Curious George Chasing Waves CGTV 8×8

But when the tide comes in and takes their treasure out to sea, George and Marco need their new knowledge of how tides work—and their new dolphin friend—to get it back. They dig for clams in a tidal pool, swim with dolphins, and even bury some special treasure. Includes bonus activity page with instructions for making your own ocean bottle! Harcourt Brace and Company.

Get swept away by this summery story based on pbs's award-winning television show! When Curious George, and their friend Marco visit Professor Wiseman at the beach, the man with the yellow hat, they have many new experiences.

Curious George Goes to the Beach with downloadable audio

Rey, takes George on a sunny, seaside adventure. Enjoy a day at the beach with Curious George! This storybook, featuring illustrations in the classic style of H. A. Everyone's favorite curious little monkey tries lifeguarding he loves the tall chair and binoculars, helps a friend overcome her fear of swimming, feeds some seagulls, and even makes a daring ocean rescue when the picnic basket gets swept out to sea!  This edition features a fill-in-the-blank word activity and downloadable audio so kids can hear the full story read aloud! Includes page-turn signals to guide early readers.

Harcourt Brace and Company.

Curious George Up, Up, and Away CGTV 8x8

Harcourt Brace and Company. Will they continue going higher?  or will George and his curious ways help them get back to the ground?Includes a pinwheel wind direction activity and hot air balloon to color and label. Curious george and the man with the yellow hat are planning on taking a ride in a hot air balloon, but as George climbs in, he releases the rope tethering the balloon to the ground.

George and his friend, Bill, float away with the man with the yellow hat racing after them.

Curious George The Donut Delivery CGTV 8x8

Harcourt Brace and Company. Curious george adds a few extra zeroes to his donut order and doesn’t realize just how big his delivery problem is going to become. This paperback picture book explores the concepts of zero and counting by tens.

Curious George Car Wash CGTV 8x8

The young inventors assemble picnic tables, mops, tea strainers, and more until they recreate all the stages of the real car wash. For more monkey fun, investigate www. Curiousgeorge. Com and discover all the latest on Curious George books, games, activities, promotions, and more! Harcourt Brace and Company.

. This 24-page picture book, based on the emmy awardwinning Curious George PBS TV show, includes a bonus activity that encourages readers to listen to—and list—the sounds of their household machines. Used book in Good Condition. Curious george and his friend allie have so much fun at the local car wash, they decided to build one of their own—for toy cars!


Curious George Plumber's Helper CGTV 8x8

Harcourt Brace and Company. Ultimately, george learns that the best way to keep the plumbing system working is to prevent clogs in the first place. With some amazing tools and George’s help, the toys are found and the pipes are cleared. And to invest in extra large and extra fun bath toys. George’s latest adventure includes fun facts about how water gets to your house along with a coloring and tool-labeling activity.

When a second drain disaster occurs, George tries fixing it on his own, without the same success. When curious george’s new bath toys go down the drain, it’s time to call the plumber. Used book in Good Condition.

Curious George Farm to Table CGTV 8x8

George's friend marco wants to make his famous tortillas for his abuela's birthday, and George is happy to help! But when George knocks over the bag of masa and the grocery store is all out, George and Marco are worried the birthday surprise will be ruined. Used book in Good Condition. This story, based on the emmy award-winning pBS TV show, also includes two activities to help reinforce the concept of where food comes from and how it gets into our stores and onto our plates.

. Harcourt Brace and Company. Luckily, uncle enrique is there to take them on a new adventure to find out where masa comes from, how it's made, and how it gets from the farm to Marco's table.

Curious George Apple Harvest

While helping the renkinses harvest their apples, George’s curiosity gets the best of him, George discovers a giant cider press inside the barn! As usual, and he accidentally starts the machine. Harcourt Brace and Company. Used book in Good Condition. Harcourt Brace and Company. Suddenly all of the apples they’ve collected are being washed, chopped, and squished into liquid! Will George be able to collect the cider and stop the machine, or will he find himself in an even stickier situation?Young readers are sure to enjoy the “order of sequence” game and special apple snack recipe that are included in the back of the book.


Curious George Boxcar Derby CGTV 8x8

It’s a race to the race as they try to get all the right car parts in time to enter the competition. This adventure based on the emmy award-winning Curious George PBS TV show includes bonus activities to test the effect of gravity and help reinforce the names and functions of different car parts. Harcourt Brace and Company.

George enlists the help of his friend Allie to build the winning boxcar. When george hears about the annual boxcar derby, there's no way he's going to miss out. Find more monkey fun at www. Curiousgeorge. Com!  harcourt Brace and Company. But the race is starting in just a few hours, and even with the help of Bill's instruction manual, building a car takes a lot of work.

Harcourt Brace and Company. Used book in Good Condition.

Curious George Lost and Found CGTV 8x8

Curious george sets out to feed the ducks and accidentally heads downriver on a small raft. George and jumpy squirrel must find their way back home again using landmarks they recognize and by creating a simple map. Harcourt Brace and Company. Not only do they use navigational skills to find their way, but they also help a group of lost chicks get back home again, too! Activities include building your own raft and making a treasure map.

Used book in Good Condition. Harcourt Brace and Company. Harcourt Brace and Company.

Curious George Dragon Dance CGTV 8x8

But getting around in the dragon costume is hard work, based on the emmy award-winning Curious George PBS TV show, and before they know it, their costume is in need of repair! Will they be able to fix it in time for the parade? This 24-page picture book, includes bonus information about Chinese New Year traditions and fun crafts to celebrate with.

Luckily, their new friend lily tells them all about Chinese New Year, and even asks for their help practicing the dragon dance for the big parade. George and marco are curious about the celebrations giong on in Chinatown. Harcourt Brace and Company. Harcourt Brace and Company. Harcourt Brace and Company. For more monkey fun, investigate www.

Curiousgeorge. Com and discover all the latest on Curious George books, activities, promotions, games, and more! Harcourt Brace and Company. Used book in Good Condition.