Coming Home: Uncovering the Foundations of Psychological Well-being

In coming home you will be gently guided toward your own realizations of the fundamental principles that underlie all human experience. You already have within you all that you need for psychological well-being. This book is a heartfelt tribute to Sydney Banks, who uncovered the foundational Principles that create and shape all of our psychological experiences.

These insights will raise your overall level of psychological well-being. It is waking up to this always-existing inner world, and as you do, you will experience a shift in your level of well-being so that your feelings are uplifted and your thinking is helpful and inspired. They will help you realize your spiritual and psychological nature and allow you to live in harmony with life more fully.

. This understanding that is known as the Three Principles is now being shared worldwide in the fields of education, business, community renewal, policing and criminal justice, addictions, prevention, psychology and psychiatry. Coming home is realizing the truth of what it is that is creating all of your experiencing, and then being at ease with all the different experiences that life brings you.


The Missing Link

It reveals a simplicity beneath the complex workings of the mind and the principles behind the creation of our life experience. This book illuminates and creates an appreciation for the mystical link between the psychological and spiritual nature of life.

Second Chance

In this novel, set in a world of soft tropical beauty, the author shares his quiet philosophical knowledge in a comprehensible yet profound manner. Thus begins a spiritual journey into a world of extraordinary feelings, which bring him understanding and an answer beyond anything he had ever dreamed possible.

. Here, he is befriended by two intriguing people who speak in ways that mystify yet fascinate him. A moving story of one man, deeply troubled by the circumstances of his life, who travels to the islands of Hawaii hoping to find peace.

Somebody Should Have Told Us!: Simple Truths for Living Well

What if peace of mind, out of which we then think, were right at your fingertips, and you held the key but didn’t realize it or didn't know how to use it? That is what “Somebody Should Have Told Us!” This book is about how we all have a state of perfect mental health and wisdom inside us that can only be covered up by our own thinking, beautiful feelings, healthy relationships and greater effectiveness, and how our use of our power of thought creates the “reality” we see, little or no stress, wonderful, feel and act.

It shows people how to access their own essence whenever they need to. It shows people how they create their experience of life moment to moment. He is also cofounder/director of the nonprofit consulting organization, Prevention Unlimited, which created the Spirituality of Prevention Conference. And internationally.

. Is founder/director of the Center for Inside-Out Understanding. He authored the books, parenting from the heart, modello: a story of hope for the Inner City and Beyond, Prevention from the Inside-Out; Prevention: The Critical Need and co-authored Healthy Thinking/ Feeling/Doing from the Inside-Out prevention curriculum for middle school students.

The book is written in an easy-to-understand manner with many stories of how people’s lives have changed. In fact, it already has. This book is the essence of self-help, in that it points people inside themselves for all answers.

One Thought Changes Everything

From the man at an it company who decided to stop living in his basement and stop hitting his daughter, to the professional athlete who began living out his dreams again after having given up, to the US Marine who realized a deeper love for humanity than he ever knew was possible, she has observed this understanding profoundly influence the lives of her clients, and the lives of those around them.

Gleason weaves together personal, humorous and deeply touching stories of her own new thoughts that have changed the trajectory of her life, as well as those of her clients. The change we see in her father, are the very same changes that would dissolve the greatest issues of our time from terrorism and war to addictions, inequality, and in her clients when they discover how the mind truly works, in Mara herself, and climate change.

But perhaps more importantly, how when any of us truly understands how we create reality, surprising and profound changes occur in our lives and in the world around us. This book is the story of human beings and how we create our experience of reality. There is not a single issue humanity faces that is not fueled by a misunderstanding of the mind, and that could absolutely be solved by a new understanding.

. Whether you want to understand yourself better, your relationships, your business, or the world at large, "One Thought Changes Everything" offers a a quietly simple solution that just may rock your world, and in turn change the world. One thought changes everything" begins with a moment in Mara Gleason’s life, at 11-years old, when her father came across an understanding of the mind that dramatically changed him as a father and business leader.

Her curiosity in what exactly changed him led her down the path of training and then a career sharing these principles of the mind with people from all walks of life.

Beyond Beliefs: The Lost Teachings of Sydney Banks

As word spread further of the amazing events taking place, psychologists and other professionals came to experience firsthand the healing effect Syd's message had on others. Recently retired after 35 years making artisan soaps and body care products, Linda is the author of Island of Knowledge and Beyond Beliefs: The Lost Teachings of Sydney Banks, and is working on her third book.

Beyond beliefs contains the original teachings Sydney Banks shared with these mental health professionals and others. About the author:linda quiring and her husband Bill live on a small farm on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia where they grow heritage apples and keep bees. As his reputation spread, mainstream people came to join what was to become a fairly large following of students.

In beyond beliefs syd speaks with psychologists, outlining his radical ideas about the mind and its dysfunction. Banks came to believe that his message could change psychology forever. While the first book detailed linda's experience and life changes after becoming a student of Syd's, the following years saw dramatic change on Salt Spring Island.

Some of them are dismissive of this ordinary, uneducated Scottish man's wisdom; others are mesmerized, become ardent life-long students and carry his message into their practices. After publication of island of Knowledge Sydney Banks and Linda Quiring began work on a second book, Beyond Beliefs. Sydney banks' initial and revelatory experience brought scores of young and idealistic spiritual seekers to the Island to hear Syd's teachings and become his students.

The Space Within: Finding Your Way Back Home

One solution. There is a space within you where you are already perfect, whole, and complete. And when you explore this space more deeply, you will find yourself growing closer and closer to the divine, even if you're not sure there is such a thing and wouldn't know how to talk about it if there was. It is pure consciousness - the space inside of which all thoughts come and go.

When you rest in the feeling of this space, the warmth of it heals your mind and body. When you sit in the openness of this space with others, you experience a level of connection and intimacy that is breathtakingly enjoyable and filled with love. Are you ready to begin? Infinite possibilities. When you operate from the infinite creative potential of this space, you produce high levels of performance and creative flow.

Every problem we have in life is the result of losing our bearings and getting caught up in the content of our own thinking; the solution to every one of those problems is to find our way back home. This is both the invitation and the promise of this book. One problem.

The Inside-Out Revolution: The Only Thing You Need to Know to Change Your Life Forever

Understanding these principles allows you to tap into the deeper intelligence behind life, access your natural wisdom and guidance, and unleash your limitless creative power. Welcome to the space where miracles happen… Are you ready to begin? Would you like to experience amazing clarity, peace, and freedom, even in the midst of challenging circumstances? In this groundbreaking new book, bestselling author Michael Neill shares an extraordinary new understanding of how life works that turns traditional psychology on its head.

You'll be able to live with less stress, greater ease, and a sense of connection to the larger unfolding of life. This revolutionary approach is built around three simple principles that explain where our feelings come from and how our experience of life can transform for the better in a matter of moments.


The Enlightened Gardener

So, too, do the characters in this wonderful new story by Sydney Banks. The wisdom within these pages comes in the form of a straightforward message that is accessible to all who open their hearts to it. That philosophy is equally powerful for the reader. In this simple but profound tale, four colleagues meet a remarkable gardener whose unique philosophy will forever change their lives.

Beset by daily life's trials and tribulations, many people search for the elusive wisdom that will help them make sense of their journey and find inner peace.

The Enlightened Gardener Revisited

In this sequel to sydney banks’ book the enlightened Gardener, two colleagues return to England to meet once again with the remarkable gardener whose simple yet profound philosophy made such a difference to their lives. Their questions and the gardener’s inspiring answers help the reader gain a deeper understanding of the message of wisdom and hope presented by the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.


Anniversary Edition - The Relationship Handbook: A Simple Guide to Satisfying Relationships

Unlike most relationship counselors, Dr. In this book he challenges everything you thought you knew about how to be happy with your partner. Pransky doesn't recommend "working" on a relationship. Each chapter exposes a popular, but destructive, misconception about relationships and provides a new understanding that can give troubled couples the fresh start they need.