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How to Build Military Grade Suppressors

It is a must have for serious silencer enthusiasts and if you purchased the previous edition you will certainly want this one. Be sure to buy the companion DVD UPC# 793573814371. New design suppressor for military Grade Rifles Brand New!! Keith Anderson, renown for his quality suppressor books has completely revised this manual.

This is a must have tool to accompany the comprehensive publication by Mr. Anderson. The book covers construction tools, materials and techniques. This suppressor works for AR-15s,. 50 bmgs or other models in between. It even tutors you in the art of welding. It features a more efficient suppressor design than the previous edition and takes you step by step from raw material to a finished military grade suppressor.


AR-15 Rifle Builder's Manual: An Illustrated, Step-by-Step Guide to Assembling the AR-15 Rifle

This book is not only the authoritative guide to building an AR-15 rifle, it is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to upgrade or modify their existing AR. Take it to your workbench or the range. Topics include: • lower receiver group components, tools, and assembly • how an ar trigger works • headspacing an AR-15 • Bolt carrier group assembly • Upper receiver group components, tools, and assembly • Function check procedures • Basic AR-15 operation • Service and lubrication • Troubleshooting You won’t find a more detailed AR-15 assembly manual anywhere.

Designed specifically for e-reader platforms, this manual offers reader-friendly navigation between the Table of Contents and all subsections. The ar-15 rifle builder's manual is the fully illustrated step-by-step guide to building the AR-15 style rifle. Key concepts such as headspacing, troubleshooting, trigger function, and cycle of operation are also covered.

The primary ar-15 groups upper receiver assembly, lower receiver assembly, and bolt carrier group are broken down into their component assemblies to provide every detail in the AR-15 assembly process. No procedure is left out or glossed over. If you want to build your own AR-15 style rifle, this is the book you need.


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Building Your AR-15 From Scratch

Starting with a bare lower receiver and then adding all the parts, you ll follow master AR-15 armorer Jim VanMiddlesworth as he details all the parts and tools necessary to build this rifle with particular emphasis on nomenclature and reliability. Learn how to build an ar-15 from scratch! yes, this program shows you the complete, step-by-step procedures on how to put together an AR-15 from parts to an actual functioning and firing weapon.

He shows common mistakes and how to avoid them along with master secrets and techniques to help minimize frustration and maximize your time and efficiency. 3 hours in length, shot in HD, Professionally Produced. Produced by Lenny Magill. The world leader in firearm video programming. This is a professional, informative production from start to finish.

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Gunsmithing the AR-15, The Bench Manual

Like taking an armorer's course for the ar-15! in this companion volume to gunsmithing the ar-15 volumes 1 and 2, replace, gunsmith and best-selling firearms author Patrick Sweeney goes beyond basic repair and maintenance and provides project instructions and expert tips to install some of the most popular brand components, Patrick Sweeney teaches you how to remove, including parts from:GeisseleDaniel DefenseYankee HillAlexander ArmsTimneyRock RiverCMCWilson CombatAnd more!For the casual shooter or first-time owner to the advanced practitioner, maintain and upgrade every single part on your AR-15 rifle with Gunsmithing the AR-15: The Bench Manual.

. More than just a step-by-step manual, this insider's guidebook is chock full of insights on how to change or replace worn, broken or obsolete parts--truly the must-have guide to get the job done right! Whether your AR-15 is for hunting, competition or defense, The Bench Manual is a must-have resource for AR-15 owners who want to transform their vanilla-plain AR into a firearm that is ready for anything.

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Select Fire AK-47 Gilil and Valmet Conversion Manual

Conversion, semi auto, select fire, full auto, rifle. Free upgrade to first class mail. Brand new Gun digest Books.

Home Workshop Silencers I

For reference and historical purposes only. Gun digest Books. Improvised materials and machining techniques are suggested. More than fifty 9" x 12" working machinist's drawings present clear step-by-step directions for building three different advanced firearm silencers for submachine guns and pistols. Conversion, semi auto, select fire, full auto, rifle.

Home Workshop Silencers.

Full-Auto Conversion Of The SKS Rifle

All batf rules apply. Learn how to modify the rifle's trigger assembly with simple hand tools, safely test the weapon for proper function and enjoy recreational full-auto fire. Conversion, select fire, semi auto, full auto, rifle. Home Workshop Silencers. This book is for academic study only! 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, photos, illus.

80 pp. Gun digest Books.

U.S. Army Guide to Boobytraps

The U. S. With intricate and detailed diagrams, stairways, you’ll discover how army troops can disguise boobytraps in household items such as irons, and televisions; in structures such as window frames, teapots, and wooden beams; and in outdoor areas, in bushes and underground. Find out how boobytraps work, why they are used in the army, and the tactics behind their set-up.

Gun digest Books. Little is more dangerous to U. S. This official U. S. Also included are detailed instructions for detecting and removing boobytraps. It’s the weapon of choice for under-funded forces aimed to attack American soldiers with low risk to themselves. Forces fighting insurgents in hot spots around the world than improvised explosive devices.

Learn the mechanics of the various types of firing devices, cords, blasting caps, adapters, fuses, detonators, and lighters. Here you can learn how to assemble, use, detect, and remove boobytraps and demolition items in almost any situation. Army guide to boobytraps explains the responsibilities and safety issues that should be thoroughly understood by anyone using any weapon.

Manual is the complete guide to using and dismantling boobytraps.