A Beautiful Blue Death: The First Charles Lenox Mystery Charles Lenox Mysteries

But when his lifelong friend Lady Jane asks for his help, Lenox cannot resist the chance to unravel a mystery. Prudence smith, one of Jane's former servants, is dead of an apparent suicide. Charles lenox jumps headlong into the detective business to help a friend in need in this enthralling first mystery in the New York Times bestselling series.

Charles lenox, likes nothing more than to relax in his private study with a cup of tea, Victorian gentleman and armchair explorer, a roaring fire and a good book. But lenox suspects something far more sinister: murder, by a rare and deadly poison. The grand house where the girl worked is full of suspects, and though Prue had dabbled with the hearts of more than a few men, Lenox is baffled by the motive for the girl's death.

When another body turns up during the London season's most fashionable ball, Lenox must untangle a web of loyalties and animosities. Was it jealousy that killed prudence smith? Or was it something else entirely? And can Lenox find the answer before the killer strikes again―this time, disturbingly close to home?


The September Society Charles Lenox Mysteries

When lenox visits his alma mater to investigate he discovers a series of bizarre clues, including a murdered cat and a card cryptically referring to "The September Society. Then, a student dies, just as Lenox realizes that the case may be deeper than it appears, the victim of foul play. What could the september society have to do with it? what specter, is haunting gentle Oxford? Lenox, must race to discover the truth before it comes searching for him, with the support of his devoted friends in London's upper crust, returned from the past, and dangerously close to home.

. Lady annabelle's problem is simple: her beloved son, George, has vanished from his room at Oxford. In the small hours of the morning one fall day in 1866, a frantic widow visits detective Charles Lenox.

The Fleet Street Murders Charles Lenox Mysteries

From the start, he is sure, Lenox has his doubts; the crimes, are tied. Once there, he gets a further shock when Lady Jane sends him a letter whose contents may threaten their nuptials. In london, the police apprehend two unlikely and unrelated murder suspects. Lenox soon involves himself in the strange case, but must leave it behind to go north to Stirrington, where he is running for Parliament.

Across london, two journalists have just met with violent deaths―one shot, however, one throttled. Called "absorbing" publishers weekly and "beguiling" the new York Times Book Review, The Fleet Street Murders finds gentleman detective Charles Lenox investigating the mysterious, simultaneous deaths of two veteran newspapermen, while engaged in a heated race for Parliament.

But as the case mounts, lenox learns that the person behind the murders may be closer to him―and his beloved―than he knows. But how? racing back and forth between London and Stirrington, Lenox must negotiate the complexities of crime and politics, not to mention his imperiled engagement. It's christmas, recently engaged to his best friend, and amateur sleuth Charles Lenox, 1866, Lady Jane Grey, is happily celebrating the holiday in his Mayfair townhouse.


A Stranger in Mayfair: A Mystery Charles Lenox Mysteries

His investigation uncovers some unsettling facts about the family he served and a strange, second identity that the footman himself cultivated. Going into the boxing clubs and public houses, the Mayfair mansions and servants' quarters of Victorian London, Lenox gradually realizes that an old friend may be implicated in the footman's death.

Soon a suspect is arrested, but Lenox has his doubts. In this enthralling mystery, detective Charles Lenox tries to resist the lure of a case and focus on his new career in Parliament. Returning from a continental honeymoon with his new wife, Lady Jane, Lenox is asked by a colleague in Parliament to consult in the murder of a footman, bludgeoned to death with a brick.

Desperately trying to balance the opening of parliament and what he feels sure is a dark secret surrounding the murder, he soon discovers that the killer is someone seemingly beyond suspicion, and may be prepared to spill blood again―even a detective's.

A Burial at Sea: A Mystery Charles Finch Mysteries

When an officer is savagely murdered, Lenox is drawn toward his old profession, however, determined to capture another killer.1873 is a perilous time in the relationship between France and England. When a string of english spies is found dead on French soil, the threat of all-out war prompts government officials to ask Charles Lenox to visit the newly-dug Suez Canal on a secret mission.

Once he is on board the lucy, lenox finds himself using not his new skills of diplomacy but his old ones: the ship's second lieutenant is found dead on the voyage's first night, however, his body cruelly abused. The ship's captain begs the temporarily retired detective to join in the hunt for a criminal.

Charles lenox, member of Parliament, sets sail on a clandestine mission for the government. Lenox finds the trail, where nobody can come or go and everyone is a suspect, but in the claustrophobic atmosphere on board, he has to race against the next crime―and also hope he won't be the victim. At once a compulsive murder mystery, this book shows that no matter how far Lenox strays from his old life, and an intimate and joyful journey with the Victorian navy, a spy story, it will always come back to find him.


A Death in the Small Hours: A Mystery Charles Lenox Mysteries

When he arrives in the quiet village of Plumley, minor thefts, what greets him is a series of strange vandalisms upon the local shops: broken windows, however, threatening scrawls. Only when a far more serious crime is committed does he begin to understand the great stakes of those events, and the complex and sinister mind that is wreaking fear and suspicion in Plumley.

From charles finch, the critically acclaimed author of a beautiful blue death and A Burial at Sea, comes A Death in the Small Hours--an intriguing new mystery in what The New York Times calls "a beguiling series" Charles Lenox is at the pinnacle of his political career and is a delighted new father. Now, john dallington, with his protege, at his side, the race is on for Lenox to find the culprit before he strikes again.

His days of regularly investigating the crimes of Victorian London now some years behind him, Somerset, he plans a trip to his uncle's estate, in the expectation of a few calm weeks to write an important speech. Used book in Good Condition. And this time his victim may be someone that Lenox loves.

An Old Betrayal: A Charles Lenox Mystery Charles Lenox Mysteries

Soon he realizes that, far from concluding the murderer's business, this body is only the first step in a cruel plan, many years in the plotting. Where will he strike next? the answer, Lenox learns with slowly dawning horror, may be at the very heart of England's monarchy. Ranging from the slums of london to the city's corridors of power, charm, the newest Charles Lenox novel bears all of this series' customary wit, and trickery―a compulsive escape to a different time.

But when their cryptic encounter seems to lead, to the murder of an innocuous country squire, days later, this fast favor draws Lenox inexorably back into his old profession. In an old betrayal, the seventh book of charles finch's bestselling series of Victorian mysteries, a case of mistaken identity has Charles Lenox playing for his highest stakes yet: the safety of Queen Victoria herself.

On a spring morning in london, 1875, charles lenox agrees to take time away from his busy schedule as a Member of Parliament to meet an old protégé's client at Charing Cross. Used book in Good Condition.

The Inheritance: A Charles Lenox Mystery Charles Lenox Mysteries

Lenox, already with a passionate interest in detective work, made discovering the benefactor's identity his first case – but was never able to solve it. Now, years later, leigh has been the recipient of a second, even more generous bequest. A usa today bestsellera mysterious bequest of money leads to a murder in the tenth entry in Charles Finch's critically acclaimed and bestselling Charles Lenox series, whose last installment The New York Times called “a sterling addition to this well-polished series.

Charles lenox has received a cryptic plea for help from an old Harrow schoolmate, Gerald Leigh, but when he looks into the matter he finds that his friend has suddenly disappeared. Is it from the same anonymous sponsor? or is the money poisoned by ulterior motives? Leigh’s disappearance suggests the latter, desperately, and as Lenox tries, to save his friend’s life, he’s forced into confrontations with both the most dangerous of east end gangs and the far more genteel denizens of the illustrious Royal Society.

As boys they had shared a secret: a bequest from a mysterious benefactor had smoothed Leigh’s way into the world after the death of his father. When someone close to the bequest dies, lenox must finally delve deep into the past to uncover at last the identity of the person who is either his friend’s savior – or his lethal enemy.

Used book in Good Condition.

HOME BY NIGHTFALL Charles Lenox Mysteries

Just when he's tempted to turn his focus to it entirely, his grieving brother asks him to come down to Sussex, however, and Lenox leaves the metropolis behind for the quieter country life of his boyhood. It's london in 1876, and the whole city is abuzz with the enigmatic disappearance of a famous foreign pianist.

Soon, he's racing to solve two cases at once, one in London and one in the country, before either turns deadly. As he and his brother investigate this accumulation of mysteries, Lenox realizes that something very strange and serious indeed may be happening, more than just local mischief. Lenox has an eye on the matter - as a partner in a now thriving detective agency, he's a natural choice to investigate.

Or so he thinks. Blending charles finch's trademark wit, and depth of research, equal parts Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, elegance, this new mystery, may be the finest in the series. Used book in Good Condition. Something strange is afoot in markethouse: small thefts, animals, blankets, books, and more alarmingly a break-in at the house of a local insurance agent.

Minotaur Books.

The Laws of Murder: A Charles Lenox Mystery Charles Lenox Mysteries

With high hopes he and three colleagues start a new detective agency, the first of its kind. Minotaur Books. Used book in Good Condition. Minotaur Books. But as the months pass, and he is the only detective who cannot find work, Lenox begins to question whether he can still play the game as he once did. Then comes a chance to redeem himself, a member of Scotland Yard, though at a terrible price: a friend, is shot near Regent's Park.

It's 1876, has just given up his seat in parliament after six years, and Charles Lenox, once London's leading private investigator, primed to return to his first love, detection. As lenox begins to parse the peculiar details of the death – an unlaced boot, an untraceable luggage ticket – he realizes that the incident may lead him into grave personal danger, a days-old wound, beyond which lies a terrible truth.

With all the humanity, glamor, and mystery that readers have come to love, the latest Lenox novel is a shining new confirmation of the enduring popularity of Charles Finch's Victorian series.

The Vanishing Man: A Prequel to the Charles Lenox Series Charles Lenox Mysteries

Fiction readers who crush on blue-blooded British detectives will fall hard for Victorian-era sleuth Charles Lenox. The washington postfrom the critically acclaimed and usa today bestselling author Charles Finch comes The Vanishing Man, a prequel to his Charles Lenox Victorian series, in which the theft of an antique painting sends Detective Lenox on a hunt for a criminal mastermind.

London, one of england’s most revered noblemen, 1853: Having earned some renown by solving a case that baffled Scotland Yard, young Charles Lenox is called upon by the Duke of Dorset, for help. Used book in Good Condition. But the duke’s concern is not for his ancestor’s portrait; hiding in plain sight nearby is another painting of infinitely more value, one that holds the key to one of the country’s most famous and best-kept secrets.

Dorset believes the thieves took the wrong painting and may return when they realize their error―and when his fears result in murder, Lenox must act quickly to unravel the mystery behind both paintings before tragedy can strike again. As the dorset family closes ranks to protect its reputation, Lenox uncovers a dark secret that could expose them to unimaginable scandal―and reveals the existence of an artifact, priceless beyond measure, for which the family is willing to risk anything to keep hidden.

Minotaur Books. A painting of the Duke’s great-grandfather has been stolen from his private study. In this intricately plotted prequel to the Charles Lenox mysteries, the young detective risks his potential career―and his reputation in high society―as he hunts for a criminal mastermind.