If His Heart is Hood, His Love is Forever

You just have to roll with it or find yourself forever waiting for that life you think you deserve. As long as his city showed love, the world didn’t need to know just how great he was, but trust that his hometown considered him untouchable. Bronx, is an underground rapper/street hustler who is perfectly content with being New York’s best kept secret.

Not in the sense that he was better, but just in the fact that he had no regard for anyone else’s feelings, nor did he make apologies for that. Unfortunately for them both, fate intervened, and the two find themselves caught in the middle of an unexpected connection where their lives are intertwined in a way that challenges them both.

Brooklyn “brim” Harris, is a playboy by nature. His main priority is watching his brother’s back, hitting the streets, pleasing the women, and keeping his pockets full. But if you’re in, you have to be all in because Hood Love makes no apologies when it tests your heart. Sometimes you find love in the unlikeliest places, and just because you find it doesn’t mean it’s yours to keep.

Reason is trying to figure out her life, but add in Bronx Harris, which is hard enough, and you have a whole set of other issues. Being street born and raised has given him the key ingredients to being what the ladies love, and he uses that to his full advantage. What happens when he meets his one?teagan is your typical good girl loving the wrong guy, she’s the one who walked when she felt disrespected, or is she? Truth be told, but her heart was another story.

If His Heart is Hood, His Love is Forever 2

But can his past really just be his past?Edge’s skeletons seem to escape the closet that he’s been hiding them in when a blast from their past decides to resurface. She’s selfish, and deceitful, conniving, as well as bound and determined to get back the one thing she lost. But the question we all want to know is.

. Who is she?secrets can destroy even the strongest bonds, but when they were never solid in the first place, what happens? The Harris men and everyone in their circle are about to find that out when their lives come crashing down around them. Bronx finds himself opening up to the possibility of letting someone in, but will reason decide to take that leap with him?Brooklyn had his mind made up that he wouldn’t completely give his all to Teagan, but will she force his hand and make him give her what no one else has?Karma finds Torren, but it might just be the one thing he needs to get his life on track.

Or will they? .

If His Heart is Hood, His Love is Forever 3

Not to mention a few lose ends from the past potentially ignite a spark of doubt in both of them. Torren has been hit with so many uncertainties that he can barely believe in and hang on to what’s real. Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about. Bronx quickly realizes that one stupid moment could cost him everything.

She could find herself trapped in a legal nightmare that she can’t escape. Edge thought that life was perfect having his cake and eating it too, but he potentially learns that sometimes what you think is having it all is really losing what or who is most important. The harris men and those connected to them have weaved a tangled web of complicated love, and its getting more intense with every lingering emotion.

Unfortunately, her insecurities about whether or not his love is solely hers causing issues that threaten their happy union. Will he learn that sometimes the surrender is more important than the fight, or will he lose the one person who he wants the most?Brim has been pulled under Teagan’s magical spell without even realizing that his heart was no longer his own.

However, ayah might not be able to escape her family drama in order to remain in his life. No matter what, he vows to make the most of what little brings him happiness. Will they get it together and give in, or will they let their egos and bad decisions cost them their forever? .

He Who Is a Friend Sadik Book 1

Sadik was an ellis man with a solid education, his own thriving businesses, and self-obtained wealth. And, my god, all the red flags were there. If any of these elements is not what you prefer between the pages of a novel, this is not the venture for you. Yet i ignored them all, throwing caution to the winds of naivety just to add a little spice to my mundane world.

However, the ellis family was known for their long underbelly ruling of the state of New Jersey. This book contains angst, sexual explicit content, violence, profanity, and gory material. He held all the features: striking feline eyes, wealth exuding like the enticing scent of cologne, incredible sex appeal, golden russet skin, and mind-blowing determination.

He was also trouble from the other side of the tracks, something I’d sensed. A world that will never be the same because I allowed it to be infiltrated by an Ellis. Publisher’s note: “he who is a friend” is book ONE of a THREE book series. Sadik ellis blew into my rather insipid world at breakneck speed and with gripping force.

When sadik assured his life was separate of his father’s, I believed him each time. I fell completely and dangerously head over heels for him. It ends on a suspenseful CLIFFHANGER.

Love Me or Leave Me Alone

A quick run in with navarro Alexander has Myon realizing what a real man is like, even before she wants to acknowledge it. Mission alexander is the epitome of a boss. Tayah nolan!tayah nolan has always settled to make things in her life easy; this includes her fiance and career. Not liking change, mission resists this new venture until he realizes the connection it has with someone he wants.

As they go back and forth, there will come a time when they each think, "Love Me or Leave Me Alone. ". Now that he has conquered the illegal world, his cousin urges him to cross over into the legit side. He is comfortable where he is at, but in the back of his mind, he knows he wants more. A rough upbringing causes Navarro to care more than he should for people.

The puzzle won't be easy and will have each of them reevaluating things. Rude, and sexy all at the same time, uncaring, Mission is who he is unapologetically. Feeling like her life is stagnant, with some encouragement from her sister, Myon, she finally takes a risk that will change her whole life. Nothing comes before his money or his business.

Navarro alexander, lawyer by day and thug by night, has been stuck in his situationship for far to long. Living life day to day, she prefers things to just flow.

Love Me or Leave Me Alone 2

Navarro promised his love and loyalty, only to prove her wrong and be caught up yet again in another situation with his ex. It's all of nothing, but its well worth the ride, and the stakes are high, or is it? . His only fault is that the women in his life get more chances than they deserve. The street life has caught up with Navarro and Mission both, and priorities sometimes push love to the side.

It's not easy to have it all, which the Alexander men quickly learn when the Nolan women have to decide if they're willing to accept the good with the bad. Myon has to decide whether he’s worth the time she’s invested, and it's not looking like its going to play out in his favor. Navarro is a dark soul with a good heart.

It's no longer about him; it's about the ones he has willingly and unwillingly given his heart to. Tayah fought with every fiber of her being to deny that her heart belonged to the one person she refused to give it to, but unfortunately, love has a way of making that decision for you. However, she might lose it all when Mission has to face the reality of his life choices.

Why give your heart away only to have it shattered is the burning question that Myon seems to be faced with. Will he be able to hold on to the one who truly should receive all that he has to give, or will he have to lose in order to protect the one person who has always been in his corner. Misson alexander is not the type of man who can be told what to do, but when he finds himself faced with the decision to kill or be killed, he only has seconds to react.

Wifed Up By A Street Legend

He had been through a lot, and seen a lot at a young age, which made him numb to life. This is a story of two couples from completely different backgrounds falling for each other. You’ll get to know milani, her best friend Toriyah but also the Karter Brothers, Kaizon and Kaiszer. How can two people, with completely different upbringings, have so much in common? The only answer to that question is that they were destined to be together, despite the wrath they encounter.

Milani austin had been through hell and back in life. But when it goes and gets tough, who’s willing to keep their feet planted and fight for the relationship? Will they be standing alone after the dust settles, or will they walk away from all the drama together? Being groomed for the family business since age thirteen, he never got to live a normal life.

Milani didn’t want for anything, she felt empty inside, she was searching for answers, yet, because nothing made sense to her. Kaiszer karter was the son of the infamous Kason Karter. Until something changes her life drastically, causing her to be uprooted once again, and placed in the home of an unfamiliar face.

At a young age, being adopted by people the complete opposite of her complexion, she had a hard time growing up. Growing up, quiet, he was always the relax, chill brother, who no one really paid attention too. This is no ordinary love story, this is a story that can only be understood through taking a moment to walk in each character’s shoes.

Savage State of Mind: For the Love of An ATL Rider

For now, it’s just a thought, but who knows how things will play out?Anything goes when you’re dealing with a Savage State of Mind, but is it a price worth paying when it comes down to life or death? . The mind of a savage is cold. How can life be so perfect and hollow at the same time? Finding the one who deserves her heart is challenging to say the least, just maybe, but maybe, she will finally find the right one.

Durham clayton is a man of principle. Once he acquired the income to support his lifestyle, Durham retired, but he still owns the rights to control who works the blocks in his territory. Partnered with his best friend, the two have an empire worth fighting for, Zaire, but Durham is quickly learning that love might need to be on that list also.

There are two things about him that most learn quickly and never forget. Unfortunately, money can’t buy love. She has a good heart with terrible luck, and she finds herself indebted to the wrong people. He’s the person who everyone turns to when they’ve run out of options, but when they can’t pay up, the consequences are deadly.

The one thing her heart desires the most. He lives by his own rules and makes no apologies. Having ruled the streets of atlanta by dominating the drug market, he figures out that no matter how great the money was, that life would only lead him to jail or a pine box.

If His Heart is Hood, His Love is Forever: A Harris Family Holiday

The harris family has some new additions and life has somewhat changed, their friends, but the crew remains the same!Take a journey into the future with them to find out how the holidays fare with the Harris men, and the families that they love and protect!.

Lost In That Hood Love 2

Will they be able to get their personal lives in order and protect their families from the streets? The Andrews brothers are definitely Lost in That Hood Love, but will that be their ultimate downfall? Keeping his family out of harm’s way and not falling back into the street life is the only thing on Cage’s mind.

Will cage be able to protect his family from a brewing street war, or will he be sucked back into his old lifestyle?After the craziness of the event, Desai isn’t even sure if she has a job anymore. Crane’s personal life is out of control, and an enemy is out lurking in the shadows and waiting for a vulnerable moment to pounce.

Will crane be able to win shy back and become a family with her and the baby they have on the way, and now that includes their little brother, or has he done too much to be forgiven?Crane and Cage have always put family first, Keem. Her best friend used her to cause havoc in other people’s lives, and now Desai must figure out what she will do next.

Smith’s revelations have torn Crane and Shy’s relationship to pieces, and it may be beyond repair. It will be up to crane to prove to Shy that their love can overcome anything. That vulnerability will cause Crane to lose someone close to him and force him to change his priorities. Shots have been fired, leaving everyone wondering what will happen next.

Cage is thrown back into the street life and will do whatever it takes to protect his brothers, but at the same time, he has to think of his son and Desai.

Let Me Free You McClain Brothers Book 4

Neil is searching for freedom from the demons of his past. Sage is in desperate need of help. Could it be that what each one needs resides in the other? Neil mcclain is the screw-up, the one everyone hopes will win but expects to lose. Sage moniba is in need of a major miracle or she’ll be forced to give up the only life she’s known.

He wants to live a better life, one that his late mother would be proud of, but his belief in himself is weak.