How to Build a Wooden Boat

Literate, warm, encouraging, insightful. Author built wooden boats for over 50 years and shares his knowledge about traditional, practical, plank-on-frame boat construction. Wonderfully illustrated by Sam Manning.

Building Small Boats

It's perfect for folks looking to have some of the mysteries of the building process peeled away, or just boning-up on a good technique or two. This book has fast become a best-seller. For years greg has been teaching the fundamentals here at our WoodenBoat School. The combination will drive-home the lessons.

Greg's talent for relaying this experience into the written word has resulted in a text with a straight-forward friendly approach, including helpful drawings and photographs. A classic in the making. Building small boats is the ideal book for the construction of boats under 25 feet in length. Used book in Good Condition.


Boatbuilding: A Complete Handbook of Wooden Boat Construction

An added feature is the inclusion of building plans for nineteen boats designed for this book and suitable for amateur building. Boatbuilding is a practical handbook and boatshop assistant, designed and written to meet the needs of the builder, covering the complete process of wooden boat construction. Boatbuilding gives detailed instructions, with many illustrations, on all phases of boatbuilding written out of actual boatbuilding practice and aids the builder in planning each job in its proper sequence in relation to those that follow.

The text covers all types of craft from flat-bottom rowboats to ocean cruisers and commercial vessels, and aids the builder in overcoming difficulties and discouraging delays resulting from the lack of easily available information on the practical side of boatbuilding. Illustrated throughout Used book in Good Condition.

After a chapter discussing the choice of plans suitable for amateur work there are chapters on lofting, deck framing and building, round-bottom hull construction, canvas, ribband carvel, iron-work, the backbone and setting up, V-bottom hull construction, special construction plywood, joiner-work, strip planking, heavy construction, lap-strake, flat-bottom hull construction, diagonal, and spar making.

Each chapter is organized for easy and quick reference, and the book is completely indexed.

Boatbuilding Manual, Fifth Edition

Get the latest boatbuilding tips from this updated classic Since its first publication in 1970, in the offices of professional builders, Boatbuilding Manual has become the standard reference in boatbuilding and boat design schools, and in the basement workshops of home builders. No other boatbuilding text has simultaneously served the disparate needs of professional and amateur audiences so successfully.

. Carl cramer, the publisher of woodenBoat and Professional Boatbuilder magazines, has fully updated this fifth edition with the latest in boatbuilding techniques and developments. Includes: the latest wood-epoxy construction methods that make amateur building more successful than ever before recommendations on products and materials, Deck Framing, Steering, Lines and Laying Down, etc, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical, Interior Joinerwork, and the Backbone, Fiberglass and Other Hull Materials, Finishing, Templates, Molds, saving you time and money substantial time and expense Topics include: Plans, Woods, Potpourri, Deck Joinerwork, Decking, Setting Up, Framing, Fastenings, Tanks, Planking, Sailboat Miscellany, Tools, Safety Used book in Good Condition.


The Elements of Boat Strength: For Builders, Designers, and Owners

What reviewers have said about Dave Gerr's books: Propeller Handbook "By far the best book available on the subject. Sailing "the best layman's guide we've ever read. Practical sailor dave gerr and International Marine made a complicated topic understandable and put it into a handbook that is easy to use.

Woodenboat "without doubt the definitive reference for selecting, installing, and understanding boat propellers. Royal navy sailing association journal The Nature of Boats "If you are not nautically obsessed before reading this book, you will most certainly be afterward. Sailing fascinating potpourri of information about today's boats, modern and traditional.

Woodenboat Used book in Good Condition. Cruder, U. S. In addition to the rules themselves, plain-english discussion of boatbuilding materials, The Elements of Boat Strength offers their context: an in-depth, methods, and practices that will guide you through all aspects of boat construction. It is the first to include a method of assessing structural strength in the context of the modern marine environment.

Commander M. Coast guard acclaimed author and naval architect dave gerr created this unique system of easy-to-use scantling rules and rules-of-thumb for calculating the necessary dimensions, steel, of hulls, or scantlings, wood-epoxy composite, and other boat parts, whether built of fiberglass, wood, decks, or aluminum.

Now you can avoid wading through dense technical engineering manuals or tackling advanced mathematics.

The Boatbuilder's Apprentice: The Ins and Outs of Building Lapstrake, Carvel, Stitch-and-Glue, Strip-Planked, and Other Wooden Boa

Learn the ins and outs of building lapstrake, strip-planked, carvel, and Other Wooden BoatsWhether you are contemplating your first-ever boatbuilding project or trying to decide what design you'd like to build next, Stitch-and-Glue, Greg Rössel can help. Even fewer can write or illustrate effectively.

The boatbuilder's apprentice is a must guide for anyone planning or even dreaming about building a wooden boat. The boatbuilder's apprentice is a successful blend of technique and wisdom, and is, I believe, destined to become a classic. Karen wales, woodenBoat Review Used book in Good Condition. Yet this author is highly skilled in each of these areas.

. Here's just a glimpse of what's inside this complete overview of wooden boatbuilding: how rowing, scarf a joint, and necessary skills for building how wooden boats are built, cut a rabbet, sailing, time, steam bend frames, and spile planks How to take the lines off an old classic whose plans have been lost How to make oars, and how they compare in cost, laminate stems, knees, paddling, spars, and more Greg Rössel writes with warmth, lapstrake, coamings, including the pros and cons of carvel, and other methods How to choose the best boat and building method for your next project How to loft a hull, wit, dory lap, cleats, stitch and glue, gaff jaws, and powerboat designs perform, strip plank, and an engaging style.

While there are many talented boatbuilders in the world, only a handful are also good teachers. Greg rössel is a Renaissance man.

How to Build Wooden Boats: With 16 Small-Boat Designs Dover Woodworking

Used book in Good Condition. Written especially for the amateur boat builder, rowboats, sailboats, this concise guidebook contains clear, outboards, a 125-class hydroplane, practical directions and designs for building 16 modern small boats, and a runabout. You'll find detailed step-by-step instructions, with diagrams, for each design presented.

. Boat builders can choose from these basic designs: nine-foot dinghy, 18-foot runabout, simplified sailer, centerboard sloop, two outboard boats for camping and fishing enthusiasts, racing hydroplane, two skiffs, an outboard cruiser, outboard racer, eight-foot punt, two outboard runabouts, racing sailboat, and keel sloop.

With this book at your fingertips, you can experience the satisfaction of building and using a strong, well-proportioned craft, designed by an expert — a boat that offers hours of enjoyment, both in the workshop and on the water. The construction techniques have been kept as simple as possible; moreover, the standardized techniques described and illustrated here are used in boat yards and can be used to construct a variety of other craft not included in this volume.

After an enlightening general discussion of small boat building, Mr. Monk, choosing and assembling building materials, presents detailed guidelines for selecting a design, a noted naval architect, and building and finishing the craft.

Building Classic Small Craft : Complete Plans and Instructions for 47 Boats

John gardner's work has engaged and inspired more individuals connected with traditional small craft than will ever be counted. Woodenboat magazine "Deserves an honored place on the library shelf. National fisherman "poses clear and impassioned means to go from the armchair to the open water via your own boat shop.

Sea history this big, handsome legacy volume contains all the plans, and directions needed to build any of 47 beautiful small boats for oar, measurements, sail, or motor. Used book in Good Condition.

Hand Tools: Their Ways and Workings

For those who would like to have the benefit of a woodworker's extensive experience with hand tools, this is the book to own. From bit brace, chisel, and mallet to saws, and spokeshave, specialized planes, drawknife, Aldren Watson describes in detail the actions of the tools basic to good woodworking. Used book in Good Condition.

. With 450 b/w illustrations by the author. All the procedures are explicitly illustrated with handsome line drawings, and an appendix gives plans and dimensions for making a workbench and other necessary pieces of shop equipment. W w norton Company. Crammed with practical information, asking questions and getting straight answers in plain language, it is the next best thing to looking over a craftsman's shoulder as he works with his tools, seeing how each tool is held and manipulated to get the best work out of it.

A longtime woodworker's illustrated guide to the tools of the trade and how to use them.

Fifty Wooden Boats: A Catalog of Building Plans, Vol.1

In addition there are drawings that identify the parts of a wooden boat, a guide for the selection of various woods, a bibliography, and instructions by Weston Farmer on reading boat plans. The first in the series, this catalog contains study plans for 50 designs -- which range from a 7'7" pram to a 41'3" schooner.

Used book in Good Condition. W w norton Company. Used book in Good Condition.

Details of Classic Boat Construction: The Hull

Used book in Good Condition. A world of useful information is contained in just these 448 pages. This 25th anniversary edition has a new iforward by Theis Mattisen, sailor, renewned boatbuilder, adventurer and writer who feels this book will encourage even the least skilled of boatbuilders. W w norton Company.

Used book in Good Condition. Guides to repairing and maintaining your boat are included as well. He and his wife, lin, strong, have built two, handsome boats an sailed twice around the world in them. This book will help you to save money, time, and energy while creating the boat of your dreams. Larry pardey is accepted as one of the master craftsman of the wooden-boat building world.

This impressive book shows the process of constructing a boat hull with extensive photographs and drawings and includes ample time-saving procedures. This book will also guide you with the right tools and equipment, planning and detailing as well as how to create and make your own tools.