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Everything But The Girl ~ Idlewild.

Amplified Heart

Everything but The Girl- Amplified Heart. Certified gold by the RIAA 3/96.

Everything But the Girl

Everything but The Girl- Amplified Heart.


It would be cynical to accuse everything but the Girl of coasting on Worldwide--especially when the album contains such songs as "Talk to Me Like the Sea" and "Twin Cities. But the bulk of this album finds the duo falling prey to the easy-listening sappiness that's always a danger for those who make loungey acoustic pop.

If there were but one or two ebtg albums out there, but as there are plenty of stronger albums to choose from check out Idlewild or Amplified Heart, this one would be a necessity for fans of Tracey Thorn's heavenly voice, Worldwide is better left for completists. Randy silver everything but The Girl- Amplified Heart.


The Language Of Life

Everything but the girl ~ language Of Life Everything but The Girl- Amplified Heart.

Eden eng

Everything but The Girl- Amplified Heart. Ithe album as a whole emotes a bossa nova / cool jazz vibe and includes 'Each & Every One', 'Dust Bowl', 'I Must Confess' and nine other cuts. Everything But The Girl- Eden. 1984 debut disc by england's dance/pop pairing, Everything But the Girl featuring Tracy Thorn and Ben Watt.



If 2010's love and it's opposite was my mid-life album - full of divorce and hormones - then this album represents that sense of liberation that comes in the aftermath, from embarking on a whole new 'no fucks given' phase of life. Everything but The Girl- Amplified Heart. Tracey Thorn- Record. Across 4 decades, from the acerbic teen love songs of her first early '80s band Marine Girls through sixteen years as one-half of articulate multimillion-selling duo Everything But The Girl, her songs and writing have offered up a clear-eyed woman's view of the immediate world around her, to her recent acclaimed memoirs and journalism.

Everything But The Girl- Eden. As ever, the personal has often been political in Tracey Thorn's work. Different ages and stages, different realities not often discussed in pop lyrics. I think i've always written songs which chronicle the milestones of a woman's life, " she says.


Tracey Thorn- Record. Everything but The Girl- Amplified Heart. Ninth album temperamental, was produced by ben watt and features the singles "The Future Of The Future" with Deep Dish, issued in 1999, "Five Fathoms" and "Temperamental". The book features a candid note by Ben and Tracey along with the lyrics, as well as memorabilia, previously unseen photos and ephemera from their own collection.

Ben watt has personally selected ten remixes for CD Two. Also featured is non-album b-side "Firewall", as well as a previously unreleased album outtake and a previously unreleased live performance of "Temperamental". Everything But The Girl- Eden. Deluxe digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition in case-bound book packaging.


Walking Wounded

Tracey Thorn- Record. And even with the help of progressive dance specialists like Howie B. And spring heel jack, everything but the Girl retains a maturity that shouldn't alienate old fans. On cuts like "before today, " and the title track, " "Single, the interaction of a beat's minutely detailed rhythms and a voice that rides smoothly over the top makes for an elegant symbiosis.

Roni sarig everything but The Girl- Amplified Heart. Their seventh album, finds the duo landing, 1996's Walking Wounded, good as new, onto the dance floor with a batch of songs based around techno-derived beats. Everything But The Girl- Eden. Ben watt and tracey thorn of everything but the Girl have done their share of style-hopping, from jazz pop to Britpop to orchestral pop to contemporary R&B to jazzy R&B.

Everything but The Girl- Walking Wounded. The shift toward electronics may seem extreme for a group that courted adult audiences, but given the huge success of their 1994 beat-driven remix single "Missing" and their fruitful collaborations on Massive Attack's breakthrough trip-hop record Protection, the rewards of embracing club sounds had already been well proven.

Everything but the girl's music has always focused on Thorn's lush, soulful voice--a tribute to its versatility, it weathered well through all the group's stylistic incarnations. Walking wounded, however, introduces a second focal point in the insanely attractive, intricately sculpted beats of the jungle offshoot drum & bass.


Tinsel and Light

Shrink-wrapped. Produced by ewan pearson, tinsel & LIGHTS features Tracey's rich vocals and contributions on guitar and piano. Everything but The Girl- Amplified Heart. Three tracks include orchestral arrangements by Nick Ingman. Everything but The Girl- Walking Wounded. Everything But The Girl- Eden. Tracey Thorn- Record.