Fallen Mangrove: A Jesse McDermitt Novel Caribbean Adventure Series Book 5

Few of the crew survive, but they manage to salvage most of the treasure and bury it on the island, leaving a clue to its location locked in a chest and placed in the bough of a young mangrove tree. Four-hundred and forty years later, jesse McDermitt and his friends solve the riddle that was hidden inside a chest found encased in an ancient mangrove tree and go in search of the treasure.

When the miami based croatian mob learns about the treasure they go to great lengths and expense, in an attempt to relieve Jesse and his friends of the riches. A demented, hyper sexed island woman also wants it for her own, as does a Miami attorney who is married to Jesse’s estranged daughter. A spanish treasure ship is driven by a hurricane onto the rocky shoreline of Elbow Cay in September of 1566.

As the body count grows, will the crew of Gaspar’s Revenge find the treasure or become one of the island’s statistics? .

Fallen King: A Jesse McDermitt Novel Caribbean Adventure Series Book 6

A twisted psychopath is in control of the gang and trying to lure him out in the open. Someone is using explosives to fish the ecologically fragile patch reefs in the shallow waters of Florida Bay, north of the Keys. Jesse and the ones he cares for most are caught in the cross-hairs. It's just another day in paradise in this sixth installment of the Jesse McDermitt series.

Retired marine Jesse McDermitt doesn't like explosions in his backyard. Knowing his penchant for inserting himself in matters best left to the authorities, his friends withhold information from him about the destruction to the delicate, living corals. Ignoring his friends advice, he digs for the truth. Jesse doesn't much like this, either.

He discovers that a vicious Miami street gang is involved when he and his daughter witness a gruesome double murder on remote Cape Sable. Jesse's instinct and training compel him to attack, but conflicts with his newfound parental need to protect. The quiet and solitude found in the back country and wetlands of south Florida has been shattered.

Why does a gang that deals strictly in lead, and large bricks of cash want to steal cheap boats in the Keys, kilos, just to poach a few bucks worth of gamefish?What Jesse uncovers is far more sinister than he bargained for.

Fallen Pride: A Jesse McDermitt Novel Caribbean Adventure Series Book 4

When it’s learned that the foe is one of their own, all hell breaks loose around the Florida Keys. The royalties earned from this novel are donated to Homes for Warriors in Brevard County, Florida, to help build and remodel homes to be given to deserving veterans and their families. Retired marine jesse mcdermitt faces an antagonist unlike none that he’s faced before, post-traumatic stress.

. A friend’s son, is suffering from nightmares, dishonorably discharged from the Corps, brought on by an incident that was the catalyst for his discharge. With jesse’s help he learns to cope with his demons and gets his discharge overturned, so that he may once again serve the country he loves. Meanwhile, and anyone else that gets in the way, Deuce, another foe is out to get Jesse, including a highly placed elected official.


Fallen Honor: A Jesse McDermitt Novel Caribbean Adventure Series Book 7

Jesse doesn’t like murderers, smelly crack monsters or drug dealers running amok in his territory. But michal grabowski is running from a Pittsburgh cocaine dealer intent on killing him in a slow and painful manner, and Key West is the end of the road. Retired marine jesse mcdermitt enjoys the summer heat and quiet solitude of his tiny island home in the back country.

Key west’s sultry summer heat isn't for the faint of heart. When jesse discovers that michal’s would-be killer is connected to recent murders in the Bahamas, he agrees to help the young man. Particularly when one of them was responsible for the destruction of his charter boat. Between a running gun battle with a group of cow hunters stretching from Key West Bight to the Everglades, a shotgun-toting Key West tarot card reader, and a rising body count, a retired Jamaican mystic, there’s little time for Jesse to just relax and watch the sun go down.


Fallen Tide: A Jesse McDermitt Novel Caribbean Adventure Series Book 8

The rescue of the yacht-owners takes on national security importance, but it’s even more important to one of Jesse’s closest friends. High speed boats and planes race across the Gulf Stream, causing the Cuban Air Force to become nervous. Will jesse and his crew reach the victims in time? That was jesse mcdermitt’s first thought when he found a partially denuded human arm, teeming with crab, and fish life, lobster, during his morning ocean swim.

The discovery of a drifting mega-yacht the following day while fishing the Gulf Stream, causes quite a stir among the many alphabet agencies of the federal government, not to mention one shaggy canine. A severed leg and two whole bodies are discovered aboard. The find links the disappearance of the yacht’s owners to the arm Jesse found twenty miles to the north, near his home in the back country of the Florida Keys.

Black marketers from Eastern Europe have set up a base of operations too close to Jesse for comfort. Coral branches rarely wear a wristwatch.

Fallen Hunter: A Jesse McDermitt Novel Caribbean Adventure Series Book 3

But he has a plan for vengeance. A friend approaches jesse seeking help for her dad who's been pressured into running drugs for a dangerous Cuban smuggler. When jesse learns that the smuggler is also an arms merchant for Hezbollah, the terrorist organization responsible for the death of someone close, he once again looks to settle the score.

Fast boats, beautiful underwater scenery, and blazing guns abound in this fast paced romp through the Caribbean, Key West, with stops in Cuba, and Cozumel, Mexico. He's been holed up on his secluded island home for months, numbing his mind and body with endless, mundane tasks. Books one and two of this series are also discounted! Jesse McDermitt has been grieving the loss of a loved one to terrorists.


Fallen Angel: A Jesse McDermitt Novel Caribbean Adventure Series Book 9

However, jesse knows that the real danger lies in the sleepy little coastal town not far from where he was once stationed. When southern politics, and money collide, power, double crosses are the name of the game. Guns blaze and big diesel engines roar, in the spooky marshes of the Lowcountry, as an innocent child's life hangs in the balance.

A high speed run from the Out Islands to the South Carolina coast is fraught with peril. A rushed rescue mission doesn’t go as planned for retired Marine Jesse McDermitt and the crew of Gaspar's Revenge. The two kidnap victims are rescued, south carolina, but they’d rather be taken back to the Jamaican drug runners who were hired to kill them than return home to laid-back Beaufort, and give the man who wants them dead the chance to hire someone more competent.

Crisscrossing hundreds of miles of open Atlantic Ocean, with a weather eye on a powerful hurricane, Jesse and his crew come up with a plan to lure out the man behind the double murder plot.

Fallen Hero: A Jesse McDermitt Novel Caribbean Adventure Series Book 10

The beautiful detective Devon Evans will do anything to apprehend the killer before he claims another victim. With shifting political winds, McDermitt and his friends must improvise and adapt to the ever-changing tide. A young treasure diving couple is sadistically murdered in the back country of the Florida Keys—and Jesse McDermitt's friend is the prime suspect.

The reclusive federal agent and former combat Marine launches his own investigation in the face of overwhelming evidence. There’s more than meets the eye in this tenth novel in the Jesse McDermitt series! Mcdermitt is certain of his friend’s innocence. When a third victim's body is discovered lodged among the mangrove roots on Knockemdown Key, the race to stop a serial killer begins.


Fallen Palm: A Jesse McDermitt Novel Caribbean Adventure Series Book 2

Surviving a powerful hurricane puts everything on hold as a top secret government agency tries to recruit him into their fold. When the sun comes back out, will Jesse be ready? When his friend's son comes to south florida to ask jesse if he would take him to a remote reef to spread his father's ashes, the two men discover that Russ was murdered and agree to hunt down the psychotic killer together, unaware that their manhunt will lead them to a Caribbean terrorist cell.

Meanwhile, a beautiful woman has returned to the Keys on a manhunt of her own, distracting Jesse with the idea that he could finally leave his warrior past behind. Jesse mcdermitt lives alone on an isolated island in the Florida Keys where he runs a charter fishing business. Retired from the marine corps for six years, he wanted nothing more than to relax, fish, dive and enjoy the laid back lifestyle of the islands.

Russ, his former platoon Sergeant and old friend, dies unexpectedly in a mysterious scuba diving accident and Jesse becomes suspicious. The prospect of finding lost Confederate gold, several high speed boat chases, and dodging demented killers, won't stop Jesse from revenge.

Rising Storm: A Jesse McDermitt Novel Caribbean Adventure Series Book 11

Miles from the laid-back lifestyle of no name Key, and just shy of the raucous nightlife of Miami and South Beach, lies Coconut Grove, a tropical oasis with a distinct Bohemian flair. Or did he? jesse mcDermitt must first determine if the victim herself is a thief. The trail of clues leads him to evidence that the thief may be involved in a string of more heinous crimes.

Jesse and chyrel enlist the help of the recently returned Charity, and the trio go “undercover” at a floating swinger’s party headed for the Bahamas, which may well be a front for torture and murder. When a sudden violent storm strikes stiltsville, Jesse finds himself alone on the ocean, trying to recover the treasure and put a murderer behind bars—but first he must win the battle with Mother Nature.

. Lately, a seedy underside has emerged along the Grove’s waterfront, preying on adventurous young women. Somewhere amid all the glitz and glamour, hides a thief who stole a fortune in Aztec emeralds.

Rising Fury: A Jesse McDermitt Novel Caribbean Adventure Series Book 12

What caused the explosion and why was a woman from Jesse's past on board?To find the answers to those questions and more, Jesse and friends will work from Miami to Key West, then across the water to Fort Myers. In the backcountry of the Florida Keys, you can see and hear trouble coming for miles in any direction.

Jesse mcdermitt lives in the backcountry and very little happens near him that he’s not aware of. During a quiet moment, far out on the Gulf, he watches a slow-moving shrimp trawler as it serenely cruises by, at the edge of the three-mile limit. When the bad guys hit too close to home, Jesse retaliates.

The tranquility of the moment is shattered when the trawler is demolished in an enormous explosion. If you’re paying attention. Furiously.