Families in the New Testament World FRC Family, Religion, and Culture

What was the family like for the first christians? Informed by archaeological work and illustrated by figures, this work is a remarkable window into the past, one that both informs and illuminates our current condition. The family, culture, and religion series offers informed and responsible analyses of the state of the American family from a religious perspective and provides practical assistance for the family's revitalization.


Families in Ancient Israel Family, Religion, and Culture

Four respected scholars of the Hebrew Bible and early Judaism provide a clear portrait of the family in ancient Israel. Important theological and ethical implications are made for the family today. The family, culture, and religion series offers informed and responsible analyses of the state of the American family from a religious perspective and provides practical assistance for the family's revitalization.


The Way We Never Were: American Families and the Nostalgia Trap

More relevant than ever, the way We Never Were is a potent corrective to dangerous nostalgia for an American tradition that never really existed. This revised edition includes a new introduction and epilogue, marriage, exploring how the clash between growing gender equality and rising economic inequality is reshaping family life, and male-female relationships in our modern era.

In the way we never were, acclaimed historian Stephanie Coontz examines two centuries of the American family, sweeping away misconceptions about the past that cloud current debates about domestic life. The definitive edition of the classic, the "male breadwinner marriage" is the least traditional family in history, a man's home has never been his castle, myth-shattering history of the American family Leave It to Beaver was not a documentary, and rape and sexual assault were far higher in the 1970s than they are today.

The 1950s do not present a workable model of how to conduct our personal lives today, Coontz argues, and neither does any other era from our cultural past. Basic Books.

Early Christian Families in Context

Typical studies of marriage and family in the early Christian period focus on very limited evidence found in Scripture. By exploring the nature of households in the ancient Greco-Roman world, the contributors assemble a new understanding of ancient Christian families that is both compelling and instructive.

Divided into six parts, the book covers key aspects of ancient family life, from meals and child-rearing to women's roles and the lives of slaves. This interdisciplinary book offers a broader, richer picture of the first Christian families by drawing together research by experts ranging from archaeologists to ancient historians.

Basic Books. Three concluding chapters explore the implications of all this information for theological education today.

Constructing Early Christian Families

The family is a topical issue for studies of the Ancient world. Moxnes' volume presents a comprehensive and timely addition to the study of familial and social structures in the Early Christian world, which will certainly stimulate further debate. Asceticism and the rejection of sexuality are considered in the context of Christian constructions of the family.

This volume expands that discussion to investigate the early Christian family structures within the larger Graeco-Roman context. Particular emphasis is given to how family metaphors, such as 'brotherhood' function to describe relations in early Christian communities. Family, household and kinship have different connotations in antiquity from their modern ones.

Basic Books.

Theology and Families

Develops family-friendly readings of scripture, tradition and doctrine, and moves forward theological treatment of marriage, gender and children. This timely book, by one of the world’s leading theologians in this field, makes a positive theological contribution to present intellectual and practical discussions about families and children.

Utilizes the theological resources that are best equipped to deal with these changes and to shape ethical teaching, moral judgements, ethical practice, and public policies. Considers the causes and consequences of changes to families over recent decades. Basic Books. Explores the intellectual and practical debates about the changing nature of family forms, roles and relationships, and how Christian faith and theology can contribute to the thriving of families and children.


Ending Marriage, Keeping Faith: A New Guide Through the Spiritual Journey of Divorce

Nichols challenges much of the conventional wisdom about divorce, reassuring landmarks, building the case that divorce can be a growth pilgrimage with a fundamental spiritual direction, companionship along the way, both religious and psychological, and finally a safe ending. Thousands of readers have said that this book was the one thing they read that gave them both understanding and hope in the dark hours of their divorce experience.

Basic Books. J. Randall nichols' book is one of the fruits of his own painful but re-creative divorce experience, and he has written it to provide the kind of hope, insight, and guidance he could not find elsewhere to others like himself. Dr. One of the very few books that speaks knowledgeably and compassionately about both spiritual and psychological aspects of divorce, Ending Marriage, Keeping Faith is an invitation to experience even the pain and confusion of divorce as a spiritual journey rather than an absolute ending.


Thinking About Christian Apologetics: What It Is and Why We Do It

Most introductions to apologetics begin with the "how to" of defending the faith, diving right into the major apologetic arguments and the body of evidence. What is apologetics? how has apologetics developed? What are the basic apologetic approaches? Why should we practice apologetics? Countless Christians today are seeking a responsibe way to defend and commend their faith.

For those who want a more foundational look at this contested theological discipline, approaches, this book examines Christian apologetics in its nature, history, objections and practice. Basic Books. If you are one them, Thinking About Christian Apologetics is the place to start.

The Promise of the Father: Jesus and God in the New Testament

Thompson argues that, rather than rooting the image of God in a debate about gender, "Father" terminology really identifies an ancestor who grants inheritance. Basic Books. Marianne thompson surveys the portrayal of god as father in the Old Testament and Second Temple Judaism, in the ministry of Jesus, in the Synoptic Gospels, and in the writings of Paul and John.


Jesus' Family Values

Basic Books. What are christian family values, and first-century sectarian world, why are there so many interpretations of what Jesus actually taught and said, Roman, Jewish, Deirdre Good asks, and which of these biblical values should guide our lives? She begins by setting this conversation in the context of the Greek, and criticizes the attempts to use biblical texts literally in advocating for marriage and the family.

Through careful attention to the words and stories of Matthew, and the letters of Paul, Luke, John, Mark, Good provides an ideal method for studying the Bible to find out what it actually says to our communities and households today. Extended families and communities. Other chapters will take up the meaning of house and home, marriage and divorce, and biological ties vs.

. Many people claim to know what jesus would say or do in the kinds of ethical dilemmas we face today, but applying "traditional" Christian values out of context actually sells Jesus' teaching short.

Exploring Marketing Research with Qualtrics Printed Access Card

Basic Books. In addition to updates based on recent trends and technology, the new 11th Edition features an increased emphasis on ethical and international issues, reflecting their growing importance in modern marketing research. Exploring marketing research, 11e, analysis, provides a thorough guide to the design, execution, and reporting of marketing research to support effective business decisions.

The text prepares students to approach marketing research from a management perspective rather than as hands-on practitioners, such as designing questionnaires, data analysis tools, practical approaches to data analytics, providing valuable business context while introducing both traditional research methods, including current data collection devices, and the latest technological advances, and the impact of social media and artifactual online data.