Gay Tartan Gay Romance Book 8

Amor Vincit Omnia. ’. Callum mcCrea is 23. By the end of the book, though, a codicil has been added: Love Conquers All. The two men fall in love … and the domestic and dynastic apple-carts are well and truly upset. This is the tale of a forbidden love that crosses the upstairs-downstairs divide as well as transgressing other social norms upheld by most landed gentry.

The mccrea family motto is ‘Fortudine’ - With Fortitude. Heir to a vast scottish estate, and almost engaged to the beautiful girl next door herself the heiress to the adjoining estate he seems to have everything he could want. But then 19-year-old teddy, product of a children’s home in the north of England, joins the domestic staff.

Originally published as Gay Romance in Tartan - 2014.

Gay Romance in Majorca

Of their complex love tri-tangle with 18-year-old Dunk and their discovery in the end that only Daniel will do. The loveliest person ever sits next to you on the plane. You lose him, only to find him again, then lose him in the crowd. This is the story of english daniel, on holiday separately, and French Daniel, 23, 22, then together, in Majorca – or on Mallorca.

Of how their holiday romance grows into something stronger, and how their holiday island becomes their home. But he’s in the wrong seat.

Cocker and I Gay Romance Book 5

Love has many lessons to teach them as they grapple with their emerging sexuality, deal with the machinations of others and dare to look at the face of lasting happiness. Life draws them together at whirlwind speed as they find themselves playing opposite each other in a student production of Hamlet and, after a few false starts, playing together in bed.

Two 18-year-old boys find themselves sharing a room when they arrive at Oxford. First published in 2013 as Gay Romance at Oxford.

Gay Romance on Garda

On the shores of lake Garda he joins a world he has only dreamed of before now. A world of yachts, grand opera and fast cars. As he learns to sail with them on the blue waters of the lake he falls in love with both of them. 21-year-old henry is hired by the wealthy Luccini family to tutor their younger son Sandro in English.

Yet can he even have one? The world of the beautiful Luccini brothers, Michele and Sandro.

Sweet Nineteen Gay Romance Book 1

An adventure that would catapult them into the sweet and sometimes painful mysteries of life and sex and love. A journey that would take them into business partnership together. Origianlly published as Gay Romance: A Novel - 2013. A brush of thigh against thigh and a sideways, then a downward, glance. A journey that would bring them little by little to the deepest reaches of the human heart.

A chance encounter on a country bus. Nineteen-year-olds tom and Mick could hardly have guessed the epic nature of the journey they were setting out on.

The Van Gogh Window Gay Romance Book 6

Originally published as Gay Romance: The Van Gogh Window in 2013. They force david to return to london in search of the boy in the photograph and then, to make the longer, like Vincent before him, deeper journey in search of himself. David, 28 and already divorced, is taken on holiday to Provence by his gay best mate.

Deeply buried memories surface. But in arles, the town where van Gogh settled, David sees a nude photo of the boy whose friendship with him brought about his divorce. The idea is to recreate the journey Vincent Van Gogh made a century earlier, from cold dark northern Europe to the sunnier south.

The Paris Novel Gay Romance Book 4

27-year-old peter has taken himself to Paris, after splitting up with his girlfriend, to find new love - and write. The last thing he’s looking for is handsome blond Fabrice, who also identifies as straight. But a love they can’t at first acknowledge blooms between them. But where better to discover the intricacies of love and yourself than in the world’s most romantic capital? The city of Paris, its inhabitants and its street life are all integral characters in this book.

. Only an enforced separation obliges them to face the truth. First published in 2013 as Gay Romance in Paris.

Tibidabo Gay Romance Book 9

But mike, the young irishman he meets on the Barcelona airport bus, his pockets taped up in fear of pickpockets, is in the same dire straits as Thomas. Can any man or angel break his fall before he hits the ground? Originally published as Gay Romance in Barcelona, 2014. Marry a man for money if you can… especially if, like 34-year-old Thomas, you lost your job and boyfriend in the crash of 2008.

A few weeks later, despite their seeming made for each other, they agree to break off their relationship. But thomas soon finds that in abandoning Mike he has also cast himself adrift - thrown himself down from a high place.

Spring Sonata Gay Romance Book 10

An invitation to play chamber music in the Dordogne. A quickie on Hampstead Heath. More than one grand passion lies in store for him during his next twenty-five years. Chris, jeremy and luke will all spend time with him in the countryside and elegant houses of southern France. But with whom will he find himself lying out under the stars when the beautiful music stops? Originally published as Gay Romance: Spring Sonata, 2014.

These two pole-star events will between them set the course of young theatre manager Robbie’s future life.

Romance on the Orient Express Gay Romance Book 12

An unanticipated closeness develops between Nedim and Braslav as a collision with a snowdrift in Croatia leaves all on board facing cold, hunger and danger. As the bond between them is tested by events, they discover that they share a difficult secret… The tale of a surprising love that blossoms in unexpected places, Romance on the Orient Express is a roller-coaster journey of intrigue, against the backdrop of the glamorous Express’s odyssey through inter-War Europe, passion and adventure.

. Two young men meet on board the Orient Express in the freezing February of 1929.

Touching Fifty Gay Romance Book 11

Not least is peter’s attachment to his best straight friend Finbar. Big experiences of love and life lie behind them, including things in Paul’s past that don’t add up. Peter, gay and recently bereaved, 51, meets Paul - who has recently split up with his long-time girlfriend - in an English country pub one winter night.

All together? a couple and a single? Or what…? But obstacles loom up. And when paul finds himself attracted to finbar too…In adventures that span England, Italy, Spain and Portugal the three attempt to sort their issues out and build the foundations of their future lives. Somehow the unlikely couple find themselves lurching into a relationship.