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Featuring rock star deborah harry in her first major film as a kinky hostess, and special make-up effects by Oscar-winner Rick Baker An American Werewolf in London, James Woods as a cable programmer looking for the ultimate in viewing thrills, Star Wars, Videodrome is a pulsating science fiction nightmare about a world where video can control and alter human life.

Sci-fi horror filmmaker David Cronenberg's Scanners diabolical invader is a television show that seduces and controls its viewers.


Ilkenson. Revisiting his old neighborhood reawakens memories of where his mother and his father raised him. He soon begins to uncover the real truth shifting seamlessly back and forth between the tragic events that polarized a boy's adolescence to the shell of a man enduring the surreal plausible reality of today.

Spider has been allowed a second chance at life after a long stay in a mental institution and sent to a halfway house under the stern watch of Mrs.


Spader stars as james ballard, a bored film director who explores new realms after a near-fatal car accident introduces him to a world of sexually obsessed car crash enthusiasts. Unsatisfied by his marriage, ballard joins Dr Helen Remington Hunter and begins to explore the eroticism of the car and the sexual violence of auto accidents.

Factory sealed DVD. Take a psychosexual journey into oblivion with James Spader and Holly Hunter in this controversial film from acclaimed director David Cronenberg. Cronenberg's cool and rigorous film explores a link between sex and car crashes" Janet Maslin, THE NEW YORK TIMES.

Strange Days

Lenny nero ralph fiennes is an ex-cop turned street hustler who preys on human nature by dealing the drug of the future. Factory sealed DVD. It's an environment that will lead him deep into the danger zone when he falls into a maze filled with intrigue and betrayal, murder and conspiracy. It's the eve of the millennium in Los Angeles, December 31, 1999.

Angela bassett and juliette lewis co-star in this provocative, The Terminator, action-packed thriller written by James Cameron Titanic, Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Mr. Nobody

On his deathbed, nemo shares his life story with a reporter and reviews the choices he made along the way. Nobody tells the life story of nemo nobody, a 118-year-old man who is the last mortal on Earth after the human race has achieved quasi-immortality. Factory sealed DVD. Mr. Factory sealed DVD. Yet even with his last breath, a pivotal decision awaits to conclude his destiny.


Dark City Director's Cut

The critically-acclaimed triumph from visionary director alex proyas I, The Crow is back with a brand new directors cut featuring enhanced picture and sound, Robot, never-before-seen footage and three commentary tracks that take you deeper than ever before into the world of one of sci-fis most exciting and revered tales.

Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Starring rufus sewell the illusionist, jennifer Connelly A Beautiful Mind, William Hurt A History of Violence and Kiefer Sutherland TVs 24. When john murdoch rufus sewell wakes with no memory at the scene of a grisly murder, he soon finds himself hunted by the police, a woman claiming to be his wife and a mysterious group of pale men who seem to control everything and everyone in the city.


Dead Ringers Collector's Edition Blu-ray

David cronenberg the fly won the los angeles film critics Awards Best Director honors for melding split-screen techniques, body doubles and Iron’s uncanny acting into an eerie, fact-based tale Factory sealed DVD. In portrayals that won the new york film Critics Circle Best Actor Award, Jeremy Irons plays twin gynecologists whose emotional dependency collapses into mind games, madness and murder.

Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. This is arguably David Cronenberg’s masterpiece. Combustible celluloidClaire Niveau Genevieve Bujold is in love with handsome Beverly. Shrink-wrapped. Or does she love elliot? it’s uncertain because brothers Beverly and Elliot Mantle are identical twins sharing the same medical practice, apartment and women: including unsuspecting Claire.


Scanners Criterion Collection

Factory sealed DVD. Factory sealed DVD. A scientist sends a "scanner" to hunt others like him with explosive psychic powers. Directed by David Cronenberg. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Videodrome The Criterion Collection Blu-ray

When max renn goes looking for edgy new shows for his sleazy cable TV station, he stumbles across the pirate broadcast of a hyperviolent torture show called VIDEODROME. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. Renn's ordinary life dissolves around him, and he finds himself at the center of a conflict between opposing factions in the struggle to control the truth behind the radical human future of "the New Flesh.

Starring james woods and deborah harry in one of her first film roles, VIDEODROME is one of writer/director David Cronenberg's most original and provocative works, fusing social commentary with shocking elements of sex and violence. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. With groundbreaking special effects makeup by academy award-winner rick Baker, VIDEODROME has come to be regarded as one of the most influential and mind-bending science fiction films of the 1980s, and The Criterion Collection is proud to present it in its full-length unrated edition.

As he unearths the origins of the program, he embarks on a hallucinatory journey into a shadow world of right-wing conspiracies, sadomasochistic sex games, and bodily transformation.


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