A Kiss on Crimson Ranch: A Single Dad Romance Crimson, Colorado Book 1

But she insists that she's definitely not looking for a forever family. Can the rancher and the starlet let down their guards to find their own Hollywood happy ending? No harm, no foul…right? the one thing she didn't count on was her partner-in-property, hunky former bull rider and single dad Josh Travers.

When she inherits half of a crumbling guest ranch in Crimson, Colorado, Sara figures she'll sell her portion to get back on her own two feet and be back in the black in no time at all. Sara is surprised at how quickly she bonds with the charming cowboy and his daughter. From home-sweet-hollywood…to home on the range former child star Sara Wellens has hit a dead end in Hollywood.


Suddenly a Father Crimson, Colorado Book 3

Travers heal his own hurts to create the family both he and Millie have always wanted? But he can't deny the way Millie makes his heart pound and how she's bonded with his little girl. Jake is determined to keep his eye on the prize—building a home for Brooke and getting to know the child who is now his whole world.

Jake travers, he's a mess. Perfect timing: millie is trying to find her place in the world…and Crimson might be it! An ideal match! Until Millie realizes that little Brooke's daddy makes her feel more than just butterflies… The last thing the good doc needs is Millie distracting him. Can Dr. The handsome single dad desperately needs help with his newfound daughter.

He needs a nanny—stat! when millie Spencer first meets Dr.

A Second Chance at Crimson Ranch Crimson, Colorado Book 2

This is one carpenter olivia would like to get to know better, and not just because of his building skills… From his first dance with Olivia, Logan knows there's something special about the beautiful brunette. And the more olivia says she's just passing through, the more resolved Logan is to make her his, forever.

Good with his hands, bad for her heart… ever since her marriage went up in flames, Olivia Wilder hasn't had the desire for love. The blue-eyed hometown hunk is a bit younger and a whole lot sexier than any man she's ever dated before. The more she's determined to keep him at arm's length, the more Logan wants her in his embrace.

But one magical dance with Logan Travers might change all that.

A Very Crimson Christmas Crimson, Colorado Book 4

But someone is clearly taking advantage of Ruth, which brings the studly CEO back to Crimson, the place he was all too happy to have left behind. It's that time of year for years there'd been only one woman in Liam Donovan's life—his beloved nanny, who'd raised him as her own. And there liam finds ruth has live-in help—in the form of his high school love, who'd broken her heart once, natalie holt, and her adorable son… He better not fall for Nat a second time—because what if she is the cause of his nanny's missing money? If Natalie had time for any guy besides her son, it would not be Liam Donovan, and now seems to think she could add thief to her long list of job titles! She could prove easily enough that she can be trusted with the money—but can Natalie trust Liam with her heart…again?


Always the Best Man Crimson, Colorado Book 2495

Her brother's wedding should have been a welcome reprieve, but Jase Crenshaw is the best man to her maid of honor. Can jase convince the girl of his dreams they're both actually perfect…for each other? Back then, she was too good for the kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Now she thinks the upstanding town lawyer and mayoral candidate is too good for her.

She'd steered clear of him when they were kids, but now Jase has become one highly irresistible man. Jase always harbored a crush on his best friend's sister. This time the groom? hometown golden girl emily whitaker couldn't have left Crimson in her rearview mirror fast enough…until life threw her some curveballs and she's back—divorced and with a young son.


Christmas on Crimson Mountain Crimson, Colorado

April had counted herself out of a happy ending. Love on the mountain peace and quiet—that's all Connor Pierce wanted from the rented cabin on Crimson Mountain. But maybe santa still had a few surprises up his merry old sleeve… . Connor's plan to forget his painful past soon detoured into giving the ladies a Christmas to remember.

Being named guardian of two motherless girls has upended April's world. Add to the mix a mysterious, brooding writer claiming he wanted to be left alone while going out of his way to bring a little joy to the girls, and she has quite the quandary. As were the two little girls she was caring for. Yet the caretaker turned out to be lovely April Sanders—a total distraction.


A Baby and a Betrothal Crimson, Colorado Book 2464

Only nine months will tell…. Katie has been his best friend since high school, but when did she turn into such a lovely woman? And is that desire he feels? Still, Crimson holds too many memories, and Katie wants things Noah can't give. Wanted: husband & daddy serious candidates only! katie garrity is proud of her work at her Life is Sweet bakery, but it's high time she showed the town of Crimson that she's more than just "The Cupcake Lady.

She wants to be "Mrs. And "mommy" so badly she can't stand it! But in the small mountain town, the pickings are slim…until the one who got away returns. As a forest ranger, noah loves protecting the places and people he loves—he just can't commit to forever. But after one explosive night, it just may be too late.


Romancing the Wallflower Crimson, Colorado Book 2570

So why can’t he convince the sweet, kindhearted beauty that she deserves better than him? Is it because they’re the perfect imperfect match? So way out she makes a shocking suggestion!David moved to the Colorado mountain town to look after his sister and her son. Now he’s a stand-in parent to his nephew, trying to fight his attraction to Erin…who just propositioned him.

David is nobody’s hero. But when a crisis involving one of her pupils offers a chance to help the pro baseballer turned local brewery owner, Erin goes way out of her comfort zone. I’d like to have an affair with you. Dedicated kindergarten teacher erin MacDonald isn’t the type to make the first move on a man—especially gorgeous David McCay, her secret crush.


Sleigh Bells in Crimson Crimson, Colorado Book 2592

But it’s the handsome-as-sin cowboy cradling a stray kitten who gets her blood racing! Even if Caden Sharpe is rude, surly and just plain Grinch-like, how can a man who finds homes for unwanted pets be all bad?These days, former soldier Caden Sharpe is more comfortable with the animals he rescues than people.

Will crimson see a last-minute holiday exchange—at the altar? But now his widowed father is engaged to lucy’s thrice-divorced mother, and Caden is determined to keep him from making a huge mistake—even as he finds himself falling for the bride-to-be’s lovely daughter. Western wedding bells?lucy Renner doesn’t believe in the magic of Christmas or forever after.

Yet here she is in holiday-obsessed Crimson, Colorado, for her mother’s fourth walk down the aisle.

Coming Home to Crimson Crimson, Colorado

On the surface, they have nothing in common. And crimson sheriff cole Bennett has a lot at stake in keeping the town on an even keel. We’re not friends. Unfortunately, there is nothing superficial about their feelings for each other! We’re not going to be friends. No, sienna pierce can’t think of anywhere to go but crimson, they’ll be so much more…Escaping from a cheating fiancé in a “borrowed” car, the hometown she swore she’d never go back to.


The Cowboy's Second-Chance Family Return to Stonerock Book 1

Right now this cowboy needs to keep his life simple and his heart guarded. Yet he can’t resist the instant pull of sweet, selfless Lucy. When she meets handsome, brooding Noah Spencer, she recognizes the grief in his penetrating eyes. This could be a second chance at happily-ever-after…if they can both let go of the past.

And yet she can’t deny the feelings—and hope—that he has reawakened within her. All widower noah has in life is his little daughter and a fresh start as Stonerock’s newest police officer. Finding love twice in a lifetimeWhen Lucy Brooks lost her husband, her dreams of a family went with him. Now her life is a busy balance of friends, work and the demands of her small ranch.