Blu-ray – 15th Anniversary Special Edition – The 10th Kingdom

In order to recapture the throne prince wendell travels through the portal to the mythical kingdom of Manhattan and finds two ordinary mortals Virginia Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Tony John Larroquette. The themes and ideas of folklore and mythology perform fully as the classic characters enter a vortex at the edge of the mortal world which leads them to The 10th Kingdom.

. Central park! this ten part mini-series tells the tale of Prince Wendell Daniel Lapaine and the evil queen Dianne Wiest who has doomed him to spend the rest of his life as a dog. Two worlds come together in one fantastic adventure! a magical epic adventure the whole family Will Enjoy! Join an all-star cast as they find fantasy, action, romance and adventure in the Emmy winning® The 10th Kingdom! Beyond the mortal world lies Nine Kingdoms where the fantastic land of fairy tales and magic are brought to life and reinvented.

Together they battle the evils of the parallel universe, and golden globe®-wining and nominated talent including: john larroquette boston legal, the practice, tommy, oscar®, father of the bride, married with children and Dianne Wiest Edward Scissorhands, Ann-Margret Bye Bye Birdie, Scott Cohen Love and Other Drugs, Camryn Manheim The Practice, Sin City, Jacob s Ladder, Daniel Lapaine Double Jeopardy, Kimberly Williams-Paisley Nashville, Ed O Neill Modern Family, and defend themselves from vile trolls, Rutger Hauer Batman Begins, goblins and every fairy tale character imaginable! Stunning visual effects and a stellar cast create an epic adventure that will enchant audiences of all ages! An all-star cast featuring a wealth of Emmy®, Parenthood Bonus Features: The Making of The 10th KingdomIsolated Score Track.


Dinotopia - The Complete Mini-Series Blu-ray

Discover the secret Virtual World of DINOTOPIA! .

Tin Man: The Complete Mini-Series Event Blu-ray

When small-town waitress D. G. It goes way beyond! Hordes of winged monkey-bats, a shape-shifting dog, and a cyber-punk sorceress can all be found in the vast hidden underworld known as The O. Z. Zooey deschanel new girl, TV Series stars in this unforgettable science fiction update of L. Spiked with the kind of off-the-wall creatures, acid twists, and hair-raising turns that Dorothy's dreams never allowed before, voluptuous villains, this knockout update of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz doesn't just go over the rainbow.

Deschanel unexpectedly lands in the dangerous wasteland known as The O. Z. She'll need the help of three unlikely friends and the great Mystic Man Academy Award Winner Richard Dreyfuss to escape cruel sorceress Azkadellia Kathleen Robertson. Frank baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

The Most Magical Adventure of All Time - Merlin

But when his heart is touched by the love of the beautiful Nimue Isabella Rossellini, Merlin turns away from Mab's dark enchantments. The wizard's name was Merlin Sam Neill. Starring: sam neill, james earl jones, helena bonham carter, Isabella Rossellini, Rutger Hauer, Sir John Gielgud, Martin Short, Miranda Richardson, Lena Headey and more! Shrink-wrapped.

Imagine a world where dreams come true…and magic is real! in a time long past, when magic was fading from the world of men, the malevolent sorceress Mab Miranda Richardson summoned forth a mighty wizard to keep the power of the Old Ways alive. Allying himself with the young warrior who will rise to become the legendary King Arthur, Merlin pledges his mystic skills to Arthur's visionary cause: Bringing peace and justice to the realm haunted by monsters and ravaged by war and setting the stage for the ultimate clash of Good versus Evil.


Magical Legend of the Leprechauns, The + Digital

In a land of myth and magic, fortune and fantasy await the lucky! spectacular special effects, a wondrous legend is about to come true! Welcome to the end of the rainbow, a star-studded international cast, where love, and a story as timeless as the Emerald Isle itself combine to create a fantastical tale that will touch hearts and dazzle the imagination! The adventure begins as American Jack Woods Randy Quaid finds himself far from home in a quaint Irish village where he reluctantly befriends a ragtag group of leprechauns.

The world nominated for a emmy ® Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Miniseries Shrink-wrapped. Jack is appointed to restore harmony. But will peace prevail before the unthinkable happens? with superb performances by colm meaney,  the magical legend of the Leprechauns is a flight of fancy that will weave a touch of mischief and magic into the lives of all who share it! Starring:Randy Quaid Independence Day, Colm Meaney Con Air, Roger Daltrey Tommy, Whoopi Goldberg The View, Kieran Culkin and Roger Daltrey, Kieran Culkin Scott Pilgrim vs.

When a forbidden love affair ignites an ancient war between the leprechauns and the trooping fairies, The Grand Banshee Whoopi Goldberg warns of impending doom.

Tin Man Two-Disc Collector's Edition Blu-ray

Into a desolate wasteland. Tin man blu-ray disc. Its only hope lies with an "outsider" named DG, a young Midwestern woman, w Shrink-wrapped. In this cyber-twisted update of the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, a leather-clad, soul-sucking sorceress named Azkadellia has scorched the once-beautiful O. Z.

Alice 2009 Miniseries Blu-ray

Shrink-wrapped. Soon, the words out that Wonderland has its most prized captive. English. Discovering them is up to Alice. Where alice follows him is through the liquid glass of an ornate mirror. But jack had his reasons. Region A/1. Nr. Abandoned by her father as a child, the independent twenty-one-year-old Alice is accustomed to men being unpredictable, but Jack Chase is something else.

Just moments after surprising her with a rare family ring, hes suddenly kidnapped by two thugs and driven into darkness. It is then that alice is confronted by a sharply dressed stranger who calls himself White Rabbit, and who promises to know more about Jack than she. Where she lands is wonderland, staircases conceived in a Dali dream, an outlandish underground city of twisted towers and parapets, and an otherworldly purple horizon.

It was mad folly for her son Jack to give it to a girl he barely knew. It seems alice has the ring that controls the looking glassthe key to the power of the Queen of Hearts. Multiple formats, blu-ray, ac-3, Closed-captioned, NTSC, color, Dolby, Widescreen.180 minutes. Tin man blu-ray disc.

The 10th Kingdom Hallmark Entertainment Books

Nr. Used book in Good Condition. Tin man blu-ray disc. Region A/1. Magical creatures from the lands of the Nine Kingdoms find their way into the modern world, where they enlist the help of a father and his daughter to save their kingdom. Shrink-wrapped. English. Multiple formats, dolby, color, Closed-captioned, blu-ray, AC-3, NTSC, Widescreen.

180 minutes.

The Complete Mini Series Event - Arabian Nights

Robert pardi, TV Guide Shrink-wrapped. Mind-blowing adventure and extraordinary special effects set against the backdrop of mysterious Arabia make this an exhilarating trip through the grandest adventures of all time. Featuring an all-star cast including alan bates zorba the greek, rufus sewell the Man in the High Castle, Jason Scott Lee The Jungle Book, John Leguizamo Moulin Rouge!, and directed by Steve Barron TV's Merlin - enjoy this delicious adaptation bears the earmarks of a sturdy classic.

A legendary heroine, ali baba, and other larger-than-life heroes, Stargate, Scheherazade Mili Avital, saves her kingdom and her own life by seducing her husband Schahriar's Dougray Scott, Ever After imagination with the fantastical tales of Aladdin, warriors and djinns. English. Multiple formats, ntsc, blu-ray, Dolby, color, AC-3, Closed-captioned, Widescreen.

180 minutes. Region A/1. Tin man blu-ray disc. Nr. Used book in Good Condition. When night falls, a thousand and one nights, the adventure Begins! Take the Ride of Your Life! Based on the classic story, this lavish production brings to life some of the most timeless fables to come down through the ages.

Aquaman 2018 BD Blu-ray

Tin man blu-ray disc. Aquaman blu-ray + dvd + digital combo pack bdan action-packed adventure that spans the vast, half-atlantean Arthur Curry and takes him on the journey of his lifetime—one that will not only force him to face who he really is, “Aquaman” reveals the origin story of half-human, visually breathtaking underwater world of the seven seas, but to discover if he is worthy of who he was born to be…a king.

Shrink-wrapped. Nr. Multiple formats, closed-captioned, blu-ray, Dolby, NTSC, AC-3, color, Widescreen.180 minutes. English. Region A/1. Used book in Good Condition.

Bumblebee Blu-ray

Tin man blu-ray disc. Shrink-wrapped. Used book in Good Condition. Nr. Multiple formats, blu-ray, ac-3, Dolby, NTSC, Closed-captioned, color, Widescreen.180 minutes. English. Region A/1.