Japan Transformed: Political Change and Economic Restructuring

Regardless of ruling party, economics, Japan's politics, and foreign policy are on a neoliberal path. It describes how global economic integration and urbanization destabilized Japan's postwar policy coalition, undercut the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's ability to buy votes, and paved the way for new electoral rules that emphasized competing visions of the public good.

In contrast to the previous system that pitted candidates from the same party against each other, the new rules tether policymaking to the vast swath of voters in the middle of the political spectrum. With little domestic fanfare and even less attention internationally, dramatically changing its political economy, Japan has been reinventing itself since the 1990s, from one managed by regulations to one with a neoliberal orientation.

. Rebuilding from the economic misfortunes of its recent past, the country retains a formidable economy and its political system is healthier than at any time in its history. Japan transformed combines broad context and comparative analysis to provide an accurate understanding of Japan's past, present, and future.

Japan transformed explores the historical, and economic forces that led to the country's recent evolution, political, and looks at the consequences for Japan's citizens and global neighbors. The book examines japanese history, illustrating the country's multiple transformations over the centuries, and then focuses on the critical and inexorable advance of economic globalization.

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Bicycle Citizens Asia: Local Studies / Global Themes

In this first ethnographic study of the politics of the average female citizen in Japan, Robin LeBlanc argues that this taxi-bicycle contrast reaches deeply into Japanese society. To study the relationship between gender and liberal democratic citizenship, volunteer groups, LeBlanc conducted extensive ethnographic fieldwork in suburban Tokyo among housewives, consumer cooperative movements, and the members of a committee to reelect a female Diet member who used her own housewife status as the key to victory.

While the typical japanese male politician glides through his district in air-conditioned taxis, the typical female voter trundles along the side streets on a simple bicycle. Leblanc argues that contrary to popular perception, Japanese housewives are ultimately not without a political world. Full of new and stimulating material, and deft in its weaving of theoretical perspectives with field research, engagingly written, this study will not only open up new dialogues between gender theory and broader social science concerns but also provide a superb introduction to politics in Japan as a whole.


Bending Adversity: Japan and the Art of Survival

Bending adversity closes with a reflection on what the 2012 reelection of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and his radical antideflation policy, might mean for Japan and its future. And while life has become less certain, opportunities—in particular for the young and for women—have diversified. Still, japan is in many ways a country in recovery, working to find a way forward after the events of 2011 and decades of slow growth.

Here, there is a terrific selection of interview subjects mixed with great reportage and fact selection. Well-written. Japan’s survivalist mentality has carried it through tremendous hardship, but is also the source of great destruction: It was the nineteenth-century struggle to ward off colonial intent that resulted in Japan’s own imperial endeavor, culminating in the devastation of World War II.

Through their voices, Pilling's Bending Adversity captures the dynamism and diversity of contemporary Japan. Pilling’s exploration begins with the 2011 triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown. Valuable. Publishers weekly starred:"A probing and insightful portrait of contemporary Japan.


Politics in China: An Introduction, Second Edition

The ccp maintains a firm grip on power through a combination of popular support largely based on its recent record of promoting rapid economic growth and harsh repression of political opposition. Today, for the most part, prospering, China is, peaceful, and proud. Over those same years, the prc also experienced the most deadly famine in human history, caused largely by the actions and inactions of its political leaders.

Not long after, there was a collapse of government authority that pushed the country to the brink of and in some places actually into civil war and anarchy. On october 1, 2009, the people's republic of China PRC celebrated the 60th anniversary of its founding. During that time, china was transformed from one of the world's poorest countries into the world's fastest growing major economy, under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party CCP, and from a weak state barely able to govern or protect its own territory to a rising power that is challenging the United States for global influence.

And what an eventful and tumultuous six decades it had been. This is the china that was on display for the world to see during the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Yet, pervasive corruption, environmental desecration, the party and country face serious challenges on many fronts, extreme inequalities, including a slowing economy, and a rising tide of social protest.

Politics in china is an authoritative introduction to how the world's most populous nation and rapidly rising global power is governed today. Written by leading china scholars, hong kong, xinjiang, and developments in four important areas located on China's geographic periphery: Tibet, key topics in contemporary Chinese politics, the book's chapters offers accessible overviews of major periods in China's modern political history from the mid-nineteenth century to the present, and Taiwan.

Shadow Shoguns: The Rise and Fall of Japan's Postwar Political Machine

Schlesinger masterfully demonstrates why Prime Minister Tanaka personified the collusive ties between Japanese politicians and Big Business. Business week"a fascinating and penetrating tale about the Tanaka machine that dominated Japan's politics for several decades and whose demise in the early 1990s has created a political vacuum that accounts for many of Japan's current problems.

Foreign Affairs. This is the most entertaining short history of Japanese politics this reviewer has encountered. The economist"a story which is told vividly in this well researched and reliable account. A superb analysis of Japan's politics and economic affairs. Washington post book world"shadow shoguns is a lively and anecdote-rich account of the eerie parallels between Tokyo's now-battered political machine and New York's Tammany Hall.

. This was a book waiting to be written, and not only has Schlesinger done it, but he has also produced a fine job of political reporting. New york times book Review"In a rollicking style, Schlesinger. His is a tale of monstrous personalities. Demolishes the popular misconception that politicians are boring.

Japan in Transformation, 1945-2010 Seminar Studies

As the third largest economy in the world, with a reputation for technological innovation and cultural creativity, Japan is a country shaping the world we live in. In this new edition of japan in transformation, Jeffrey Kingston explores the character of the nation as it has evolved since the end of the Second World War.

Since 1945, japan has successfully reinvented itself, rising from the ashes of defeat to become a peaceful and prosperous nation. It is seen as an inspiration for other developing nations and contributes significantly to global development. The book: - examines the us occupation and explains the causes of the economic miracle and its demise- evaluates the effect of the lost Decade of the 1990s and the unravelling of the Japan, regional relations, Inc system that prevailed in the twentieth century- analyses such central and topical issues as the demographic crisis, political change and the role of women Expanded and thoroughly revised to cover the period of 1945 to 2010, security concerns, this second edition of Japan in Transformation provides a succinct and comprehensive study of the recent history of one of the most dynamic nations in the modern world.


A Nation of Enemies: Chile Under Pinochet Norton Paperback

The authors explain and illuminate the rift in Chilean society that widened dramatically during the Pinochet era. Routledge. This will stand as the definitive work on Chile under Pinochet for many years to come. Library journal how chile, once South America's most stable democracy, gave way to a culture of fear.


Bending Adversity: Japan and the Art of Survival

Routledge. Japan suffered three disasters in March 2011 - earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown - which have been followed by a long period of recovery. Orders are despatched from our UK warehouse next working day. This book connects the political and economic response to those events with the series of crises and stubbornly resilient reconstructions that have punctuated Japanese history.

Drawing on his years of experience reporting from Japan, Pilling shares insights from interviews with the country's leaders and the stories of a cross-section of citizens young and old.

Democracy Derailed in Russia: The Failure of Open Politics Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics

Steven fish offers an explanation for the direction of regime change in post-Soviet Russia, relying on cross-national comparative analysis as well as on in-depth field research in Russia. Although russia experienced dramatic political breakthroughs in the late 1980s and early 1990s after shedding the shackles of Soviet rule, it subsequently failed to continue progressing toward democracy.

Fish demonstrates that russia's failure to democratize has three causes: too much economic reliance on oil, too little economic liberalization, and too weak a national legislature. M. Routledge. Orders are despatched from our UK warehouse next working day. Used book in Good Condition.

SHADOW SHOGUNS: The Rise and Fall of Japan's Postwar Political Machine

25, 000 first printing. The story of japan's rise to economic power begins with the rise of Premier Kakuen Tanaka, a fiery populist who was brought down by financial scandal but who out of government became even more powerful and passed on his legacy, until a new populist reformer arrived. Routledge. Orders are despatched from our UK warehouse next working day.

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Japanese Politics and Government

After providing historical context, it offers an in-depth exploration of postwar political institutions, the policymaking process, political reform in the 1990s, and the politics of economic growth and stagnation. This book investigates Japanese politics in the postwar era from theoretical and comparative perspectives.

The author draws attention to key policy issues including women and work, immigration, Japanese aging/low fertility society, and Constitutional revision. By delving into japan’s international relations, the book sheds light on Japan’s security and trade policies, Japan’s role in the Asian region, and Japan’s bilateral relations with the U.

S. China, south Korea, and the EU. Used book in Good Condition. Routledge. Routledge. Themes and questions addressed throughout the text include: how and why did japan modernize so successfully when so many other countries fell prey to colonialism and authoritarianism? What explains the Japanese economic miracle and its subsequent economic stagnation? What accounts for Japan’s successful democratization? In the international realm, and why? What is the future trajectory of Japanese politics? Connecting Japan to larger themes in comparative politics and linking Japan’s history, institutions, why has Japan achieved economic superpower status without achieving political superpower status? What has or has not changed since the historic election of the Democratic Party of Japan in 2009, policymaking process, and international relations to experiences and structures in other countries, this book is essential reading for any course on Japanese or Asian Politics.

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