Audie Murphy 4 Film Westerns Collection The Wild and The Innocent/Six Black Horses/Gunpoint/The Guns of Fort Petticoat

. The wild and the Innocent. The guns of fort petticoat 1957 Union Army deserter, Lt. They get into all manner of trouble in town, and Murphy has to shoot the sheriff to rescue Dee from her job as a dancehall girl. Six black horses 1962 a beautiful woman with an ulterior motive hires two gunslingers to escort her through Indian territory so she can be reunited with her awaiting husband.

Rustle up some classic western entertainment with cowboy legend Audie Murphy in this action-packed 4 film collection! The Wild And The Innocent 1959 Charming tale of mountaineer-trapper Murphy's first taste 'big city' life with young, sweet Sandra Dee in tow. She flees her family, which tried to trade her for some of Murphy's beaver pelts, and tags along with the reluctant Murphy.

Hewitt, trains a rag tag band of all-female homesteaders to defend themselves against a Comanche tribe on the warpath. Gunpoint 1966 a young, determined sheriff and his posse chase a gang of murderous train robbers, and a kidnapped woman into New Mexico.

Audie Murphy Westerns Collection: Sierra / Drums Across the River / Ride Clear Diablo / Ride a Crooked Trail

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As part of his duplicitous plan to eliminate the remaining OMara heir, Kenyon deputizes Clay and sends him off to capture Whitey Kincade Dan Duryea, a notorious, trigger-happy outlaw who is suspected of the murders. Wanda hendrix, who was married to audie murphy at the time, makes a fetching heroine and the film is notable for an early appearance by Tony Curtis in a villainous role and a colorful performance by Burl Ives who performs several Western ballads including "Drift Along" and "Hideaway.

Drums across the river 1954 driven to desperation by hard times, frank Walker Lyle Bettger and a party of miners decide to dig for goldin Ute Indian country despite a peace treaty that forbids trespassing on their land. The hassards encounter additional trouble from a gang of horse thieves led by Big Matt Ringo Richard Rober who steal from them and then plot to kill them before justice is served.

What he does not know is that three of the most prominent citizens of Santiago are behind the crime including the town sherrif, Fred Kenyon Paul Birch. Ride clear of diablo 1954 clay omara audie murphy vows to bring justice when his father and brother are murdered by cattle rustlers. Sierra 1950 ring hassard audie murphy and his father Jeff Dean Jagger live in a hidden valley in the mountains where they capture and tame wild horses.

Instead of killing each other in a shootout, however, Clay and Whitey become worthy adversaries who forge an unlikely alliance in uncovering the truth.

Cast A Long Shadow

Bonus feature* medal of Honor: The Audie Murphy Story. Multiple formats, Black & White, Dolby. English Original Language. Coming back to the lands of his youth leads him back into the arms of an old flame as well as into the fists of some old rivals. Dvd. 82. As it turns out the ranch is deeply in debt and if they can't drive the cattle to Santa Fe within a week, the bank will foreclose.

. 1. A troubled saddle tramp audie Murphy with a penchant for drinking away his pain inherits a ranch from the man who may have been his father.

Gunfight at Comanche Creek

A handsome stranger comes to Comanche Creek. 82. De forest kelley, in one of his many Westerns before he became Dr. He's quick on the draw, fast with his fists, flush with $20 gold notes- and he soon gets himself thrown in the local jail. Multiple formats, Black & White, Dolby. Audie murphy, portrays an old west detective who purposely lands behind bars so he can infiltrate a secret gang with a vicious MO: spring prisoners from their cells, World War II's most-decorated GI, force them to be front men for notorious crimes, then kill them to collect the reward money for their dead-or-alive capture.

1. He'll be dishing out lead in the gunfight finale that gives the film its title. Factory sealed DVD. Mccoy in the original Star Trek, plays an outlaw leader. Everything is going according to plan. Dvd. English Original Language.

The Duel at Silver Creek

English Original Language. After losing the use of his famed trigger finger in a shootout, Lightning deputizes the sharp-shooting Silver Kid Murphy, whose own father was killed by the gang, to help bring the outlaws to justice.82. Factory sealed DVD. Stephen mcnally is lightning, the quick-drawing marshal of Silver City who's intent on capturing a ruthless gang of claim jumpers that have been terrorizing and murdering local miners - including his best friend.

1. Celebrated war hero audie murphy packs a two-fisted punch in this action-filled western adventure, which also features legendary Oscar winner Lee Marvin in one of his first screen appearances. Multiple formats, Black & White, Dolby. But their plans are complicated when lightning falls for the beautiful new lady in town Faith Domergue, in this unforgettable drama brimming with pulse-pounding thrills, whose interest in the marshal is a thin disguise for her own dangerous agenda, danger-tinged romance and gun-blazing glory! Dvd.

The duel at silver Creek - DVD Brand New.

No Name on the Bullet

No name on the bullet - DVD Brand New. 1. Multiple formats, Black & White, Dolby. While they wait for him to make his move, paranoia starts taking over in this suspense-filled story of payback on the wide-open plains. 82. Dvd. When hired killer john Gant Murphy rides into town, no one is sure whose name is on his bullet.

Factory sealed DVD. English Original Language. World war ii hero, audie murphy, is memorable in his role as a "good" bad guy in this tense tale of retribution. Several townsfolk, knowing they have enemies, each believe that the professional assassin is there to kill them. The duel at silver Creek - DVD Brand New.


Apache Rifles

82. The duel at silver Creek - DVD Brand New. Multiple formats, Black & White, Dolby. Courtney joyner and lone Pine Museum historian Chris Langley Still Gallery Theatrical Trailer. Dvd. 1. No name on the bullet - DVD Brand New. 1964|92 min|Color|1. 85:1/widescreen|nr special features: from ballyhoo motion pictures: museum of lone pine film History: A Retrospective - Please Hold the Spaghetti: Apache Rifles and the End of the Conventional Western Featuring interviews with actor Michael Dante, western film historian/screenwriter C.

Factory sealed DVD. But the presence of gold on indian land and the depredations of greedy settlers, stirs the already boiling pot in this exciting Western from the king of action directors, the legendary William Witney. Factory sealed DVD. English Original Language. Jeff preston audie murphy, commander of an arizona cavalry outpost, hates the Apaches and battles them fiercely--until his attitude is softened by romance with part-Indian missionary Linda Lawson Night Tide.


4 Film Westerns Collection The Kid From Texas/Night Passage/Ride A Crooked Trail/The Texican - Audie Murphy

1. Factory sealed DVD. But an old flame may betray his real identity. Factory sealed DVD. But when outlaws kill jameson in an ambush, Billy decides to seek revenge on every man responsible for his boss' death. Rustle up some classic western entertainment with cowboy legend Audie Murphy in this action-packed 4 film collection! The Kid From Texas 1950Jameson, a rancher, gives Billy the Kid a job as a hired hand.

82. Dvd. Ride a crooked trail 1958having stolen identity the identiy of a US Marshall, a bank robber on the run is welcomed by the townspeople of Little Rock, Arkansas, as their new town marshall. Arriving in the town of Rum Rock, he finds a populace gripped by fear. No name on the bullet - DVD Brand New. The texican 1966a former sheriff living in peaceful Mexican exile must cross the border into Texas to uncover the truth regarding his brother's murder.

Night passage 1957 brothers on opposite sides of the law face off when a soft-spoken train official is asked to protect a large transfer of money from a gang of lethal gunslingers. The duel at silver Creek - DVD Brand New. Multiple formats, Black & White, Dolby. English Original Language.

To Hell and Back

1. English Original Language. 82. Amazingly realistic war footage combined with true-life heroics power this compelling story of an ordinary Texas youth whose extraordinary bravery brings him unparalleled glory. No name on the bullet - DVD Brand New. Audie murphy, plays himself in this gripping, the most decorated American soldier of WWII, action-packed battle saga.

The duel at silver Creek - DVD Brand New. Multiple formats, Black & White, Dolby. But as his list of medals grows, murphy's band of brothers continues to fall, leaving him one of the few to recount the unforgettable tale of those who went to hell and back. Factory sealed DVD. Dvd. To hell and back - DVD Brand New.

Factory sealed DVD.


Factory sealed DVD. Kittridge is hired by the villains but turns to defend the rancher Saxon after learning the true situation. Kittridge wins saxon's ranch with a cut of the cards but Saxon has other reasons for deliberately losing the gamble. The duel at silver Creek - DVD Brand New. 82. To hell and back - DVD Brand New.

1. No name on the bullet - DVD Brand New. Telford and lake try everything from bushwhacking to setting a wildfire to stop the Saxon/Kittridge herd of cattle from reaching the railhead. Factory sealed DVD. English Original Language. Multiple formats, Black & White, Dolby. Dvd.

Walk the Proud Land

After trying to empower and teach self-governing principles to the Apaches, he is faced with opposition not only from some of the Indians but also from the leader in charge of the Army troops. 82. The duel at silver Creek - DVD Brand New. 1. Factory sealed DVD. Dvd. Factory sealed DVD. Co-starring anne bancroft as a beautiful widow who becomes Clum’s housekeeper and Pat Crowley as Clum’s wary new bride, Walk the Proud Land is an exciting drama about an important time in American history.

Appointed as an indian agent in 1874 by the department of the Interior at the age of twenty-three John Clum Murphy is sent to an Apache reservation in San Carlos, Arizona to take over the army’s position. To hell and back - DVD Brand New. Multiple formats, Black & White, Dolby. Real-life war hero audie murphy stars in the riveting Western Walk the Proud Land about one of the most interesting stories of the American frontier.

English Original Language. No name on the bullet - DVD Brand New.