Black Magic: Part Three of the Jack Regan SAS Action & Adventure Story

Jack regan is back, in this high-octane, action-packed final outing of this SAS trilogy. It's been six months since jack fled London after the brutal killings, holed up in a remote part of the world, and now, he thinks his troubles are over. Little does he know, they're only about to begin. Targeted and discovered by the CIA, Jack Regan has been black flagged for execution.

The real fight for his life is just about to begin. Warning: this book does contain scenes of violence and some bad language.

Blue Horizon: Part Two of the Jack Regan SAS Action & Adventure Story

Outnumbered and outgunned by members of the British Secret Service, the North Korean State Police and a greedy Russian oligarch, Regan is left with one option. Kill or be killed. While in the shadows lurks a controlling Russian doctor, a man who had access to Regan in the North Korean camp where he was held captive for six long years.

Blue horizon is part two of the action-packed, Jack Regan, SAS action and adventure thriller. Desperate to retain his liberty, jack Regan is on the run, and forced once again to fight for his life and bring those responsible for his betrayal, to justice. If regan thought he had found out the truth about the Red Thunder project, he is in for a big shock.

Things are never quite what they seem to be in the murky underworld of the intelligence services: there are always plots within plots, and individuals prepared to defy protocol. Regan can no longer trust anyone - not even himself! .

Cobra's Down: Part Four of the Jack Regan SAS Action & Adventure Story

Jsoc has received information a large weapons shipment of surface-to-air missiles is about to be handed over to ISIS in Syria. Sas units watch on the ground. Together they must locate the weapon and neutralize the threat. Only one man working beyond the scope of the intelligence service can stop them. With the russians already there, a conflict with coalition forces could spread across the world.

A drone circles predatory overhead. Intelligence is leaking. Mi6 has been corrupted. Jack regan will stop at nothing to kill the bad guys. Broken by the loss of his sibling, black magic, hassam promises revenge on both the British and the Americans Working with his sponsors, Khalid Hassam is prepared to equip ISIS with a rocket launcher and bring down Air Force One on British soil as it leaves Heathrow Airport.

Mi6 is playing a dangerous game. In the shadowy world of the secret intelligence service all is not what it seems. Jason purdy has secrets to keep and anyone who threatens those secrets is expendable - including his own people. Cobra's down is an action and adventure thriller and does contain scenes of a sexual nature, violence throughout and some bad language.

Hundreds will die if ISIS completes its mission.

To End All Wars: Part Five of the Jack Regan SAS Action & Adventure Story

Jack regan has been tasked with providing Katie's close-quarter protection and entrusted to deliver her to the conference hall on time. The streets of london are about to become a brutal battleground littered with dead bodies. The only thing standing between them and a date with destiny is Black Magic's underworld hit men and a contract on Katie's life.

Black magic will expend whatever resources necessary to stop her, and Jack Regan will do whatever it takes to protect her. To end all wars is an all-action, action-packed Jack Regan action and adventure story that does contain scenes of extreme violence and some bad language throughout the book. Is it really possible to end all of the insurgent wars raging around the world with a single idea? Yes.

Can we really stop all of the wars without killing or injuring any civilians? Yes. Can we do this without damaging any towns, cities or countries? Yes. Can we achieve this without putting boots on the ground or launching any airstrikes? Yes. And katie squires knows how…as a grail hunter with the Defence Research Establishment, cheap, Katie Squires has discovered a quick, and practical solution to stop the wars.

The only problem is black magic has learned of Katie's remarkable achievements and stand to lose billions of dollars in arms sales if she manages to make the secret public at a hurriedly arranged NATO conference. Katie has been earmarked for death!SIS has called in their soldier of choice to protect her.


Red Thunder: Part One of the Jack Regan SAS Action & Adventure Story

After six years of being held in a North Korean rat-hole, Jack is heading home, and he wants some answers. While incarcerated at the hands of his cruel communist masters, Jack has discovered SIS's dirty secret. He was always meant to die!answers alone though, are not enough for a man who has been tortured, betrayed and left to die by his own people.

Jack also wants revenge. With london believing their man is dead, Red Thunder can continue uninterrupted. Little does london know, Jack Regan is still alive. Red thunder is a stand-alone, SAS style, action-packed adventure thriller designed to become Book One of a proposed trilogy. Warning: this special forces, sas themed action and adventure thriller does contain scenes of violence, torture and some bad language from the outset and is designed for an adult audience.

Introducing jack Regan, the brand new character for the modern age. Worse, jack Regan has escaped. He wants those responsible to pay. Sis wants him dead before Red Thunder is compromised. Many lives hang in the balance and political alliances are at risk of collapse if Regan manages to get home. Sis will stop at nothing to eliminate the problem.

Regan will stop at nothing to find out the truth.

Protocol 2: The Doomsday Prophecy. Book Six of the Jack Regan Series.

With time running out, millions will die, can jack regan locate the device and stop the terrorists from detonating the bomb before it's too late? If he fails in his mission, the financial markets will crash, and a city in chaos, and the world will be thrown into turmoil. Terrorists have obtained a two megaton nuclear warhead from rogue elements of the Pakistan armed forces.

From the remote afghan plains, while back home, regan will pursue the terrorists responsible with extreme force, to the harsh Libyan deserts, the British government will stop at nothing to ensure the capital is safe - including killing their own operatives in the field if they have to. In an orgy of death, and violence, destruction, Jack Regan must undertake the most dangerous mission of his life, and try and save the UK from nuclear annihilation.

Wars and reprisals will quickly follow. Predictions have come true. Sis has discovered London is the target. Warning: this book contains scenes of extreme violence and some bad language throughout. The unthinkable has happened. Cold war protocols are being dusted off and Britain has gone to a war footing.

Action & Adventure Thriller Book 1 - SAS Black Ops Al-Qaeda Dawn

Mi5 have to make a quick decision, split their resources in two or take a chance and let them run. On the horns of a dilemma the boys will have to make a difficult choice, commit an act of murder for the State, or wave their wages goodbye. How wrong they'll be proved. Once news of the cowardly, indiscriminate attacks on the Twin Towers in the US start to filter through, MI5 realise their mistake.

High-octane, action packed action & adventure thriller SAS style ficton ebook in the same genre as Andy McNab and Chris Ryan SAS fiction books. On september 11th an al-qaeda cell intends to launch a callous, premeditated attack of mass murder at Heathrow Airport. Jonny davies, an ordinary guy, with extraordinary talents is asked to undertake an exceptional mission to liberate the information MI5 need if they're to stop the other terrorist cell before they can act against British targets.

He locks and loads and shoots whatever's in front of him. Once inside afghanistan fire-fights with bandits, tribal factions and drugs runners soon follow. With their only credible agent in Afghanistan down, and no more information available, British Intelligence decide to send in a team to retrieve as much intelligence as possible.

Mi5 have no choice, it's accept Davies' terms or do it themselves. Davies will use any means necessary to achieve his objective. It's what jonny davies does; he lies, cheats, bluffs, bribes and chances his luck.

Black Flag: Part Seven of the Jack Regan SAS Action & Adventure Story

He is believed to be the man responsible for killing innocent defectors with toxic nerve agent on the streets of the UK. Sis is left with only one option - kill the GRU doppelganger posing as Jack Regan and stop the Russians from killing more innocent people on Britain’s streets. Jack regan has only one option.

. Stay alive long enough to prove his true identity. Regan will stop at nothing to stay alive. On the streets of London, the body count is rising. Warning: this book contains extreme violence from the outset and throughout, and some bad language that readers may find offensive. Is it really possible for a man not to know who he is?Having spent six years in a filthy North Korean concentration camp, drugged, beaten and abused by his jailers - then just maybe it is possible.

While being assessed at yately lodge, Jack Regan has been identified as a Russian GRU Colonel - Dmitri Romanov. In the corridors of power, people are getting nervous. Sis has an even bigger secret to keep - a mole buried at the heart of the establishment who has been passing secrets to the Russians for the past ten years.

A decision has been made. When the service is put at risk, a man only receives one status - A Black Flag! Which is easier said than done when you don't know who you are.

Action & Adventure Thriller Book 2 - Iraqi Freedom - SAS Black Ops

Warning: this sas fiction novel contains gratuitous bad language, scenes of a sexually explicit nature and bloodthirsty violence throughout. Can two men hold out against the dark forces of several different intelligence services and their own secret agenda? Can jonny davies and his associate keep him alive? Can they find out the real reason for the murderous campaign, or who is behind it?On the brink of Iraqi Freedom, the war before the war is about to begin.

If you are easily shocked, please do not purchase!Late 2002. Jonny davies has been contracted to act as his CQP Close Quarter Protection. Unbeknown to Davies, someone wants the weapons inspector dead. And they'll stop at nothing to ensure his demise. To seek a final mandate for invasion, coalition forces have ordered their chief weapons inspector back to Iraq.



Jonny's back!flight 94 london to Johannesburg has been hijacked by ruthless Muslim terrorists and flown to the lawless African state of Mataumbria. Two passengers have already been murdered in cold-blood, and their bodies dumped onto the tarmac below. You thought Jonny was dead. As well as secrets, maduka, mataumbria's rebel general, plans on overthrowing the President with the help of Chinese Special Forces.

Can the sas eliminate the terrorists? can they take on the mataumbrian Army and Chinese Special Forces or will it all be a glorious failure? With three hundred desperate passengers surrounded by agitated gunmen, the plane laced with explosives, their fate ebbing away, the British government is more than prepared to try.

This non-stop, action-packed SAS-style novel contains strong language and bloodthirsty violence throughout. Think again. With unreasonable demands for the release of hundreds of Brothers from British jails, the British government is sweating. Can they launch an audacious raid to kill the terrorists and free the hostages?Without the permission of the Mataumbrian government to allow troops into their impoverished country, the British government is left with only one option: contract Jonny Davies and fifteen former SAS colleagues to undertake the most daring raid the world has ever seen, supported by 16 Air Assault Brigade.

Little does jonny know Mataumbria holds dark secrets: secrets that must never be revealed.

Action & Adventure Thriller Book 3 - Assassins - SAS Black Ops

With contract killers on his tail - can jonny and associates eliminate the clandestine Group, and Sir Steven Rile before they kill him?In an orgy of violence, double-cross and betrayal, Jonny has forged a temporary alliance with the Iraqi Secret Intelligence Service. Warning: this book contains strong language, scenes of a sexual nature and extreme violence throughout.

Jonny davies has been contracted by the infamous Sir Steven Rile. With an arsenal of weapons, money and explosives at his fingertips - the bloodthirsty campaign for survival is about to begin.