Evolutionary Witchcraft

A learned and serious manual to Witchcraft for the mature practitioner, by one of the craft's leading teachers.

Kissing the Limitless: Deep Magic and the Great Work of Transforming Yourself and the World

Become whole. The goal of the book is to help guide you through the stages of personal consciousness that will then enable you to step into inclusive consciousness--a consciousness that encompasses the personal, mental, political, social, environmental, and transpersonal. It is this inclusive consciousness that enables us to reach the limitless, the divine, Goddess or God.

Kiss the Limitless. Strengthen the foundations of your spiritual practice. Align body, emotion, sex, mind, and spirit. Develop will and ethics. Dance with your Demons. Cultivate your Allies. Draw down your divinity.

Betwixt & Between: Exploring the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft

The rituals, recipes, exercises, and lore within will help you project your consciousness into realms beyond this world, opening you to the experience of spiritual ecstasy. Originating in the west coast of the United States separately from the Wicca tradition in England, Faery's appeal is grounded in its focus on power and results.

Storm faerywolf deftly shares powerful teachings and techniques for those who would seek to know the way of Faery, helping Witches on any path find their way deeper into the mysteries. Christopher penczak, author of the Temple of Witchcraft series Faery also known as Feri is a tradition of great power and beauty.

. This book provides the tools you need to begin your own Faery-style magical practice. Discover the foundational mythology and rites of the faery tradition as well as steps and techniques for: creating an altar Summoning the Faery Fire Engaging the Shadow Exploring the Personal Trinity Purifying the Primal Soul Working with the Iron Pentacle Aligning Your Life Force Developing Spirit Alliances Journeying Between the Worlds Exploring Air, Fire, Water & Earth Enhancing Faery Power Personal experimentation and creative exploration are the heart and soul of Faery.


Crafting A Daily Practice: Revised Practical Magic Book 1

Publisher's note: this edition is significantly revised and expanded from the 2012 edition. Practice builds continuity of mind, thought, and presence. If your life is not as you wish, running from epiphany to being stuck, or you are foundering spiritually, it is likely that daily practice is missing from your life.

This book takes us through a home study course, exploring the components of a strong daily practice and why it is important to have one. Why might daily practice be important to me and how can it help?”Daily spiritual practice is the gateway to satisfying, successful life.

By Witch's Mark The Witches of Portland Book 9

But when the shy young witch meets bold, brash Ruby, she just wants to hide. Evil threatens the city of portland, poised on the brink of ushering in an age of endless winter…By Witch’s Mark is the final spellbinding book in The Witches of Portland series of paranormal urban fantasy novels. After years of living on the edge, Tempest finally found a safe place to call home.

. If you like fast-paced plots, and a dash of romance, real-world issues, then you'll love this magical series. To save the coven, Tempest must find her courage, and risk everything for what she loves. And now he’s coming for the coven…Arrow and Crescent rally the troops, but Tempest has a decision to make.

Does she run again? Or find her courage and stand her ground? The stakes are high. He’s targeted Ruby, too, and Tempest needs her help. A sexy weaver who doesn’t believe in magic. Or does she? turns out Tempest is being stalked by a man using twisted magic. A shy young witch.

Make Magic of Your Life: Passion, Purpose, and the Power of Desire

They will lead you to a life of magic. Find your soul's work. These four powers -- to know, to will, to dare, and To Keep Silence -- help bring about a profound shift in how we view and move through the world. Do you long to step into your power and live a life of passion? Do you wish to be of greater service? Are you willing to follow your soul's desire?Activate the magical formula known the Four Powers of the Sphinx.

Follow desire. They will point you toward your highest purpose and show you what to do, both practically and spiritually, once you've found it. Live a life that matters.

Sigil Magic: for Writers, Artists, & Other Creatives Practical Magic Book 2

Sigils can assist us with any creative venture: from writing novels and prepping art shows, to building lives filled with curiosity, wonder, and success. Sigils are symbolic signatures that help us to focus our intentions and send them out into the world. Take a risk. Sigil magic walks us through a variety of ways to generate and charge up our sigils, and includes instructions for preparation and cleansing, working with intentional statements, and using magical mantras and a variety of sigils types.

Sigil magic is a powerful tool. Make your mark.

Witch Crafting: A Spiritual Guide to Making Magic

The author of book of shadows digs deep into the practices and principles of Witchcraft to provide a comprehensive guidebook that anyone—novices and seasoned practitioners alike—can use to incorporate the beauty and power ofWicca into their own daily lives. Phyllis curott’s first book, book of shadows, spiritual memoir that chronicled her journey from Ivy League-educated, was an inspirational, New York City attorney to Wiccan High Priestess.

. Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing witchcraft for years, whether you worship in a coven or on your own, Witch Crafting is the ideal handbook for you, or anyone seeking to unlock the divine power that makes real magic happen and experience the ecstasy, energy, and gifts of the Universe more fully.

With enchanting stories from curott’s own experiences, and finding the divine within, and trance• keep a magical journal and create your own book of Shadows Rich with detailed advice for making magic, such as dreaming, as well as thought-provoking evaluations of this remarkable spirituality, prayer, working with Nature, meditation, Witch Crafting will also teach you how to:• Master the secret arts of effective spellcasting• Create sacred space and personal rituals• Perform divinations for spiritual insight and earthly success• Tap into the power of altered states, Witch Crafting is the special volume that you’ve been searching for.

Far from being just another mechanical spell book, Witch Crafting is the first book to offer readers not only the how-to of Witchcraft, but also the why-to, explaining the profound spiritual tenets behind Wiccan techniques. Filled with both traditional and innovative shamanic practices, Phyllis also provides an empowering new definition of magic and reexamines the ethics under which Witchcraft is practiced, offering a groundbreaking alternative to the Threefold Law.

By inviting readers of all faiths to share in her own personal transformation, Phyllis debunked many of the myths surrounding Wicca and revealed it for what it really is: a spiritual movement whose tenets of Goddess worship and reverence for Nature were a great deal more accessible and familiar than she’d ever expected.


Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft

In forbidden mysteries of faery witchcraft, speaking the wisdom of the gods on earth cast and break curses, you will learn how to: Summon primal underworld goddesses of the elemental powers Walk the bone road and help trapped spirits cross over Become a worthy vessel for divine possession Perform as an oracle, the dark art of offensive magic The powerful techniques of the Faery Tradition of Witchcraft await.

When you peer behind the veil of comfort and face your most powerful fears, you can truly begin to refine and strengthen your own magical will. Draw on your inner darkness and unlock the secrets of the Hidden Kingdom Whether your demons are ancient spirits or demons of your own making, you must confront them in order to reclaim the power they have stolen.

Guiding you through enchantments, divine possession, and occultus maleficum, demonic rituals, necromancy, this book helps you cultivate and explore your forsaken shadows. Through these rituals, you will glimpse the secret inner workings of nature herself and open the doorway to unimagined sources of energy.


Magic of the Iron Pentacle: Reclaiming Sex, Pride, Self, Power & Passion

The iron pentacle is a tool for reawakening to our essential humanity and our sovereign selves. The iron pentacle evokes qualities neglected and disparaged—yet these qualities, together and in balance, enliven our magic and our lives. Through personal stories and rites you can perform, Magic of the Iron Pentacle opens the door to a revolutionary concept that combines personal empowerment with magical technique.

Join authors jane meredith and gede parma on an intense journey into self-awareness through practices of the Reclaiming Tradition, where each step leads to self-actualization, authenticity, and potent magic. Exploring the themes of sex, self, and passion, power, pride, this book invites you to develop magic of the body that sings to the spirit.

Praise: "an illustrative, informative resource for understanding and applying the Iron Pentacle. A 'must-have' for any magic worker involved in unearthing the witch-flame within and becoming an iron-smith for integrity!"—Orion Foxwood, Traditional Witch and Faery Seer.

Keeping Her Keys: An Introduction To Hekate's Modern Witchcraft

In the final chapter readers can perform an optional self-initiation to become a Keeper of Her Keys. Keeping her keys blends the ‘keys' of personal development, Hekate, magick and the ancient goddess, together. Over the past few years Hekate has gained increasing popularity around the world. Topics include the power of prayer, how to create sacred space, and guidance on spell crafting.

. While there are books written about the historical Hekate, there is a lack of information applying this knowledge for personal development and practicing witchcraft.