Dream Chaser: A Romance The Blair Brothers Book 4

Over the course of the next five years, I would live in five different cities. I thought that was nice and all… but I already a plan, and it did not include a twin named Jasper in Astoria. I was ready for anything. My life had been filled with predictability since the day I was born, but that was about to change.

I would get to see, taste, and experience things I had previously only read about. Dream chaser is the fourth and final book in the bestselling Blair Brothers Series. I was all set to embark on the most epic adventure of my life. I had devised a plan. She was convinced there was something and someone waiting for me elsewhere.

She was aware of my travel plans and she urged me to make a detour. A sweet, innocent little old lady said a few words that changed everything. I had been preparing for this moment for nearly a decade, and now it was time. Then something happened.

Me & Mister Everything: A Romance Tanner Family Book 4

The problem was, he was still in college and working as a stable hand, so coming up with that kind of money seemed virtually impossible. I was daydreaming of ways to help him while I covered the morning shift at Roxy's coffee shop. I didn't know it at the time, but he would turn out to be the answer to my brother's prayer.

And he might even be the answer to mine. Business was slow, so I couldn't help but notice when a handsome stranger walked in. My brother needed thirty thousand dollars to make an investment that could potentially change everything for him.

Reckless & Wild: A Romance Tanner Family Book 2

In fact, it was like he actually went out of his way to avoid me. He was the ultimate bad boy and he wasn't interested in me at all. He was the reckless one… the one who went looking for trouble. As long as he was single, I had hope that he would notice me one day. He had kissed me once years ago, and I remembered it like it was yesterday.

I had seen justin several times since he returned and it seemed as if he had completely forgotten about that kiss. He had lived in new york for six years, but he recently moved back home to Lexington accompanied by his young daughter and rumors of past trouble. I didn't mind that he had a little girl. If you knew anything about Justin Wilde, you'd know he lived up to his last name.

But maybe that was the very thing that made him irresistible. You would think this would dissuade me from liking him.

The Whole Story: A Romance The Blair Brothers Book 3

Sure, i was a little starstruck at times, but I had that under control. Men would sometimes see that as a challenge, but before too long they would realize I wasn't interested. I planned on staying single forever, and nothing, absolutely nothing could possibly change my mind. And then again, maybe I was a little attracted to him, too.

I was, however, one of the few who was willing to stick to my guns about it. I wasn't the only woman in the world who had been cheated on. I certainly wasn't the only woman who had sworn off men because of it. Even a chance meeting with someone as wonderful and gorgeous as Max Blair didn't faze me. But who wouldn't be? The problem was that he seemed to like me.

Even still, I would stay single forever. Forgetting about Max Blair would be a piece of cake. I wasn't attracted to his looks, skill, fame, or ambition. I was perfectly fine getting to know Max as a person without adding all the complications of dating.

Heart & Soul: A Romance Tanner Family Book 3

But then he left me with a broken heart. I was dating the man of my dreams and assumed we would live happily ever after. I was embarrassed and hurt, and picking up the pieces seemed impossible. I hadn't sworn off men completely, but getting into another relationship was something I just didn't care about. I honestly thought I was set for life—at least where love was concerned.

For the time being, i was living for myself and for the weekend, and I thought nothing would change that. Then i met caleb, the son of a preacher. He was not what I expected, but everything I needed.

Mischief & Mayhem: A Romance Tanner Family Book 1

All those feelings of regret came rushing back as I wrote "Happy Birthday Zeke" on the cake. One minute i was happily working as a pastry chef and the next I was dealing with an order for the Tanner family. I thought i could simply hide in the back of the bakery and escape an encounter with them. For many years i had done my best to avoid him and the entire Tanner family.

Thankfully, lexington was a large city and I never had to encounter them. That would all change though. The circumstances that caused me to keep my distance were entirely my fault, but the sheer mention of the Tanner family still filled me with waves of dread. Fortunately for me, things didn't play out like I expected.

Zeke tanner was my childhood crush, but over a decade had passed since I'd last seen him.

Cherished: A Romance The Blair Brothers Book 2

That couldn't be farther from the truth. The fact that he was off-the-market had nothing to do with my feelings for him. Did i mention that he was one of the Blair brothers? This made him even more unobtainable. It didn’t help matters that she happened to be my friend. Some would say that's how it works, that I really only wanted him because I couldn't have him.

He wasn't married, but he had been with someone for a long time. I had fallen for this man years ago, and he had won my heart for so many different reasons. Any of them would have been a great catch. I was ready and eager to find my happily ever after, but there was just one problem. The man i so desperately wanted to fall for was not available.

I had always dreamed of falling in love. Too bad my heart already belonged to the one I couldn't have. This is the story of how we finally fell in love. There were four of them, driven, kind, and they were handsome, and successful. Everyone in Astoria knew and loved the Blair brothers. He was taken—spoken for.


Delicate Balance: A Romance The Blair Brothers Book 1

He left astoria years ago to chase and realize his dreams in Seattle. Literally. I still saw his younger brothers quite a bit, but it had been years since I'd seen Henry. That all changed one night when the Blair family came into the restaurant where I worked and sat at my table. If i was forced to pick my favorite, it would have to be Henry.

. He was the wild one of the bunch—a rock star. Henry just so happened to be with them. It was impossible to grow up in Astoria and not be familiar with them. There were four boys in the Blair family, and all of them had that certain something. They were smart, funny, athletic, and gorgeous. I always imagined that he might be the man of my dreams, but after that night, I knew it.

I knew the Blair brothers.

Out of Nowhere The Family Stone Book 5

Ethan ambrose was the heir to a company that had made his family a fortune. That was fine because he didn't have much hope for relationships, anyway. Then he boarded a flight bound for Los Angeles. He longed for a day when his family would be happy for him instead of constantly pushing him to run the business.

To top it off, he couldn’t ever seem to connect with the right woman. He had been groomed since he was a child to take over once his father retired. He felt he was destined to be a bachelor. They all seemed to be more concerned with his fortune than anything else. Molly Caldwell was simply different. Sitting next to him was the most unique and sincere woman he’d ever met.

But his sights were set on a career as a film maker. No matter how much his parents protested, Ethan just didn’t want to give up on his personal goals. The problem was, he would only be in California for two days, and he now had to find a way to spend every waking moment with her.

The Sweetheart of Summer Street The Family Stone Book 4

That was easier said than done once Mattie entered the picture. He should have had only one thing on his mind. He had one thing on his mind, and that was getting the money he needed to invest in the newest location of Patterson Place Hotels. But josh should have been focused on the task at hand. She had turned into a woman since they had last seen one another—a beautiful woman.

It was purely for business, and it was just about the weirdest business trip in the history of all business trips. He had grown up nearby and had a lot of friends there, but his trip wasn't for pleasure. The fact that the source of his funds might be a little odd or perhaps even dangerous didn't matter to him at all.

As strange as josh's itinerary might have been, one thing that was not on it was running into his childhood friend, Mattie Pruitt. Josh cassidy found himself on a plane headed back to Boston. When he first spotted her, he realized she was no longer the freckle faced girl he had grown up with.

Keeper of Her Heart: A Clean Billionaire Romance The Billionaires of Sawgrass Book 2

For claire riley, it’s just the latest in a long line of dating disasters. Will a ghost from the past drive them apart?Few things are more embarrassing than having your boyfriend storm off in the middle of dinner in full view of everyone at the restaurant. Too bad she’ll probably never see him again. Liam bishop hasn’t been on a date in ages, and it’s been at least that long since he’s wanted to.

Chance brought them together. The only part of the evening worth remembering was the guy who kindly offered to pay the bill. Little do they know how useless it is. He turned a nightmare into something she might be able to laugh about one day. Her streak of loser boyfriends shows no sign of ending. Liam has no intention of diving back into a world of self-doubt, regret and heartbreak.

This state of affairs bothers his family and friends to the point where they feel driven to do something about it. A math teacher ready to give her heart. A plastic surgeon guarding his. He’s much better off single. Or so he thinks until the night fate throws someone across his path he can’t ignore.