American Web Equipment: 1910-1967 Europa Militaria

Hundreds of different items are photographed, and the often small differences between suppliers and periods are pointed in the learned and informative text. This book will be required reading for all students of American uniform and equipment, modelers, re-enactors and collectors. In this book, martin brayley gives a detailed illustrated overview of the webbing straps, holsters, a follow-up to the same author's well-received study of British web equipment, carriers and haversacks used by American combat troops from before World War One to the Vietnam War.


World War II US Army Combat Equipments Elite

Discover what equipment a gi carried with him during World War II: what he had strapped around his body, what it contained, and what those items were used for. In this highly illustrated book, Special Forces veteran Gordon Rottman offers a truly comprehensive treatment of U. S. Forces from D-Day to Berlin. World war ii gear, first-aid gear, tools, covering not only basic belts, and packs, pouches, but also mess gear, bivouac/camping gear--essentially everything that a GI has to keep him alive and operational on the battlefield.

Illustrated with wartime photos, and color images showing both laid-out kit and half figures of soldiers wearing the gear, new photos of kit from private collections, this is set to become the primary equipment information resource for anyone interested in the kit and webbing used by U. S. New supreme Hobbies item.


American Web Equipment 1967-1991 Europa Militaria

In 1973 an all-nylon load-carrying equipment system was standardized replacing all cotton-based load-carrying equipments in service at the time. From the beginning of the twentieth century, United States military individual load-carrying equipments were fabricated mainly of cotton duck and cotton webbing.

Nylon equipment was found to be more durable, lighter and dried quicker than the standardized cotton equipment. New supreme Hobbies item. In 1954 a new load-carrying system was developed to meet the needs of the infantryman on the perceived battlefields of the Cold War. In this book, c a monroe and craig pickrall describe and illustrate the personal equipment of the US Army soldier throughout the period, and show how it has developed to meet changing operational needs.

Throughout the first and second world Wars, as well as the Korean War, cotton-based load-carrying equipments served the infantryman with little change in their design and construction. Since 1973 all load-carrying equipments have been fabricated utilizing nylon and, in effect, closed the history book on cotton-based equipments.

The answer to the problems plaguing cotton load-carrying equipments came in the form of nylon. At the onset of the vietnam war it was clear that this new cotton-based webbing system was not acceptable for use in the humid environment of the jungles of Southeast Asia. As the vietnam war ground down nylon web equipment was proving to be the answer to other load-carrying problems that had arisen during the course of the war.


Vietnam War US & Allied Combat Equipments Elite

Osprey Publishing UK. And allied soldiers carried strapped around their bodies, what the gear contained, and what those items were used for. During the years of the Vietnam War, U. S. Different equipment was also used by Special Forces, the South Vietnamese, and other allied ground troops. Vietnam war us & allied Combat Equipments offers a comprehensive examination of the gear that U.

S. New supreme Hobbies item. Forces used three major types of equipment sets, with numerous modifications for particular circumstances. Fully illustrated with photographs and artwork detailing how each piece of equipment was used, modelers, this book will fascinate enthusiasts of military equipment and will be an ideal reference guide for reenactors, and written by a Special Forces veteran of the conflict, and collectors of Vietnam War memorabilia.


British Web Equipment of the Two World Wars Europa Militaria

The outbreak of ww1 in 1914 found the British Army unready in many respects for a new age of warfare. By the outbreak of ww2, the british infantry had new 1937 pattern equipment, whose design reflected a new generation of weapons and tactics. In this book the author offers collectors and students of militaria a detailed review of these infantry equipments which spanned the British soldier's combat experience throughout most of the 20th century.

New supreme Hobbies item. However, the british led the world in the personal equipment worn by the infantryman thanks to an American officer named Anson Mills and the skills of the company created to produce his design - the 1908 equipment set made in woven cotton web. Osprey Publishing UK. This proved unequal to the special demands of jungle warfare in the Far East: so 1944 saw yet another set of kit.


The D-Day Kit-Bag: The Ultimate Guide to the Allied Assault on Europe

Conway Maritime Press. International in scope, and french resistance, Polish, the book covers the US, UK, Free French, Canadian, along with Axis soldiers. New supreme Hobbies item. Selected for their importance to the outcome, the artifacts include uniforms and personal mementos of such Generals as Eisenhower and Patton; blueprints of the Mulberry harbors; personal mementos of the US Rangers on Omaha Beach and British Airborne troops at Pegasus Bridge; K-rations and cigarettes, and often arranged exactly as the participants' kits were, and even rare German Army and Waffen SS material collected from the Normandy battlefields.

To honor the 70th anniversary of d-day, this superlatively photographed book tells the story of the landings through more than 200 key objects carried by the men who launched the campaign. Osprey Publishing UK.

Military Knives: A Reference Book - From the Pages of Knife World Magazine by Frank Trzaska 2001-05-03

Windrum, dennis ellingsen, harvey reisberg, Steve Dick, Fred Bratmon, Bill Karsten, Don Lawrence, Dave Murphy, Eugene W. Osprey Publishing UK. New supreme Hobbies item. Stone, richard White, and Bill Wright. Conway Maritime Press. This volume compiles together sixty-seven of the best military knife articles from the past twenty years of Knife World magazine.

A complete reference book for knives of the United States, and Allied Forces, British, 19th century to modern day. Authors include Frank Trzaska, Mike Silvey, William A.

USMC Uniforms & Equipment 1941-1945

Conway Maritime Press. New supreme Hobbies item. Many period photos found in official American archives are also reproduced and help place the reenactment shots in the correct historical context. This new volume maintains the usual exceptional quality standards of Histoire & Collections: carefully-researched historical background, hundreds of concisely captioned color photographs of authentic artifacts and reenactment photographs taken in studio conditions to allow the reader to see the uniforms and equipment in the greatest clarity.

Bruno alberti and laurent pradier have been collecting and writing about U S Marine Corps gear for more than a decade and, in that time, have contributed complete series of articles on the topic in the French Militaria Magazine. That sequence of articles is complete and the time has now come for a revised and expanded version of the results of their work as a single bound volume.

The us marine corps has always enjoyed a special status among the American Armed Forces, as well as boasting distinctive uniforms and emblems. Hundreds of items of clothing, equipment and insignia are illustrated by reenactment photos of the famous 'leathernecks' in the form of large format color plates.

Osprey Publishing UK.

US Army Uniform: WWII

Conway Maritime Press. This indispensable reference depicts the U. S. New supreme Hobbies item. Army's effort to clothe troops in differing climates worldwide. Osprey Publishing UK.

GI Collector's Guide, Vol. 2: U.S. Army European Theater of Operations

Collector’s guide provides a complete and unequaled source of American ground force documentation for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Volume 2 of the G. I. Osprey Publishing UK. Conway Maritime Press. No quibbles returns. Mint Condition. Guaranteed packaging. More than 1, 000 new artifacts with detailed captions are featured in this completely revised new work.

New supreme Hobbies item. Dispatch same day for order received before 12 noon. New. All chapters from volume 1 have been revised and updated among others: uniforms, Stateside training, including personal equipment, signal and medical equipment and new sections have been added, and the life of POWs in German camps.


Third Reich Collectibles: Identification and Price Guide

Guaranteed packaging. New supreme Hobbies item. Osprey Publishing UK. Dispatch same day for order received before 12 noon. No quibbles returns. New. A reign of terror that rose to near world domination during the 1930s and early 1940s, Adolph Hitler's Germany continues to fascinate generations of scholars and students of history alike.

The third reich's insatiable drumbeat of pageantry and propaganda produced countless uniforms, and headgear, comprising one of the most desired categories in all of military collectibles to study, daggers, medals, insignia, flags, swords, understand and own. Groundbreaking in scope and execution, third reich collectibles features more than 1, 300 color images with descriptions and values for:UniformsHelmetsHeadgearFlagsBadgesMembership pinsPatchesArmbandsFirearmsBladesEquipmentPaper IDsSignageAnd more associated with the military and paramilitary groups of the Third ReichThroughout the book you'll also find historical background information and period photographs capturing everyday Nazi Germany.

The rise and fall of germany's Third Reich is one of the most studied, investigated and collected episodes of military history. Mint Condition. Conway Maritime Press.