Beware the Batman: Shadows of Gotham Season 1 Part 1 BD Blu-ray

With the help of his ex-secret agent butler, Alfred, and sword-wielding assassin Katana, the Batman wages a tireless war against Gotham’s twisted criminal underworld. All-new adventures against vicious villains! another night falls in Gotham City and the ever-vigilant Dark Knight watches over his city and its citizens.

It’s a crime-fighting collection of hidden clues, cool tech and detective thrills as Batman prowls in the shadows, ready to deliver action-packed excitement and justice! Factory sealed DVD. Buckle up for 13 all-new adventures from the first season, and ride along as Batman battles the evil machinations of Professor Pyg, Magpie, Mister Toad and criminal mastermind Anarky.


Beware The Batman: Dark Justice Season 1 Part 2 Blu-ray

Animation, this action-packed detective thriller deftly redefines what we have come to know as a “Batman show. Factory sealed DVD. The groundbreaking all-new CGI animated series returns. Produced by Warner Bros. Batman, alfred and swordstress katana are back to take on the underworld likes of Anarky, Professor Pyg, Mister Toad and Magpie.


Green Lantern: The Animated Series Blu-ray

It’s an interstellar race to destroy the mechanical manhunters, aid saint walker and his Blue Lanterns and stop the planet-eating Anti-Monitor! Pick up this exciting double-disc complete series set to see if Green Lantern’s light can defeat these powerful new enemies! If not, the universe will fall into darkness! Factory sealed DVD.

. Shrink-wrapped. But in the farthest reaches of deep space where few lanterns patrol, a new evil is rising - the red lanterns! hal jordan and fellow Lantern Kilowog defy The Guardians of the Universe and board a new experimental spacecraft, and race to the Guardian Frontier to face the evil Red Lanterns head-on! But a menace lurks beyond the Red Lantern invasion and Hal, the Interceptor, Kilowog and fellow Green Lanterns Tomar-Re and Aya discover an even greater evil that threatens to extinguish all life.

The green lantern Corps patrols the galaxy, fighting evil. In brightest day, in blackest night! Green Lantern shines bright in DC’s radiant, groundbreaking CGI animated series.

Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Blu-ray

But, the brainy donatello, a team of warriors lurking beneath the streets are also on the case; the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Led by Leonardo and along with his brothers, fearless Raphael and wisecracking Michelangelo; these mysterious martial artists are on a collision course with the Dark Knight.

Shrink-wrapped. Based on the hit dc comics crossover, it’s time for a high flying, pulse pounding adventure the likes of which Gotham City has never seen!> Factory sealed DVD. Teenage mutant ninja turtles blu-ray+DVD+DigitalWhen a new menace in Gotham begins stealing all the experimental technology, Batman is put on high alert.

Batman vs.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Join the caped crusader and a wealth of dc’s finest as they team up to battle injustice in the third and final season of this cutting-edge series! Evil never sleeps in these diabolical schemes plotted by the world’s most infamous criminals including the Joker, Equinox and Ra’s Al Ghul! Thankfully, Green Lantern, including Superman, Batman and his many allies, Aquaman and Wonder Woman, are always up for the challenge! Circle this globe and others, Lex Luthor, and even travel through time in these 13 action-packed, fun-filled episodes! Factory sealed DVD.


Justice League Unlimited: The Complete Series Blu-ray

Shrink-wrapped. And after years of foiled plots and repeated beatings, the galaxy's worse villains finally have a plan: strength in numbers! Led by Lex Luthor, the Legion of Doom prepares to dominate the universe. A lot more. Their ranks have diminished after fighting off an alien invasion and with new dangers arising at an ever-increasing pace, the remaining crime fighters realize that protecting the entire world is going to take more technology and more manpower.

Shrink-wrapped. But some think that so many heroes, so much power, is too much power and a conspiracy against them named Cadmus is growing. But the price has been high. Together, they've saved the world countless times from unimaginable dangers. First order of business: destroy the Justice League! Factory sealed DVD.

Featuring the original seven leaguers - batman, flash, wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl - now joined by an unlimited selection of allies including Green Arrow, Superman, J'onn J'onzz, Supergirl and Black Canary.

Batman Brave & The Bold: Season 1 BD Blu-ray

Shrink-wrapped. Fate and the atom fighting foes from mad scientists to intergalactic crooks, cutting-edge and often funny series, from power-mad dictators to out-of-control teenagers teenagers in High Definition 1080p! He even partners with another legendary detective: Sherlock Holmes! In this cool, bringing back old-school comic book styling and dry wit to crimefighting, Batman faces any peril - including other heroes stealing the show - in his relentless pursuit of justice.

Factory sealed DVD. Batman wings into an exciting new era, plastic man, hip tv series! this exciting 2-disc, booster gold, Blue Beetle, Bronze Tiger, Green Arrow, Wildcat, Red Tornado, Robin, teaming with a mighty honor roll of DC Comics Super Heroes in the debut season of the smart, 26-Episode Collection features Batman and allies Aquaman, Deadman, Dr.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray

Factory sealed DVD. Bolder. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Featuring nonstop adventure with a touch of comic relief, Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Aquaman and countless others uphold justice alongside Batman. Braver. Shrink-wrapped. Season two of batman: the brave and the bold delivers more of the action you want, as the caped crusader continues to team up with heroes from across the DC Universe in this latest interpretation of the classic Batman franchise.

Though still based in gotham, Batman frequently finds himself outside city limits, facing situations that are both unfamiliar and exhilarating. Shrink-wrapped. With formidable foes at every turn, Batman must still rely on his stealth, resourcefulness and limitless supply of cool gadgets to bring justice home.


Justice League vs. The Fatal Five BD Blu-ray

The fatal Five. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. Could he be the key to thwarting the Fatal Five? An epic battle against ultimate evil awaits!> Factory sealed DVD. The fatal five blu-ray/dvd/digitalFrom animation legend Bruce Timm comes an all-new DC Universe movie. Meanwhile, the justice league discover an ally in the peculiar Star Boy, who’s brimming with volatile power.

. The fate of the earth hangs in the balance when the justice league face a powerful new threat – the Fatal Five! Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman seek answers as Mano, Persuader and Tharok terrorize Metropolis in search of budding Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. Shrink-wrapped. With cruz’s unwilling help, they aim to free remaining Fatal Five members Emerald Empress and Validus and carry out their sinister plan.

Justice league vs. Justice League vs.

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman Blu-ray

Shrink-wrapped. While she sets her sights on thwarting Penguin's evil plans, Batman concentrates on discovering this mysterious imposter's true identity. Shrink-wrapped. Justice league vs. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. But when she's captured by the vicious Bane, it falls upon the caped crusader to rescue her, defeat Bane and foil the Penguin's devious plot himself.

Factory sealed DVD. The fatal Five. Batman: mystery of the batwoman blu-raythe Dark Knight is back in this all new animated adventure! A ruthless and destructive vigilante posing as Batwoman is wreaking havoc in Gotham City. Factory sealed DVD.

Justice League: Season 1 Blu-ray

Shrink-wrapped. Justice league of america: season 1in this action-packed adventure series, including Superman, Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter, The Flash, join forces as the Justice League to battle powerful villains, the world's greatest superheroes, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, supernatural creatures and evil entities determined to take over the world and destroy the League.

Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Justice league vs. The fatal Five.