All in the Family: Complete Fourth Season

It consistently ranked number one in the ratings while at the same time breaking all of prime-time TV's taboos. In the fourth season, and loud-mouthed george jefferson sherman Hemsley, Archie hilariously faced two worthy opponents: neighbor Irene Lorenzo Betty Garrett, a staunch believer in women's rights, soon to star in the spin-off hit series "The Jeffersons.

Rob reiner won an emmy® award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series and the show received four other nominations this season. Archie bunker's carroll o'connor shocking politically incorrect diatribes, marriage problems for Mike Rob Reiner and Gloria Sally Struthers, and a breast cancer scare for Edith Jean Stapleton all broke with sitcom conventions.

By the fourth season, norman lear's landmark series ALL IN THE FAMILY was on its way to becoming an American institution. Shrink-wrapped.

All in the Family: Complete Fifth Season

Winner of a golden globe® award, the fifth season also Factory sealed DVD. But this would be a year of change for Archie Carroll O'Connor and Edith Jean Stapleton, with friends moving on up and family moving out. Number one in the ratings for the fifth straight year, audiences now felt as comfortable in the Bunkers' living room as they did in their own.

By the end of the season, mike rob reiner and Gloria Sally Struthers decide it's high time to move out of Archie's house to find their own place to live. Like the rest of the country, the Bunkers cope with rising inflation in a multi-episode storyline, causing Edith to join the workforce. Meanwhile, next-door neighbors the jeffersons leave their modest Queens house for a "deluxe apartment in the sky;" the pilot for the spin-off series "The Jeffersons" appears here as an episode of ALL IN THE FAMILY.

The fifth season of all in the famILY continued its trailblazing formula, tackling controversial issues with shockingly irreverent humor.

All in the Family: Complete Third Season

The model for sitcoms to come, all in the faMILY brilliantly and intimately portrayed the American family while reflecting the socia Factory sealed DVD. Series creator norman lear broke nearly every rule and taboo, but the characters' foibles produced some of television's biggest laughs. The hilarious landmark comedy series all in the family returns for its third season with its flawless sense of ensemble chemistry, precision timing, and lasting political relevance intact and went on to win both the Emmy® and Golden Globe® for Outstanding Comedy Series.

They could also make us cry, the victim", in the heartbreaking "Gloria, or shock us, in "The Bunkers & the Swingers" 1973 Emmy® for Outstanding Writing Achievement in Comedy. Shrink-wrapped. These characters have become television's first dysfunctional family: blue-collar conservative Archie Carroll O'Connor, "little girl" Gloria Sally Struthers, his long-suffering but loving wife Edith Jean Stapleton, and her liberal husband "Meathead" Mike Rob Reiner.


All in the Family: Complete Sixth Season

Gloria later gives birth in a special two-part episode. With factory sealed DVD. Once the baby is home, two generations of parents clash over how to raise little Joey Stivic. But the big news for archie carroll O'Connor and Edith Jean Stapleton is that their "little goil" is pregnant. Mike rob reiner and gloria sally struthers finally move out of the Bunker household - and right into the house next door, where the Jeffersons used to live.

Shrink-wrapped. The show courted further controversy when a real toy company released "archie bunker's grandson" in honor of baby Joey, the first anatomically correct male doll! Nominated for an Emmy® Award for "Outstanding Comedy Series" for its sixth straight year, ALL IN THE FAMILY was also nominated for two Golden Globe® Awards this season.

Produced and developed by norman lear, the groundbreaking sitcom ALL IN THE FAMILYcontinued to evolve in the sixth season without losing any of its controversial edge or its popularity; it was the #1 series for the fifth year in a row.

All in the Family: Complete Second Season

Shrink-wrapped. Those were the days. And they still are. Norman lear's landmark emmy® award-winning comedy about the Bunkers, one of the most beloved families in television history, continues with this second season. Factory sealed DVD. Filled with more hysterical episodes including "Sammy's Visit" featuring Sammy Davis, Jr.

Starring carroll o'connor as archie, rob reiner as mike "meathead" Stivic and Sally Struthers as Gloria, Jean Stapleton as Edith, ALL IN THE FAMILY is a timeless classic to cherish forever.

All in the Family: Complete First Season

Shrink-wrapped. Norman lear's landmark comedy featured one of the most beloved families in television history, the Bunkers. Those were the days. Watch this ground-breaking first season for yourself and just try to stifle your laughter! Factory sealed DVD. Starring carroll o'connor as archie, rob reiner as mike "meathead" Stivic and Sally Struthers as Gloria, Jean Stapleton as Edith, "All in the Family" remains an Emmy® Award-winning treasure.


All in the Family: Season 7

Whether the series was addressing archies outdated, over-the-top, intolerant behavior or dealing with a college student trying to commit suicide, these characters made the formula work and the show unforgettable. Shrink-wrapped. Season seven continued to break new ground in television with its lethal mix of comedy and serious issues.

Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. All 25 original half-hour episodes from 1976 1977 one of the most acclaimed comedy series of all time, arguing with his daughter Glorias Sally Struthers liberal husband Mike Meathead Stivic Rob Reiner and taking refuge in his long-suffering wife, Norman Lears Emmy-winning All In The Family returns for a seventh season with Archie Carroll O Connor still as irascible and highly opinionated as ever, Edith Jean Stapleton.


All in the Family: Season 8

As dark as the plots run at times, the laughs always shine through in this perfectly balanced and performed sitcom that inspired spin-offs Maude and The Jeffersons. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. This second to last season finds archie o’connor, edith stapleton and the Stivics Reiner and Sally Struthers battling some difficult issues when Archie buys a bar he cannot afford, Edith questions her faith and Mike and Gloria plan a move to California.

All 24 original half-hour episodes from 1977-1978season eight of the award-winning television series from Norman Lear earned Emmys for Carroll O’Connor, Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series, not to mention the award for Outstanding Comedy Series, Jean Stapleton and Rob Reiner, and Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series.


All in the Family: Season 9

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. But, they make the best, and funniest, as the Bunkers have grown accustomed to doing, situation out of terrible circumstances and take her in. For this final season, norman lear hosted an endearing 90-minute Family Retrospective that allowed fans of the show to look back and relive the greatest moments of the groundbreaking series.

Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped. Season nine finds mike and gloria officially moved out, leaving Archie and Edith on their own for the first time in a long while. The special originally aired during the Season Nine run and is included in this DVD set. Of course, that doesn’t last long when Edith’80s cousin Floyd abandons his nine-year-old daughter Stephanie Danielle Brisebois on their doorstep.

Shrink-wrapped. Meanwhile, it turns out the stivics are on the rocks in California when Edith and Archie decide to pay a cross-country visit for Christmas.

Archie Bunker's Place: Season 1

This emmy®-nominated first season includes the two-part thanksgiving special featuring the return of mike rob reiner and gloria stivic sally struthers! starring: carroll o connor tv s All In The Family, Danielle Brisebois As Good As It Gets, Allan Melvin TV s The Phil Silvers Show, Martin Balsam 12 Angry Men, Anne Meara Awakenings, Bill Quinn The Birds and Jean Stapleton TV s All In The Family Guest Stars:William Schallert TV s The Patty Duke ShowSheree North The ShootistCharlie Brill TV s Silk StalkingsCynthia Sykes TV s St.

23, 1979 episode 3: edith Gets Hired Sept. 25, 1979 disc two episode 13: Man of the Year Dec. 9, 1979 episode 15: Barney's Lawsuit Dec. 16, 1979 episode 16: Blanche and Murray Dec. 28, 1979 episode 8: The Cook Nov. 6, 1980 episode 18: The Ambush Jan. Elsewherejack carter tv s the hollywood squaresandy garcia the godfather: part IIIRob Reiner This Is Spinal TapSally Struthers TV s All In The FamilyEstelle Parsons Bonnie and ClydeTalia Balsam No Strings AttachedSammy Davis Jr.

3, 1980 episode 20: archie Fixes Up Fred Feb. Shrink-wrapped. 30, 1979 episode 4: archie and the Oldest Profession Oct. 10, 1980 episode 21: father and Daughter Night Feb.

The Jeffersons - The Complete First Season

Color/6 hrs/NR/fullscreen. 13 episodes on 2 DVDs. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Factory sealed DVD. Shrink-wrapped.