Can frankie find the answers she’s looking for, and will the northern lights work their magic and help her find love along the way?An uplifting cosy Christmas romance to curl up with, perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Tilly Tennant.

Praise for love at the northern lights:'darcie’s writing is as warm, the hilarious first few chapters, this one sparkles and dazzles from beginning to end!’ 5* Grace J ReviewerLady‘A wonderfully sweet story of love, and learning to follow your own path’ 5* My Life as a Dog Bed‘From its stunning cover, and then the way the story develops, sweet and comforting as a mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day' Sarah Bennett, forgiveness, author of The Lavender Bay series‘Fab-U-lous!! Different to any other Christmas book I've read this year, well this is just fabulous.

. This really is a wonderful book to add to your must-reads stack for this winter, and its one of my favourites from this author’ 5* Rachel’s Random Reads‘Loved loved loved this book!! Didn’t want it to end. But jonas is a family man through and through, and even though he knows that anything he and Frankie share has an expiration date, he is determined to help her find the answers she’s seeking and do whatever it takes to help her reunite with her mother.

Dreaming of Christmas: An enthralling feel-good romance in the high Alps

Williams books. This one was really good and kept hooked since the beginning. But can zoe still find love in the Alps?Dumped on Christmas Eve by her long-term boyfriend, it's been a rough year for Zoe Lumsley. Williams. Praise for dreaming of Christmas:‘I absolutely loved this one. T. A. An engrossing, cozy and heartwarming read.

5 star rating – netgalley Reviewer – Sabine Foster'T. A. But so will her former flatmate Billy, the organiser, and in the meantime he’s done rather well for himself. A very entertaining and enjoyable read. Another brilliant story’ 5 star rating – NetGalley Reviewer – Fiona Wilson‘I love T. A. Some more than others.

. Perfect for readers of tilly tenant, Holly Martin and Philippa Ashley, this is a magical festive getaway from the bestselling T. A. Williams has the ability to transport the reader to whatever part of the world he wants to take them to with the simplest of words. As christmas in the Alps approaches, it'll be great to see the old gang.

A Very Merry Manhattan Christmas

Her story is very romantic and I enjoyed it so much that it's now on my list of favorite Christmas reads. I highly recommend this dreamy Christmas story. With love for books‘another enchanting book from the talented darcie Boleyn … What starts and looks like your general light hearted Christmas book, evolves around mid way into something that is very compelling to read, and has a bit more depth to it and plenty of strands of storylines.

Rachel’s random reads‘oh i do love this author's writing! … The development of the romance was well paced, the expectations of others, their reticence in risking their friendship, the historic events which impinge on their relationship, all make this an enthralling and highly entertaining read.

Splashes into books‘okay let me say up front I love books by Darcie, NYC is my favourite place and Christmas just adds to the joy … giggles a plenty. I could rave about this forever but suffice to say it's made it into my top books of the year list and I encourage everyone to read it and prepare for the festivities’ Ali - The Dragon Slayer‘Pretty sure this is one of my favourite Christmas books of the year!’ Goodreads reviewer‘Can I just say right here … Dale … oh Dale.

It was a real page turner. Lozza’s Book Corner. Instead, for her, he sees it as a way to help Lucie get through what is, the most miserable time of the year. In new york, as the snow starts to fall, Lucie and Dale start to realise that their feelings run deeper than just friendship. It’s the time of year when everything goes wrong in her life.

Wish Upon A Christmas Cake

She didn’t think that any man could tempt her under the mistletoe this year, she begins to wonder, could her Christmas wish actually come true?Praise for Darcie Boleyn‘A beautiful and heartwarming tale, but Sam might just prove the exception! And as the snow begins to fall and Katie puts the final touches to her famous Christmas cake, that really tugged at my heart strings…a delightful debut novel from Darcie Boleyn.

Gilbster top 1000 amazon reviewer‘the sort of book you want to read on a cold winters night, put on your fluffy pyjamas, grab a hot chocolate and immerse yourself in the delights of Wish upon a Christmas Cake. The book review café ‘what a gorgeously delicious book this is! it just makes me wish i was reading it by a roaring fire, with snow outside on the ground and a plate full of mince pies beside me!’ ― Goodreads Review‘Wish Upon a Christmas Cake is very much a story of loss and true love with a sprinkling of Christmas thrown in for good measure.

By the letter Book Reviews. This holiday season, instead of spending the festive season trapped with her judgemental mother, snuggle up by a roaring fire with a mulled wine and enjoy Darcie Boleyn’s festive winter warmer!The most wonderful time of the year?Katie Warham has just one wish this year…to have the best Christmas ever!If only she could lock herself away in a cloud of flour and sugar at her cosy little tearoom, Crumbtious Cakes, crazy Aunt Gina and loved-up celebrity brother Carl…But Katie never expected her ex-boyfriend, widower Sam – and his two adorable children – to turn up on her doorstep.


Mistletoe & Mystery Paradise Cookery School Book 3

Welcome to the Cotswolds Festive Feast cookery course. Fresh off the successful opening of the paradise cookery school in st lucia, Millie Harper is headed to the Cotswolds for Christmas!Co-presenting Claudia Croft’s famous Festive Feast cookery course at Stonelea Manor is a dream come true for Millie… as is reuniting with gorgeous estate manager Zach Barker.

Upon arriving in the winter wonderland, Millie learns the manor is under a mysterious threat. It’ll take a holiday miracle, i've loved the paradise cookery school series! but this one really topped them all’ 5* reader review‘the talented author takes you with her into the story, festive visit to the cotswolds premier cookery school! perfect for fans of jenny oliver and sarah morganif you loved mistletoe & confusion are both available now!the paradise cookery schoolsunshine & mystery, full of friends, it’s christmassyness and it’s foodieness! read it!’ *5 reader review‘A lovely Chick Lit read for the holidays!’ *5 A Life with Dogs‘Oh, why not read the first two stories in The Paradise Cookery School series? Sunshine & MysteryPraise for Mistletoe & Secrets and Confetti & SecretsConfetti & ConfusionMistletoe & Mystery:‘The book is a fabulously funny and light-hearted read, but Millie is determined to save the school and get Zach under the mistletoe to finally finish what they started in the Caribbean!Cosy up with this fun, bringing the scenes, family and love! It is absolutely perfect for a lazy day’s reading and it’s such a wonderful read that you won’t want to put it down until you’ve finished it! Highly recommended!!’ *5 Stardust Book Reviews‘A wonderful Christmas story… I love it’s cosyness, characters, drama and dishes to life in your imagination - definitely a 5 star read for me!’ 5* Splashes into Books‘Fabulous Christmas read!! Very cozy vibe that gets you immediately into the Christmas spirit!’ 4* Reader review‘A really sparkling Christmas read - and one I'm glad I read after Christmas as I don't think the scales could have taken it if I'd discovered all the goodies beforehand!’ 5* ReviewerLady‘This was sweet in all meanings of the word!’ 4* Reader review.


Forever at Conwenna Cove

I giggled until my sides hurt, I 'awwwwww'ed' so many times and I smiled until my cheeks hurt. Go on, treat yourself to this book, you deserve it. Little book problem‘this is a gorgeous book to read and i love the stunning cover!’ donna’s book blog'if you have never read a Darcie Boleyn novel, or one of the books from her 'Conwenna Cove' series, you are seriously missing out' The Writing Garnet'It's a joy to be back in Conwenna Cove for the summer sunshine… With lots of ups and downs and plenty of laughs this is an uplifting read.

A fabulous summer novel!' good 'n'read~y'this novel was stunningly beautiful and so, so well written…' The Cosiest Corner‘Romance in abundance and a real feel good touch’ Books, set in the most beautiful settings, Life and Everything'If you like a lovely romance, with amazingly strong and real characters that you can't help but fall in love with then this is definitely a book for you.

Chells and books'Forever at Conwenna Cove is a heartwarming romantic story. She is happy with her simple life running the village diner and volunteering at the local greyhound sanctuary. Surfer nate bryson plans to leave Conwenna Cove and see the world, leaving behind his reputation as a ladies man. Nate can’t believe he’s failed to notice the beautiful woman right before him.

Before departing, Nate decides to raise funds for the dog rescue home close to his heart. As nate gets zoe involved in his charity event she sees there’s more to him than meets the eye. Forever at conwenna cove is an uplifting and beautiful story! Five stars from me!' Rae Reads'This is a perfect novel to read with a glass of wine, preferably on a beach over what will hopefully be a glorious bank holiday weekend.

Moonlight on the Thames: a heartwarming and emotional love story for winter 2019

Worlds collide when two strangers meet at Waterloo station. Quite emotional at times' Rachel Kennedy. With a big heart, this is one where you'll actually feel emotion on the page' Kathleen Gray. A hauntingly beautiful novel' Christopher Helton. Praise for moonlight on the Thames: 'I have literally fallen in love with this book' Nessa.

Can two lonely hearts and souls be unlocked by music and moonlight and will they discover the healing power of love? Perfect for the fans of Milly Johnson, Debbie Johnson, Sarah Morgan, Karen Swan and Heidi Swain. Her office affair has run its course, and the last thing she wants to think about is Christmas.

A lovely read for your Christmas list' Lisa Houston. Dmitri loves conducting his pop-up choir during the festive season, meeting people, and spreading joy and cheer around London. I loved this book. It's a moment they'll never forget. But he carries deep secrets from his past that robbed him of his dream to become a concert pianist.

A night of cancelled trains and festive Christmas carols at Waterloo Station is the last straw.

Christmas at Conwenna Cove

It’s not hard to see why they’ve fallen in love with the place, but it’s definitely not for her. His world revolves around his children, Amy and Tom, but being both mum and dad isn’t easy and his romantic life has taken the hit. I've loved other books by this author in the past but I think this is my favourite title from her so far!’ Splashes into Books‘I don’t say this lightly, but this is the perfect Christmas read.

Reviewerlady: good ‘n’ Read-y‘Oh what a truly wonderful and delightful read. Goodreads reviewer‘brilliant! love love love this! Finished last night, couldn’t go to bed until it was ended! Fabulous writing and a touching story. As the snow falls on conwenna cove, can oli and Grace find the happiness they both deserve?A magical and uplifting Christmas romance, perfect for fans of Jenny Hale and Heidi Swain.

Praise for christmas at conwenna Cove‘Cosy up by the fire with a mug of steaming hot chocolate and drift off to Conwenna. All my expectations were surpassed, this is a bundle of love, hope and christmas joy…’ ali – the dragon slayer‘i just loved this book, such a festive treat and what a magical story!!…  Will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside – really did love this one!!’ Donna’s Book Blog‘I was giggling to myself in a few short minutes of starting the book… Brill! Once you get started with this read it may very well get stuck to your hands.

You won’t regret it. When oli and grace cross paths, sparks fly but both are holding onto the fear of letting someone else into their heart.

Snowflakes Over Holly Cove: The most heartwarming festive romance of 2018

Tia didn't expect a white Christmas, and she certainly never dared dream that all her Christmas wishes might just come true. For me, it's a 5 star read!' Katherine, Katherine's Book Universe. I adored this beautifully written tale. A wonderful escapist read. It'll make you want to move to France and start a new life.

. The score is a well deserved and easy 5* out of 5*' Ginger Book Geek. What readers are saying about Lucy Coleman. I adored this book. The perfect Christmas romance for fans of Karen Swan. Yet tia is up against a Christmas deadline for her latest article 'Love is, actually, all around. So, nic, tia heads to holly cove where the restorative sea air and rugged stranger, slowly but surely start mending her broken heart.

Lucy coleman has a way of writing where it feels like you're actually there standing beside Anna and you mentally really feel involved in the story' Stacey, The Cosiest Corner. For lifestyle magazine journalist Tia Armstrong, as well as Christmas, relationships, have lost all their magic.

The Cottage at Plum Tree Bay: An uplifting, cosy Cornish romance Cornish Hearts Book 2

But can mark let go of his painful past to be the man that Catherine can rely on? And will Catherine find the courage to let love in?A heart-warming romance set in Cornwall and perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Phillipa Ashley. Praise for the cottage at plum tree Bay'What an absolute joy this book was to read, I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

Reader review 'this was an absolutely gorgeous read and I adored every second of reading about such wonderful characters and community. The setting is idyllic and the characters are relatable. Reader review'no less than five shining stars will do for this fantastic summer read. Reader review'this is another winner from darcie Boleyn, a plot filled with twists and turns and an added sprinkling of humour, an engaging and heartwarming story set in Cornwall with great characters, too.

Reader review'with a delightful setting, a roller coaster romance and fantastic storytelling, this is another great read from this talented author. It was excellently written, keeping you wanting to read more and more. I couldn't put this book down. She’s soon bumping into mark everywhere – or being thrown at him by her matchmaking friend! The chemistry is undeniable.

One summer can change everything.

The House at Greenacres: An uplifting, cosy Cornish romance Cornish Hearts Book 1

But now an unexpected loss and financial trouble has led her back to the family vineyard and it’s time to tell Rich the truth – he’s a father. Surrounded by the memories of what they once shared Holly’s anger fades in the glow of Rich’s undeniable love for their son and the way he selflessly steps in to help the vineyard out of trouble.

A good feel good read’ 5* reader review‘Brilliant plot, excellent main characters that you invest in’ 5* Reader review. As holly watches rich flourish in his new role as father to baby Luke, the future is still theirs to write…An uplifting, she realises that though they can’t change the past, emotional Cornwall-set romance perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Phillipa Ashley.

Praise for the house at Greenacres‘A really lovely book. My first by this author. Will be looking out for more’ 5* reader review‘good summer read for anyone who likes Phillipa Ashley or Cathy Bramley!’ 4* Reader review‘A really lovely book and Holly is someone you just want to give a big hug too.

All roads lead home…when holly dryden fled Penhallow Sands nearly a year ago she was determined to put the past – and Rich Turner – behind her. Darcie has a magical way of writing that instantly makes you smile and feeling good’ 5* Reader review‘Perfect summer read. A beautiful written light-hearted romance.