Denon DA-10 Portable USB DAC / Portable Headphone Amp

Long running time battery for comfortable portable use. Amp gain Selector for says headphone listening. Descrete current Buffer for H/P Output. Portable usb dac / portable headphone Amp Advanced al32 processing DAC master clock design with low jitter clock. Micro usb b input for computer or Hi res output from Digital Audio Player via Apps.


Bravo Audio V3 Tube Headphone Amplifier EQ Equalizer

Very Low Noise. Response: 10hz-60KHz +/- 025db signal/noise ratio: >90dB Dynamic range: 84. 6dba300 ohm 89. 8dba33 ohm thD: 0016%300 ohm 045%33 ohm imd + noise: 0045300 ohm 04233ohm there is no op amp or IC in this circuit, which can introduce unexpected distortion to the sound. Bravo audio gives you the warmth of a tube in a unique little package.

This is the new bravo audio "bravo 3" class a tube driven headphone amplifier with eq control! bravo audio has been making some waves with their line of Tube powered line headphone amps as well as the Tube powered guitar Booster please see my other posts for other Bravo Audio offerings. First time for sale in the U.

S from authorized bravo audio distributor. Warm powerful tube sound russian eh 6922 with 3 Band Graphic Equalizer, 24V DC input, Passive EQ employed/very low noise, safe voltage. Sweet powerful Tube sound. With the warmth and power of the tube driven Bravo Audio lineup, many of these lost frequencies will come to life through a good pair of headphones to match it with.

Hear what you have been missing in your favorite music! Very cool little unit! Features: Russian EH 6922 Tube Amplifier. Passive EQ employed. 24v dc input, safe voltage.