a captivating tale of love, chivalry and betrayal in Plantagenet England The Plantagenets Book 1 – A Pride of Kings

Having survived the threat of beheading from Stephen as a child, Marshall rises from nothing to a place in court serving King Henry II. Accused of acting on his love for the beautiful Queen Margaret, William is saved by his trust and loyalty to the King. But the battle for the throne is relentless, heroism, is an epic chronicle of love, and when Henry’s own son John rises against him, William must decide if he can remain loyal to the crown…A Pride of Kings, the first in the Plantagenet series, loyalty and betrayal in one of the most fascinating periods of English history.

Ideal for fans of sharon Kay Penman, Elizabeth Chadwick or Jean Plaidy. Condemned by King Stephen. Loved by King Henry. Honoured by King Richard. Betrayed by King John. For william marshall, the greatest knight of the realm, serving royalty is an unpredictable business.

The Royal Griffin: An epic chronicle of love, heroism and loyalty in Plantagenet England The Plantagenents Book 2

When de montfort rallies an army of peasants and barons who object to the king’s absolute power, Eleanor finds herself torn between love and loyalty…The Royal Griffin is the second in Juliet Dymoke's remarkable Plantagenet series: an epic chronicle of love, heroism and loyalty which brings to life one of the richest periods in English history: a time power struggles, revolts and betrayals.

For fans of Sharon Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick. Her marriage is in her brother's gift to give, but in Simon de Montfort she meets a man of passion and charisma; a man for whom she is willing to defy convention; a man who harbours great ambition. As the younger sister of henry III, her king, Eleanor’s duty is to her brother, her country.


a sensational tale of love and betrayal in the court of Edward II The Plantagenets Book 3 - The Lion of Mortimer

Seduced by mortimer’s treachery, Isabella plots with him to murder her husband and take the throne. With the plantagenet line in danger of coming to an end, it is up to the young William de Montacute to bring Mortimer down and restore the crown to Edward's son and heir. The lion of mortimer is the third in juliet dymoke's dramatic and emotional Plantagenet series, heroism, an epic chronicle of love, loyalty and betrayal bringing to life one of the richest periods in English history: a time of power struggles and compelling courtly intrigue.

For fans of Sharon Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick. Weak in battle, powerless at court and absent in the bedroom: the English crown has rarely sat less easily than on the head of Edward II. Inheriting the plantagenet throne in a powerful position, Edward needs a wife to continue the dynasty – but the beautiful, charming Isabella fails to stir his heart like his close friend Piers Gaveston.

Slighted and ignored, Isabella takes a new lover: the ambitious nobleman Roger Mortimer.

one of the most extraordinary women of the Plantagenet era The Plantagenets Book 4 - Lady of the Garter

Young, rich and arrestingly beautiful, it is Joan of Kent's destiny to shape the future of the Plantagenet crown. Lady of the garter is the compelling tale of one of the most extraordinary women of the Plantagenet era: a women whose passionate love story was lived against such events as the victories of Crecy and Poitier; who went on to marry the Black Prince and give birth to the future Richard II.

The third in dymoke's powerful plantagenet series, this is a remarkable story of love, loyalty, ambition and court politics during one of the most intriguing periods of English history. For fans of Sharon Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick. But when her new husband leaves on a crusade, Joan once again comes under pressure to form a union with de Montacute and is forced to choose between passion and duty.

Wilful and stubborn, that she marry the influential William de Montacute, Edward III, while still a just girl Joan defies the wishes of her father and her king, and instead weds in secret to another man.

a stirring chronicle of love, heroism, loyalty The Plantagenets Book 5 - The Lord of Greenwich

Rich, charismatic and adored by the citizens of London, Humfrey is free to indulge his twin loves of women and books. Loyalty and beauty"for humfrey of gloucester, youngest son of Henry IV, this family motto is more than a matter of heritage: it is a life creed. But can he serve his brother and protect the crown from the machinations of the powerful Beaufort family while continuing his roistering lifestyle, heroism, an epic chronicle of love, or must he give up beauty for loyalty?The Lord of Greenwich is the fifth in Juliet Dymoke's exhilarating Plantagenet series, loyalty and the fierce rivalries within the Plantagenet court.

For fans of Sharon Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick. But when his father dies and his eldest brother becomes Henry V, Humfrey is forced to face up to his responsibilities as a Plantagenet, and as a man.

an enthralling story of love and loyalty set during the Wars of the Roses The Plantagenets Book 6 - The Sun in Splendour

The wars of the Roses are at a decisive stage. At court, his new wife and her ambitious family are undermining his power and advancing their own positions. For those wearing the white rose of York, the future looks bleak. For bess bourchier, of shame, friend to the King and wife to his cousin, lady-in-waiting to the Queen, it is a time of conflicting emotions: of love, of hope.

From her position at the heart of the court, bess bears witness to an extraordinary period of English history: a time when families were split, loyalties were tested and when supporting the wrong claimant to the throne was all too easy. The sun in splendour is the final book in Juliet Dymoke’s epic chronicle of the Plantagenet dynasty during one of the most turbulent and exciting times in English history.

For fans of Sharon Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick. On the battlefield, the tide appears to have turned against Edward IV and his Plantagenet dynasty is under threat.

Of the Ring of Earls: An epic chronicle of love and loyalty during the Norman invasion Conqueror Trilogy Book 1

For waltheof of huntington and his fellow survivors of the Battle of Hastings, there is a simple choice: submit to this new foreign king, or die at the gallows. Of the ring of earls, the first in juliet dymoke’s epic Conqueror Trilogy, charts the fate of Waltheof of Huntington: a knight whose true story embodies the turmoil that followed the last successful invasion of Britain.

For fans of sharon penman, Philippa Gregory, Elizabeth Chadwick and Anya Seton. Harold lies dead, william of Normandy stands victorious: it’s 1066 and England is conquered. A last challenge to the Norman might, a final chance for glory, a decisive test of old allegiances and new loyalties. As the country bows under the Norman yoke and Waltheof struggles to come to terms with his decision, a new Saxon hope emerges.

Follow the heart; or follow the head.

The Lion's Legacy: A stirring romantic tale of revenge, honour and burning passion in Norman England Conqueror Trilogy Book 3

But when a second heir emerges – another grandchild of William the Conqueror, Stephen, Count of Blois and Mortain – the Lion’s Legacy looks destined to be one of civil war. As a dynastic struggle tears england apart and blood is split on battlefields across the land, power passes from Stephen to Matilda and back again with every change of heart and loyalty.

For matilda, who struggles to reconcile the steel of a Queen with the passions of a young woman, the price of power is increasingly heavy. Henry i is dying and, matilda, he knows he must force his barons to swear allegiance to his indomitable daughter, with no sons, the Empress Maud, if he is to secure his legacy.

. This final book of juliet dymoke epic Conqueror Trilogy is a stirring tale of cruelty and honour; of revenge and forgiveness; of refined courtly love and burning passion.

Henry of the High Rock: An epic tale of dynastic struggle and courtly love in Norman England Conqueror Series Book 2

For his youngest son, Henry, life is set to become very precarious. Henry of the high rock, the second in juliet dymoke’s epic Conqueror Trilogy, is a powerful tale of political intrigue and courtly love at a time when the fate of England hung in the balance. But with great power comes great danger, and henry soon finds that he will need a woman’s love and all his father’s physical courage and political cunning if he is to survive and claim his place in the line of succession.

. As his elder brothers begin to divide up their father’s lands in England and France, far from being insignificant, it becomes clear that conflict is inevitable and Henry, is a crucial pawn in the family power struggle. For twenty-one years, william the Conqueror had ruled England with an iron fist but his sudden death leaves the country in turmoil.


a stirring tale of love, loyalty and obsession in Plantagenet England The Plantagenets Book 7 - A Border Knight

As his infatuation threatens to destroy his marriage, he finds himself a pawn in an increasingly bloody struggle for power – and ultimately, the throne. Set against the evocative backdrop of Chaucer’s England and an English coup, A Border Knight is stirring historical tale of love, loyalty and obsession.

For fans of Sharon Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick. Weak kings need strong knights, and for Richard II few are more valiant than Harry Percy: seasoned fighter, proven leader and heir to the North. But despite the adulation of his peers and the love of his betrothed, Harry ‘Hotspur’ is not content; his heart yearns for Elizabeth Plantagenet, the sister of his childhood friend and the king’s rival, Henry Bolingbroke.


Almost a Queen: Book One of The Three Graces Trilogy

Like most great noble families of the 16th Century, the web of intermarriages and alliances made enemies out of blood relatives. Why did i choose that order? You really will have to read to to find out for yourself. Will marie and conde make the decision to abandon their Protestant faith in order to save their lives? Will it cost them their souls? Along with the threat of death comes a chance for true love with the king's younger brother, the Duc d'Anjou.

Who wouldn't want to be queen?cousins to the King of Navarre, the Cleves sisters witness the glamor and danger of the French royal court firsthand. In upcoming novels, you'll meet the often- derided Charlotte, Madame de Sauve, and enough royal mistresses to satisfy your need for scandal. About the authorreading historical fiction was my guilty pleasure when I was a kid.

. The three graces trilogy continues with eldest sister, Henriette and will conclude with middle sister Catherine's story. I think i learned more about history from reading Jean Plaidy's novels. I really never left their era, so you're looking at my refusal to leave. I ran across some stories about my ancestor, who I was shocked to learn had a “French sounding last name.

While i researched her and her Huguenot ancestors, I ran across the people of the Valois dynasty. I spent 40 hours a week talking with full time academics and researchers, secretly envying them for being on the other side of the table.