Charms and Death and Explosions oh my! Case Files of Henri Davenforth Book 2

Humanity seems determined to come up with increasingly clever ways to murder one another. But the unique murder takes an unexpected turn when it becomes evident that the dead charm maker dabbled in something he should not have, inciting disastrous results. When a charm maker is blown up inside his own vehicle, for once it’s not Henri Davenforth’s expertise needed: it’s Jamie Edwards’, the Shinigami Detective.

They seize upon new technological advances in a way that’s alarming, their creativity and blood-thirstiness knowing no bounds. Car bombs are something unique in Kingston, and only she has experience with them. A dead charm maker is only the beginning. The dangers he unleashed upon kingston threaten thousands of lives and it launches a race requiring not only Jamie and Henri’s expertise, but the Kingsmen’s as well to beat the menace spreading through the city.

Meanwhile, the murderer is still at large, leaving Henri and Jamie to wonder: what will blow next? .

Magic and the Shinigami Detective The Case Files of Henri Davenforth Book 1

Henri is just baffled. When the night foxes boldly break into the Fourth Precinct’s Evidence Building, it causes quite the stir. Even more astounding, he assigns Henri a partner. To say the police are ‘alarmed’ by this is the understatement of the century. The break-in is daring enough, but their method shreds the magical wards and protections on the building like confetti paper.

Quite to his astonishment, Captain Gregson has him work the case like a detective. The shinigami Detective. Every officer in the precinct is either in awe of her or a little frightened by her. What is he supposed to do with a partner? hopefully killing one witch makes Jamie Edwards enough of an expert on magic to be helpful, as the thieves aren’t content to just break into one building.

The woman is famous for killing the most destructive rogue witch of the century, and no one is quite certain where she’s from. They in fact seem to have an agenda, as with each theft, they take magical objects. As a magical examiner, Henri Davenforth is of course immediately called in. It’s all mounting to a dangerously powerful magical construct capable of toppling the wards on any building.

And no one has any idea what the thieves’ true target is.

Magic Outside the Box The Case Files of Henri Davenforth Book 3

What he is not accustomed to is the queen herself marching into his lab and handing them such a case. Who’s powerful enough to thwart a royal mage’s wards and murder him undetected? Henri is quite accustomed to dangerous and unusual cases landing in his lap. Henri’s left baffled. However, it’s in question as to how the murderer accomplished the deed—the house was locked, the wards fully up, and the body bearing a peculiar wound.

It’s a locked room mystery, one with a suspiciously absent murder weapon and lack of suspects. Being partnered to the Shinigami Detective likely has something to do with it. Former royal mage joseph Burtchell was found dead in his home, all signs pointing to murder. Jamie’s excited, relishing the challenge the case represents.


The Human Familiar Familiar and the Mage Book 1

While bannen had every intention of finding adventure, being yanked through a magical portal two continents away isn’t quite what he imagined happening. For that matter, being magically bound to a mage-in-training hadn’t ever crossed his mind. It’s far, far better. Being the first human familiar ever summoned in Corcoran? Not on his to-do list.

Rena certainly needs all of the help that she can get, as her magic is very different, inhibiting her of the normal shields and protections. Everyone says her summoning a human familiar is a mistake, that she needs to break the bond and send Bannen back. But bannen doesn’t like this idea, not one iota. This is definitely not the adventure he signed up for.

Renata rocci has the magic of a Grim Reaper, the heart of a lion, and a body too frail to keep up with either. Without losing and that’s sexy as sin. She can face assassins; meddlesome mages; politicians; and legendary, nightmarish monsters without flinching.

The Void Mage The Familiar and Mage Book 2

Which is just as well because toh’sellor’s influence has proven it can pop shards up anywhere at any given time across all three continents, with nothing to use to predict it. Meaning they’re in the middle of a losing battle, and even if they destroy the shards, they’re losing the overall war. Worse still, it doesn’t seem to have any real restrictions.

She has a terrible premonition about what they really want her to destroy, and she’s not sure if anyone has enough power to accomplish it. Rena just wonders how long it will take before someone says it out loud. After two years of training in turransky under a new master, Rena is a proper Void Mage, supposedly ready to handle whatever the world throws at her.

The magical intercontinental specialist Division approach her, asking for help and offering support in dealing with the shards, but Rena senses it’s not just the shards they want help with.

Remnants Familiar and Mage Series Book 3

Poor Chi. Oh, and monkeys. Finally over with the wedding, managed to escape the parents, and Maksohm, yay! Got assigned a permanent team with Chi, signed up with the MISD, Vee, double yay! Toh’sellor has been stolen. It is, in fact, anti-fun. Yeah, this is not going to be fun.

Echoes The Familiar and the Mage Book 4

But bannen is reasonably sure he can get around that. Sure, the misd thinks he needs therapy after everything he’s lived through in the past three years. They just need the downtime necessary to get Chi through therapy, as he’s the one who actually needs it. Because that is not Bannen’s idea of a good adventure.

With the root of all evil—at least in Bannen’s opinion—behind lock and key, the team is finally free to do something else with their lives. Peace and relaxation, that’s the theme of the day. So someone needs to explain to him how they ended up chasing after a rumored Void Mage, tunneling through mountains, and embroiling themselves into a danger that not even the giants of Gargan want to face.

Bannen quite looks forward to living in Gargan, the new house being built, with the occasional mission to spice things up.

Jaunten Advent Mage Cycle Book 1

Garth goes into hain for one reason only; he wants training for his out-of-control magical powers. What garth doesn't know is that getting to Hain, and the Academy for All Magic, is going to be the easy part. What's worse, he has no control over them. So how does he become a member of an exclusive magical clan known as the Jaunten; adopted by a magically enhanced colt; best friends with a gifted Witch; and foster brother of a four year old Mage? Let's just say he has a gift for finding trouble.

The journey isn't an easy one; he still has to make it out of Chahir without alerting anyone as to his abilities. In order to stay alive, chahir, he only has one choice—he must leave his homeland, and flee into the neighboring country, Hain. For garth, that policy is a problem. As garth approaches his sixteenth birthday, he realizes that he definitely has magical abilities.

Anyone caught using magic, or possessing magical abilities, are immediately imprisoned and executed. There was a time when magic was welcome in the country of Chahir, but that was nearly two centuries ago. Now, all forms of magic are strictly forbidden.

Magus The Advent Mage Cycle Book 2

When he wanted to say something, he said it. Trev’nor has always been special, a child prodigy in a life that had no child prodigies. Much will be lost otherwise. I looked, really looked at Trev’nor. Something will change very soon, Garth. I’m not sure how to put this…” he paused, mouth rummaging for words.

When that happens, you need to trust Trev’nor like he trusts you. Who was the boy we were to rescue, and why was Trev’nor so important for that boy? Someone will be discovered who will change everything. That boy thinks the world of you, ” Xiaolang murmured. And…” he visibly hesitated, slanting a questioning look at me from the corner of his eye.

And…?” i encouraged him. He’ll be very important in the future, ” Xiaolang murmured. My head was swimming with questions after Xiaolang’s revelation. Xiaolang rarely hesitates in his speech.

Advent Advent Mage Cycle Book 3

Good work, Balancer. I frowned at the title. Perhaps you don’t consciously realize this, Garth, but its little things like this that are restoring balance to Chahir. All i did was transport her here, Raile. Yes, so you did, ” he agreed in a tone that clearly didn’t agree with me at all. No task can be done in just one stroke of effort; it takes many strokes, and much sustained effort.

He’s right. I started reviewing all of the things I had done over the past two years, memories flicking through my head almost too fast to follow. And each choice, each action on my part, had started the chain reaction that was bringing magic back into Chahir. Each choice led to another; my choice to leave my home in Tobadorage and seek refuge in Hain led directly to my actions now, bringing a Queen into exile.


Balancer Advent Mage Cycle Book 4

This is the final book of the Advent Mage Cycle. Here is the conclusion to Garth's amazing story.