Deputy Defender Eagle Mountain Murder Mystery Book 3

But protecting the innocent Brenda from a deadly threat will test Dwight’s limits as a law officer and as a man. Eagle mountain Murder Mystery. Now the auctioning off of a rare book has thrust the widowed museum curator into harm’s way. He’s always had her back…now can he earn her love?Deputy Dwight Prentice has secretly loved Brenda Stenson since they were teenagers.

Keeping his colorado town safe is the lawman’s most heartfelt mission.

Danger on Dakota Ridge Eagle Mountain Murder Mystery Book 4

The handsome DEA agent arrested her troubled brother years ago. But when her greatest adversary becomes her live-in bodyguard, protecting her 24/7, Paige wonders what will be the cause of her undoing: the killer…or her fierce attraction to Rob. Eagle mountain Murder Mystery. The feisty blonde vows to prove her brother’s innocence, until she becomes the murderer’s target.

Her enemy. Now he suspects a connection to a prominent Colorado developer’s death. Her protector. And yet he’s the last man she wants to see…. Paige riddell never expects her relaxing hike to end in gunfire…or in Rob Allerton’s strong arms.

Avalanche of Trouble Eagle Mountain Murder Mystery Book 2

Yet deputy gage walker has a brutal double murder on his hands and a missing deaf child. A child witnesses a murderand becomes a killer’s target…Murder doesn’t belong in the peaceful town of Eagle Mountain, Colorado. Gage’s only hope to find the little girl is her aunt, Maya Renfro. But nothing has prepared Gage for the intense chemistry between them…or just what happens when love gets mixed with murder.

Eagle mountain Murder Mystery.

Saved by the Sheriff Eagle Mountain Murder Mystery Book 1

He’ll protect her back. But will he win her heart?sheriff Travis Walker doesn’t blame Lacy Milligan for hating him—he jailed her for murder. Will she overcome her hatred to help? As she relents, violence explodes—someone wants her dead. But now he’s exonerated her, and the handsome lawman needs her to find the real killer.

With time running out, their investigation deepens…and ignites sparks of attraction neither ever expected. Eagle mountain Murder Mystery.

The Negotiation: A High-Stakes Police Procedural The Protectors of Riker County Book 6

She’s fighting for her life. He’ll risk everything to keep her safe. Lawman dane jones will do anything to protect his best friend’s widow. Plagued by the guilt he bears over the man’s tragic death and his undeclared love for Rachel, Dane must confront his past in order to stop a madman. When rachel roberts is nearly abducted, she makes a panicked call to the one man she can trust.

Their lives—and their futures—depend on it. The protectors of Riker County.

Ice Cold Killer Eagle Mountain Murder Mystery: Winter Storm Wedding Book 1847

Then he’s tasked with ensuring veterinarian Darcy Marsh is not the third. But can he find the elusive killer before the killer finds Darcy?Eagle Mountain Murder Mystery: Winter Storm Wedding. The gorgeous lawman must earn Darcy’s trust despite her traumatic past…and resist his romantic feelings for her.

A killer is on the loose…and he leaves a calling card at every murder sceneThough a blizzard has isolated Eagle Mountain, Trooper Ryder Stewart is attempting to track a murderer who’s claimed two victims.

Wyoming Cowboy Justice Carsons & Delaneys Book 1

The beautiful by-the-book cop challenges him like no other. Bad family blood—and a killer at large—makes their attraction unthinkable. Dangerous. Reckless. Welcome to bent, wyomingwhere the wild west never DiedResident bad boy and saloon owner Grady Carson knows his brother is not a murderer, and he’ll do anything to prove it.

How can they solve a crime to prevent a family war and then let forbidden love ignite it anew?Carsons & Delaneys. But partnering with Laurel Delaney? Worst idea ever.

Kidnapped at Christmas Crisis: Cattle Barge Book 4

Can wyatt crack a twenty-year-old cold case before Meg’s Christmas becomes her last?Crisis: Cattle Barge. But the attempted abduction of their newborn daughter drives the Texas cowboy to uncover the dangerous secrets of Meg Anderson’s past. This christmas brings the revelation that he’s a father. Now he needs to keep his little family safe when they become a target…When the blonde beauty who shared his bed a year ago tells him he’s a father, Wyatt Jackson is stunned.


Snowbound Suspicion Eagle Mountain Murder Mystery: Winter Storm Wedding Book 1853

Cody is attractive, protective—and more trustworthy than she wants to admit. Turning to groomsman and US Marshal Cody Rankin for help becomes personal for Bette. But can they stay one step ahead of the Ice Cold Killer…? It’s the wedding of the year. But a serial killer is on the guest list. Bette fuller has come to Eagle Mountain, Colorado, looking for a fresh start.

So when she becomes the target of a serial killer terrorizing the small town, the wedding caterer refuses to be anyone’s victim.

Wyoming Cowboy Protection Carsons & Delaneys Book 1820

What he does know is the longer Addie and Seth stay, the more Noah believes that they belong here—with him. Carsons & Delaneys. He thinks they can overcome anything together, but he doesn’t know who she’s running from. A woman and baby on the run—just upended a cowboy’s lifeNoah Carson did not plan to have a woman and a baby under his roof.

But his new housekeeper is in danger, and the solitary Wyoming rancher will do whatever it takes to protect Addie Foster and her nephew.

Hideaway at Hawk's Landing Badge of Justice Book 3

Her baby has been abductedand Brayden Hawk is her best chance at getting the child backAfter her baby girl is kidnapped, Dr. The sexy lawyer refuses to settle for anything less than reuniting mother and daughter, but the deeper he digs, the more questions he has. Mila manchester must turn to the one man who can help bring her home: Texas cowboy Brayden Hawk.

Like why is mila so sure the girl’s father isn’t involved? And is the explosive secret he can tell she’s keeping going to destroy the intimacy building between them—or strengthen it?Badge of Justice.